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Geek glasses


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Geek glasses

  1. 1. Geek glasses have become a part offashionFew years ago, wearing spectacles was considered as a taboo in the world of fashion. One would weareyeglasses only if it was very much required and cannot be avoided. Then came the era of contact lenseswhich allowed the people having vision problem to ditch their eyeglasses and look normal. Wearingglasses was never considered cool. But this is all a past now. In the present time, one cannot help butnotice large number of people with glasses. There are varied looks to geek glasses frames. The mainfeature of this type of glasses that distinguishes it from others is the bright color palettes, material usedand huge geeky lenses. A thick black full frame of plastic is the most popular eyeglasses in this section.But there are huge varieties of colors available in the market.Geek glasses are normally considered as the hallmark of nerds. The ‘geekiness’ of a glass is defined by itsframe and not by the thickness of lens. There are even people who were these glasses without any lens.This trend was started by the Japanese school girls who didn’t use lenses as it interfered with the longeyelashes. While selecting the frame, you should choose one that suits your face the best. The framesare available in different sizes and shapes. They can be rectangular in shape or even circular.Prescription eyewear frames has become a necessity for the people having some vision problem. Withso many options available, you can mix fashion and eyewear and look great even with glasses. In orderto look fashionable, you need not worry much to look appealing. Just buy yourself a pair of eyeglasseswith updated style and having quality material. Wearing thick lens glasses has become a thing a past.With the aid of technology and science, visually impaired people can see things crystal clear wearingprescription eyewear frames. Glasses are now also considered as a fashion accessory. With lot ofdesigns, you can now make your eyeglasses look different than the traditional glasses. The frames thatare available in the market these days can help you enhance your looks and have an appealing look.Number of stores provides eyewear at reasonable prices. You can also order for a customized but youmight have to increase your budget a bit for that. You can also go for online shopping with so many sitessolely dedicated for eyewear.