Gluster 3.3 deep dive


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Presented at the Gluster Workshop at LinuxCon japan

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  • Previously, needed a client mount loading the replication translator to do the self-heal No longer need client mount, because now the server loads the replication translator to enable server-server self-heal
  • Gluster 3.3 deep dive

    1. 1. GlusterFS 3.3 Deep-dive AB Periasamy Office of the CTO, Red Hat John Mark Walker Gluster Community Guy
    2. 2. Topics Review Community and Evolution of GlusterFS Feature overview Granular locking Replication Improvements (AFR) Unified file and object storage HDFS compatibility06/13/12
    3. 3. 1. Quick Review06/13/12
    4. 4. Simple Economics Simplicity, scalability, less cost Virtualized Multi-Tenant Automated CommoditizedScale on Demand In the Cloud Scale Out Open Source 06/13/12
    5. 5. What is GlusterFS, Really? Gluster is a unified, distributed storage system DHT, stackable, POSIX, Swift, HDFS06/13/12
    6. 6. What Can You Store? Media – Docs, Photos, Video VM Filesystem – VM Disk Images Big Data – Log Files, RFID Data Objects – Long Tail Data06/13/12
    7. 7. 2. Community and GlusterFS Evolution06/13/12
    8. 8. Community-led Features 2009 – GlusterFS easier to use 2010 – CLI, shell, glusterd 2011 – Marker framework, geo-replication06/13/12
    9. 9. GlusterFS in 2011 Scale-out NAS Distributed and replicated NFS, CIFS and native GlusterFS User-space, stackable architecture → A good platform to build on06/13/12
    10. 10. GlusterFS in 2011: The Gaps Object storage – popularized by S3 Simplicity bias – GET & PUT Combined with RESTful API Used mostly in web-based applications06/13/12
    11. 11. GlusterFS in 2011: The Gaps Big data, semi-structured data No Hadoop, MapReduce capabilities Structured data (databases) No MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL capability06/13/12
    12. 12. GlusterFS in 2011: The Gaps VM image hosting difficulties Difficulty in self-heal, rebalancing Small files PHP-based web sites, primary email storage06/13/12
    13. 13. 3. Feature Overview06/13/12
    14. 14. GlusterFS in 2012: Filling the Gaps Better replication Granular locking Proactive self-healing Quorum enforcement Synchronous translator API06/13/12
    15. 15. Granular Locking Server fails, comes back Files evaluated Block-by-block until healed Blocks compared Virtual Disk 1-1 Virtual Disk 1-2Virtual Disk 2-1 Virtual Disk 2-2 GlusterFS GlusterFS Server 1 Server 206/13/12
    16. 16. Proactive Self-healing Performed server-to-server Recovered node queries peers Server 1 - good Server 3 - good / Symlink 1 Hidden | Symlink 2Distributed Symlink 3 Replicated Server 2 - recovered Server 4 - good File 1 File 1 File 2 File 2 File 3 Self-healing File 3 06/13/12
    17. 17. Split Brain Nodes cannot see each other, but can all still write Often due to network outages Sometimes results in conflicts Up to 3.2, GlusterFS had no concept of “quorum”06/13/12
    18. 18. Quorum Enforcement Which node has valid data? If quorum, keep writing, else stop Configurable option Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 -No quorum -Quorum -Quorum -Stops writing -Keeps writing -Keeps writing Broken Connection06/13/12
    19. 19. Quorum Enforcement After connection restored, self-heal kicks off Replica 1 Replica 2 Replica 3 -No quorum -Quorum -Quorum -Stops writing Self-heal -Keeps writing -Keeps writing -No quorum -Quorum -Quorum -Stops writing -Keeps writing -Keeps writing06/13/12
    20. 20. GlusterFS in 2012: Filling the Gaps Synchronous translator API Unified File and Object Storage (UFO) HDFS-compatible storage layer06/13/12
    21. 21. Synchronous Translator API GlusterFS runs asynchronously non-blocking I/O, for performance Writing code for async I/O confusing06/13/12
    22. 22. Synchronous Translator API 3.3 introduces synchronous translators Easier to write Great for non-core operations Eg. background scrubbing06/13/12
    23. 23. Unified File and Object (UFO) S3, Swift-style object storage Access via UFO or Gluster mount HTTP Request Client Account Volume Proxy ID=/dir/sub/sub2/file Containe Directory r NFS or Client File Object GlusterFS Mount06/13/12
    24. 24. Unified File and Object (UFO) Your gateway to the cloud Your data, accessed your way06/13/12
    25. 25. HDFS Compatibility Run MapReduce jobs on GlusterFS Add unstructured data to Hadoop Hadoop Server GlusterF GlusterF S S GlusterF GlusterF Local Disk S S HDFS Connector06/13/12 (Jar file)
    26. 26. Thank you! AB Periasamy Office of the CTO, Red Hat John Mark Walker Gluster Community Guy