Job duties of an executive recruiter


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This presentation explains the job duties of an Executive Recruiter and you can understand the core responsibilities of executive recruiters that is What the Recruiters do. Also, this explains how to work effectively with Executive Recruiters to maintain good relationships with them.

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Job duties of an executive recruiter

  1. 1. Job Duties of AnExecutive RecruiterPresented By:-Crossroads Consulting
  2. 2. Our Agenda:• Overview of Executive Recruiters• Core Responsibilities of Executive Recruiters• Working with Executive Recruiters• Questions Recruiters ask themselves when looking at a resume.• How Executive recruiters help in Resume Preparation
  3. 3. Overview of Executive Recruiters. What doRecruiters do?• An executive recruiter headhunter is somebody participating in recruitment. Executive Recruiters are committed to helping their clients find the highest quality management and professional talent that is available.• Main Activities:1- Recruit for existing openings2- Market for new business3- Facilitate the interview and placement process4- Resume preparation services for Candidates
  4. 4. Core Responsibilities of ExecutiveRecruiters• Work in conjunction with client companies - Understand and efficiently meet the requirements of each client.• Attract potential employees through a range of means - Such as through media advertising and networking.• Responsible for carrying out background checks on applicants - Ensuring the information they have provided is detailed and correct.• Offer advice to prospective applicants and existing clients – Resume preparation services, interview preparation, salary negotiation strategy.
  5. 5. Working With Executive Recruiters - How towork with Executive Recruiters?• Developing a good relationships with headhunters can be advantageous so that they may contact you whenever they land a search assignment that matches your background. Some Useful Tips:• Offer to help - If an executive recruiter contact you for the position you arent interested in. suggest other person you know who might.• Tell the truth - Executive recruiters check job hunters’ backgrounds thoroughly and a lie can hurt your reputation with a search professional.• Be sure - Present yourself as a candidate to recruiters only if you seriously willing to change the job.• Offer boundaries - Let the recruiters know about the fields, industries, employers or geographic areas that you are not interested in.• Ask smart questions -Ask the recruiters about a career opportunity, about the size of the employer, its culture and much more.• Provide references - Include references and their contact info in your resume.• Stay involved - Stay in touch with the recruiters at least once every two months. You can give them the feedback.
  6. 6. Questions Recruiters ask themselves whenlooking at a resume.• Do they fit a current search firm or vacancy?• Do they have the required skills and experience that would be appealing to my clients?• Are they someone I would “take to the market”?• Do they fit into my specialty?• Are they worth having in my network?
  7. 7. How Executive recruiters help in ResumePreparation• Know the job market - According to job market, they prepare your resume.• Analyze your strengths.• Analyze your interest and priorities• Highlights your experiences and awards.• Tailor your resume by describing each position for which you apply• Write your strongest points first• Emphasize accomplishments of past jobs and activities.
  8. 8. Contact us• Name: Mitch Beck• Designation: President• Company Name: Crossroads Consulting, LLC• Phone No: 203-459-9969• Email ID:• Address: 272 Fan Hill Road• City: Monroe• State: Connecticut• Zip Code: 06468• Website: