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Ab04 Abrivia Salary Survey

  1. 1. 2012 Salary Survey “The quality of an organisation can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up” Harold R. McAlindon1 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  2. 2. contents Sector Jump to Page Page Introduction 3 Outlook 4 Accountancy [Click Here] 5 Financial Services [Click Here] 6 Industry & Commerce [Click Here] 7 Public Practice [Click Here] 8 Tax [Click Here] 9 Banking & Financial Services [Click Here] 10 Compliance & Risk [Click Here] 12 Human Resources [Click Here] 14 Insurance [Click Here] 16 IT & Telecoms [Click Here] 18 Legal [Click Here] 21 Office Support [Click Here] 23 Sales & Marketing [Click Here] 252 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  3. 3. WelcomeWe are delighted to say that the year just passed, proved to be extremely We have made a number of changes to our own business during 2011. As is ourencouraging from a recruitment perspective. The recruitment industry showed a company policy we have continued to grow the company by 25% year on year bothnotable level of increased activity. Again the sentiment could have been described in terms of head count and revenue. We are delighted to say that we strengthenedas optimistic and there certainly seemed to be a sense that “the worst” was well our team with a number of strategic hires into the IT and Insurance & Actuarialbehind us. Markets in order to meet the demand of our clients. We again moved to larger offices that will allow us to continue to grow over the next 12 months. We will beWe can only speak from our own experience but Ireland Inc’s reputation particularly rolling out our new website together with our rebrand towards the end of Q1 2012.in the US seems to have been well and truly restored. Ireland remains a very Watch this space!attractive location for multinationals looking to set up operations overseas andmore particularly, a preferential market in which to headquarter their European I would like to thank all our existing clients for their continued support. We lookbusiness. We are delighted to say that we supported a number of existing and forward to working with you closely and supporting you with any hiring engagementsstart up multinationals with high volume recruitment engagements as well as one that you may have during the coming year. Finally feel free to contact any of ouroff niche hiring requirements. team regarding any questions or queries that you may have on our 2011/2012 Salary Survey.To back up the increase in the number of multinational recruitment assignmentsthat we handled the IDA announced in January 2012 a jump of almost 20 per Warm regards,cent in foreign direct investment (FDI) during 2011 which correlated in 13,000new jobs being created. IDA Ireland said there was a record number of 148new investments won during the year across all industry segments. Most Donal O’Brien - Managing Directorencouragingly, there was an increase of 30% in the number of companiesinvesting in Ireland for the first time.That said, the domestic market here still remains “sluggish”. Specific markets thatcontinue to face challenges due to the continuing drop in consumer spending areHospitality and Catering, Retail, Manufacturing and Construction.3 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  4. 4. Outlook 2012On a macro-level, 2011 was very much a year of two halves, particularly with The recruitment market, although not shielded from the marco-economic outlook,regards to sentiment. The first half of the year showed improved economic figures appears to be in good health facing into 2012. Most sectors are still faced with theand predictions, leading to a belief by many that the corner Ireland has been looking challenges of identifying key resources, with professionals possessing specialisedto turn for some time now had finally arrived. A Eurozone crisis compounded by skill-sets as much in demand as before. According to IBEC, in its survey of Irishactions, and in most cases inactions, from European leaders coupled with less than CEOs, approximately one quarter (23%) of companies expect to see increases infavourable Irish exchequer tax returns dealt a significant blow to the summertime salaries in 2012, with just 5% anticipating a reduction in salaries. These resultsoptimism. reflect Abrivia Recruitment’s experience and feedback for the year ahead too with some sectors like IT, likely to see its consistent upward trend continue unabatedThe start of 2012 sees the uncertainty that was prevalent for the second half of over the next twelve months.2011 still very much in place in the Irish and world economies. Were the Eurozonematter to be resolved successfully and over a short period of time, it would give a 2012 Abrivia Recruitmentreal boost to the economic outlook. The US economy did show signs of recovery www.abrivia.ietoward the second half of 2011. This gives us real optimism that there may bea general improvement in the world economy. This would undoubtedly have apositive knock-on effect for the export-reliant Irish economy.A European-wide piece of legislation, the Agency Workers Directive (AWD), couldhave a big impact for the recruitment industry in Ireland in 2012. This is very muchdependent on how it is legislated for by the Dáil. There is every possibility that itcould lead to a decrease in demand for temporary workers to be replaced by anincrease in the number of permanent roles created causing a squeeze upwards inpermanent salaries. Further, this increase may not equal the amount of temporaryroles which potentially might be lost, possibly resulting in a reduction in the numberof people employed.4 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  5. 5. ACCOUNTANCY SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Accountancy Principal Consultant - Donal O’Brien Manager Public Practice & Tax - Ross Wynne MANAGER industry and commerce - Dermot O’Sullivan5 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  6. 6. ACCOUNTANCY SALARY SURVEY Financial services2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012We saw a slight increase in the volume of roles that we received from in the Accountancy Financial Executive E E E EServices market in 2011. We can point to our own internal numbers and say that specifically there was Finance Director 100K - 200K 100K - 200K 80K - 180K 80K - 180Ka 6% increase in the volume of roles that we received from our clients. Tax Director 100K - 160K 100K - 160K 80K - 130K 80K - 130KAll sectors within the Financial Services market reflected this improved volume of activity which Internal Audit Director 100K - 160K 100K - 160K 80K - 130K 80K - 130Kincludes Banking, Insurance and Funds. Overall, salaries and packages remained “steady” with only Financial Controller 65K - 95K 65K - 95K 55K - 85K 50K - 85Ksome marginal increases for “hard to fill positions”. Reporting Finance Manager 58K - 72K 58K - 72K 52K - 68K 52K - 68KCandidates that were in demand included Financial Reporting Accountants in Funds with good US and Product Accountant 58K - 65K 58K - 65K 52K - 60K 52K - 60KUK GAAP skills. Many clients were looking for candidates with exposure to Solvency II either within the Project Accountant 24K - 35K 28K - 35K 44K - 60K 44K - 60Kdomestic market or returning from overseas countries especially the UK. We also saw the continuing Systems Accountant 44K - 55K 44K - 55K 42K - 55K 42K - 55Ktrend in the market of more accountants moving into the areas of Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit. Financial Accountant 43K - 50K 43K - 50K 40K - 48K 40K - 48KExpectations for 2012 Management Accountant 40K - 46K 40K - 46K 38K - 44K 38K - 44KWe very much see 2012 as being a year of consolidation in the Accountancy Financial Services Regulatorymarket. There is still significant uncertainty in the financial markets internationally and this coupled Reg Accountant (5 +) 60K - 75K 60K - 75K 55K - 65K 55K - 65Kwith a challenging domestic financial services environment means that there is likely to be limited Reg Accountant (3 - 5) 50K - 60K 50K - 60K 45K - 55K 45K - 55Kopportunities in the Ireland. Obviously it has been well flagged in the Irish Financial Services sector Fundsthat a number of institutions are beginning or will continue to introduce fairly elaborate restructuring Sr Fund Accounting Manager 65K - 85K 65K - 85K 60K - 80K 60K - 80Kprogrammes. Fund Accounting Manager 50K - 65K 50K - 65K 45K - 60K 45K - 60K Fund Accountant 36K - 46K 36K - 46K 34K - 44K 34K - 44KAbout Abrivia AccountancyThe Director of the Abrivia Accountancy Selection Team is Donal O’Brien. Donal trained as a Chartered TreasuryAccountant with a Top 10 Accountancy firm before working in recruitment. Whilst in recruitment he has Treasury Manager 65K - 75K 65K - 75K 60K - 70K 60K - 70Khandled senior level appointments in industry and financial services. He has also successfully designed Treasury Accountant 50K - 60K 50K - 60K 55K - 65K 55K - 65Kand managed ‘bespoke’ advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. Internal Audit Internal Audit Manager 65K - 80K 65K - 80K 56K - 70K 56K - 70K Internal Auditor 44K - 52K 44K - 52K 40K - 48K 40K - 48K Part Qualified Financial Accountant 32K - 42K 32K - 42K 28K - 36K 28K - 36K Assistant Accountant 28K - 38K 26K - 36K 24K - 34K 24K - 34K Trainee Accountant 22K - 27K 22K - 27K 20K - 25K 20K - 25K Contact Abrivia Accountancy: Tel 01 531 3725 Email donal@abrivia.ie6 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  7. 7. ACCOUNTANCY SALARY SURVEY Industry & Commerce2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012The 2011 Industry & Commerce Accountancy market very much reflected the overall improvement Executive E E E Eexperienced by the recruitment industry in Ireland. This meant that there was an upward curve for the Finance Director 100K - 200K 100K - 200K 80K - 180K 80K - 180Knumber of positions registered by clients with ourselves. In total the Industry & Commerce Accountancy Head of Tax 100K - 150K 100K - 150K 80K - 130K 80K - 130Kmarket was up by as much as 12% on 2010 levels and peaked in September 2011. Head of Internal Audit 90K - 140K 90K - 150K 80K - 130K 80K - 130KTo the surprise of many clients, certain key accountancy skill sets were still very difficult to find in the Financial Controller 65K - 95K 65K - 95K 55K - 85K 50K - 85Kmarket, one of those being Internal Audit. We found that there appeared to be a shortage of recently Reportingqualified accountants in the market coming from practice and industry. This could be down to the FP & A Manager 62K - 82K 62K - 82K 55K - 70K 55K - 70Kincreased volume of roles in the market and the heightened competition from clients for quality qualified Finance Manager 58K - 72K 58K - 72K 52K - 68K 52K - 68Kcandidates. Project Accountant 50K - 65K 50K - 65K 44K - 60K 44K - 60K Group Accountant 45K - 58K 45K - 55K 42K - 55K 42K - 55KSectors that continued to show strong growth included the FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Hi-Tec Systems Accountant 44K - 55K 44K - 55K 42K - 55K 42K - 55Kindustries. Given that the export sector remained very strong for much of 2011 it was no surprise thata large proportion of our clients that were hiring were multinationals and Irish Plc’s. A welcome trend Financial Accountant 42K - 48K 42K - 48K 38K - 46K 38K - 46Kin the market was that a significant portion of our clients reinstated bonuses. One final trend is that we Management Accountant 40K - 46K 40K - 46K 40K - 46K 40K - 46Knoticed more clients coming to us to help them fill mid and junior level finance positions. Internal Audit Internal Audit Manager 58K - 75K 58K - 75K 55K - 62K 55K - 62KExpectations for 2012 Internal Auditor 42K - 50K 42K - 50K 38K - 46K 38K - 46KThe sentiment for most clients is one of cautious optimism. There is a sense that the “worst is over” Part Qualifiedfrom a market perspective. That said the uncertainty over the Eurozone crisis remains very unhelpful. Financial Accountant 32K - 42K 32K - 42K 28K - 36K 28K - 36K Assistant Accountant 28K - 38K 26K - 36K 24K - 34K 24K - 34KWith this in mind we expect that many of our large and a growing portion of our small and medium sizedclients, who have less exposure to the domestic market, will continue to perform strongly and therefore Trainee Accountant 21K - 26K 21K - 26K 20K - 24K 20K - 24Klook to hire talented finance professionals. It is likely that the demand for recently qualified accountants Accounts Stafffrom industry will remain high. This will mean that the competition to attract and retain the best young Payroll Manager 40K - 65K 40K - 65K 35K - 60K 35K - 60Kaccountants will again prove difficult for clients. Payroll Clerk 27K - 33K 27K - 33K 22K - 31K 22K - 31K AR/Credit Control Manager 44K - 70K 44K - 70K 35K - 65K 35K - 65KAbout Abrivia Accountancy AP Manager 40K - 65K 40K - 65K 35K - 60K 35K - 60KThe Director of the Abrivia Accountancy Selection Team is Donal O’Brien. Donal trained as a Chartered AP Clerk 23K - 34K 23K - 34K 21K - 32K 21K - 32KAccountant with a Top 10 Accountancy firm before working in recruitment. Whilst in recruitment he has AR Clerk 23K - 34K 23K - 34K 21K - 32K 21K - 32Khandled senior level appointments in industry and financial services. He has also successfully designedand managed ‘bespoke’ advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. Accounts Assistant 23K - 34K 23K - 34K 21K - 32K 21K - 32K Trainee Accountant 22K - 27K 22K - 27K 20k - 25K 20k - 25K7 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY Contact Abrivia Accountancy: Tel 01 531 3722 Email dermot@abrivia.ie
  8. 8. ACCOUNTANCY SALARY SURVEY Public Practice2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 20122011 was a buoyant year in the practice market. The increase in recruitment, particularly by large firms, Public Practice E E E Ewhich started in the latter half of 2010 continued right throughout 2011. It was encouraging to note Partner 150K - 250K 150K - 250K 100K - 250K 100K - 250Kthat larger firms were recruiting across all areas including audit, restructuring, consulting and corporate Director 80K - 130K 80K - 120K 70K - 120K 70K - 120Kfinance. Another positive for the sector was that more medium sized firms actively began to engage inthe market. Senior Manager 65K - 85K 65K - 85K 60K - 70K 60K - 70K Manager 50K - 65K 50K - 65K 48K - 60K 48K - 60KThis may have been in response to losing staff to larger firms/industry as the surplus of candidates Assistant Mgr/Sr Accountant 45K - 55K 48K - 53K 40K - 50K 43K - 50Kfrom 2009 has long disappeared. Although cash flow is still a major issue for many, smaller firms have Senior 36K - 46K 37K - 47K 30K - 42K 33K - 43Kstreamlined to such an extent that they have to replace staff who move on or any pickup in work now Semi - Senior/Finalist 25K - 36K 26K - 36K 22K - 30K 24K - 32Krequires a new hire. Audit Junior 19K - 25K 20K - 25K 18K - 23K 19K - 23K Trainee/Graduate 17K - 23K 18K - 24K 16K - 20K 16K - 20KFor those firms wishing to hire there is a lack of suitably qualified/skilled candidates to satisfy thedemand so we are now again seeing candidates attaining multiple offers. This has recently startedto have an upward pressure on salaries/packages. Small/medium sized firms now often have to offerhigher basic salaries than previously to attract candidates and bonus payments are making a comeback with larger firms albeit not yet at the same levels of a few years ago.Expectations for 2012After a year and a half of consolidation and growth in the practice market, 2012 is set up to be anotheractive period. The main pressure will again be for audit and consultancy staff. We expect furtherincreases in hires by small & medium sized firms with larger firms continuing to hire aggressively. Unlessthere is a dampening effect from the current Eurozone crisis, 2012 will be a tough market for employersto recruit candidates and the recent upward pressure on salaries may intensify.About Abrivia AccountancyRoss Wynne is the Business Manager for Abrivia’s specialist Practice and Tax division. Ross has anumber of years’ recruitment experience in the Practice and Tax market where he has recruited forclients both locally and internationally. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the market and hasan extensive network of contacts particularly with the ‘Big 4’ and ‘Top 20’ accountancy firms. Contact Abrivia Accountancy: Tel 01 531 3721 Email ross@abrivia.ie8 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  9. 9. ACCOUNTANCY SALARY SURVEY tax2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012The past year has seen a marked increase in the number of tax positions created compared to 2010. tax E E E EAlthough tax roles in practice are still not plentiful there were a number of hires made at a tax senior and Partner 150K - 250K 150K - 250K 100K - 250K 100K - 250Kmanager level which is in stark contrast to the years 2009/2010. Interestingly, roles not only became Head of Tax (Industry/ 100K - 250K 100K - 250K 100K - 150K 100K - 150Kavailable with large firms but also with medium sized firms. Financial Services) Director 80K - 130K 80K - 140K 70K - 120K 70K - 120KRoles were mainly in Corporate Tax but as the year moved on positions were further created in VAT Senior Manager 65K - 85K 65K - 85K 60K - 70K 60K - 70Kand Personal Tax which is an encouraging sign. The industry market also continued to create new rolesas it has done for the past few years and this added some further buoyancy to the market as a whole. Tax Manager (Industry/ 55K - 75K 55K - 75K 50K - 70K 50K - 70K Financial Services) Manager 50K - 65K 50K - 65K 50K - 60K 50K - 60KExpectations for 2012 Tax Accountant (Industry/ 38K - 55K 38K - 55K 42K - 48K 42K - 48KLooking forward to 2012 it is likely that the trend in an increased volume of roles will continue as long as Financial Servicesthere is not another big shock to the financial market. Salaries which stabilised in 2011 will likely not see Assistant Manager 45K - 55K 48K - 53K 40K - 48K 43K - 50Ksignificant upward pressure until the small pool of available candidates which remain has disappeared. Senior 36K - 46K 37K - 47K 32K - 42K 33K - 43KTransfer pricing is a particular niche area which we envisage will continue to experience upward salarypressure as it is extremely difficult to source candidates with this skill set. Semi - Senior/Finalist 25K - 36K 26K - 36K 24K - 30K 24K - 32K Tax Junior 19K - 25K 20K - 25K 19K - 23K 19K - 23KAbout Abrivia Accountancy Trainee/Graduate 17K - 23K 18K - 24K 16K - 20K 16K - 20KRoss Wynne is the Business Manager for Abrivia’s specialist Practice and Tax division. Ross has anumber of years’ recruitment experience in the Practice and Tax market where he has recruited forclients both locally and internationally. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the market and hasan extensive network of contacts particularly with the ‘Big 4’ and ‘Top 20’ accountancy firms. Contact Abrivia Accountancy: Tel 01 531 3721 Email ross@abrivia.ie9 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  10. 10. Banking & Financial Services SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Banking Principal Consultant - Robert Connolly LLB Recruitment Consultant - Mark Egan10 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  11. 11. SALARY SURVEY Banking & Financial Services Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 20122011 in Review Corporate / Private E E E EFrom an operational point of view, the banking market underwent further restructuring in 2011. In many Manager Corporate Banking 75K - 100K 75K - 104K 70K - 90K 70K - 90Kcases, this resulted in an increase in recruitment and growth in certain areas – despite the impression Manage Private Banking 75K - 100K 70K - 96K 70K - 90K 70K - 90Kexternally of a declining banking and financial services sector. Employment growth in the domestic Senior Equity Analyst 65K - 80K 65K - 82K 60K - 75K 60K - 75KBanking and financial services sector was however still very much subdued, mirroring 2009 and Credit Manager 50K - 75K 50K - 75K 45K - 75K 45K - 75K2010. There was a greater focus on new business however, with several institutions creating specific Lending Manager 48K - 65K 45K - 65K 48K - 65K 48K - 65K“enterprise” units with a view to long term recovery. Lending Administrator 25K - 35K 25K - 35K 22K - 35K 22K - 35K Relationship Manager 50K - 65K 48K - 67K 40K - 60K 40K - 60KInternational entities based or headquartered in Dublin again generated many of the “new roles” coming Portfolio Administrator 22K - 38K 22K - 38K 22K - 35K 22K - 35Kto the market. It is interesting to note however that a high volume of newly created positions in 2011 Credit Analyst 24K - 32K 25K - 34K 22K - 32K 22K - 32Kwere offered on a fixed term contract basis, perhaps a reflection of the continued uncertainty. Overall Collections Manager 38K - 60K 42K - 60K 33K - 55K 33K - 55Kwe saw an increase in recruitment between 2010 and 2011 with compliance, operations and collections Collections Officer 25K - 33K 25K - 33K 23K - 30K 23K - 30Kbeing a leading focus from a recruitment perspective. Commercial Banking Snr Commercial Lender 50K - 62K 45K - 62K 45K - 60K 45K - 60KExpectations for 2012 Senior Credit Analyst 35K - 55K 35K - 55K 35K - 55K 35K - 55KAs with many sectors, it is very difficult to predict an outlook for 2012. We are confident that the gradual Senior Underwriter 32K - 55K 30K - 55 32K - 50K 32K - 50Kimprovement in 2011 will continue throughout the year ahead. Much of our benchmarked expectations Loan Administrator 24K - 35K 25K - 37K 22K - 32K 22K - 32Kare dependent on the health of the banking and finance sector Europe wide. As a result of this there is Mortgage Administrator 22K - 28K 22K - 30K 22K - 28K 22K - 28Ka degree of uncertainty both regarding remuneration and projected employment figures for 2012. We Customer Service 23K - 30K 24K - 31K 23K - 28K 23K - 28Kexpect that in key areas remuneration may become a greater issue this year with employers focusing Treasurymore on quality over cost. The knock on effect of increased recruitment activity in 2011 and the latterhalf of 2010 also means that certain candidate profiles have become more difficult to source, and as Head of Treasury 70K - 95K 75K - 110K 70K - 95K 70K - 95Kmore financial entities begin to hire again this year the competition for top talent is likely to increase. Treasury Manager 50K - 70K 55K - 80K 50K - 75K 50K - 75KUltimately however, job security and long term progression are rated higher by banking professionals Dealer 33K - 44K 30K - 45K 30K - 55K 30K - 55Kthan basic remuneration so increases in salaries across the board are likely to be inconsistent and Settlement Supervisor 25K - 35K 25K - 35K 24K - 32K 24K - 32Klacking in uniformity. Fund Services VP Fund Accounting 75K - 110K 85K - 115K 70K - 86K 70K - 86KAbout Abrivia Banking & Financial Services Fund Accounting Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 77K 50K - 70K 50K - 70KAbrivia Banking has recruited into the Funds, Banking and finance markets since 2005. We work with Senior Fund Accountant 33K - 44K 32K - 46K 33K - 40K 33K - 40Kleading domestic and international entities to provide a comprehensive recruitment, search and headhunt Fund Accountant 22K - 34K 27K - 34K 22K - 34K 22K - 34Kservice in a market experience dramatic change. We endeavour to provide an informed approach to Shareholder Servicesrecruitment with highly experienced consultants managing each individual hiring assignment. Head of SS 80K - 105K 85K - 110K NA NA SS Manager 55K - 70K 55K - 75K NA NA SS Administrator 28K - 33K 25K - 35K 25K - 33K 25K - 33K Contact Abrivia Banking & Finance: Tel 01 531 3724 Email robert@abrivia.ie11 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  12. 12. Compliance & Risk SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Compliance & Risk Principal Consultant - Robert Connolly LLB12 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  13. 13. SALARY SURVEY Compliance & Risk2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012The compliance, risk and regulatory sectors grew substantially in 2011 and for many organisations it Compliance E E E Ehas become a primary area of focus from a recruitment perspective. Head of Compliance 95K - 165K 100K - 165K 80K - 105K 80K - 105K Senior Compliance Manager 78K - 93K 87K - 96K 60K - 80K 60K - 80KBoth within professional services and industry, there has been a significant drive to acquire leadingtalent to navigate institutions through a new regulatory reality. Across almost every level and industry, Compliance Manager 62K - 75K 67K - 82K 56K - 74K 56K - 74Kremuneration and benchmarking is being more closely examined with salaries for individuals in key Compliance Officer 44K - 67K 58K - 70K 40K - 53K 40K - 53Kpositions seeing a definite increase. At more senior levels within professional services, strong regulatory AML Specialist 38K - 60K 42K - 63K 30K - 49K 30K - 49K/ enforcement / risk advisory candidates are being offered greater flexibility in terms of packages Risk(basic salary, car allowance, bonus etc.,). Similarly, within Industry - there is a greater focus on the Chief Risk Officer 122K - 170K 135K - 170K 80K - 140K 80K - 140Kwider business impact that highly experienced compliance professionals can offer, and as a result Senior Risk manager 84K - 105K 90K - 110K 60K - 90K 60K - 90Kthere is more of an emphasis on obtaining the best person as opposed to strictly staying within salary Risk Manager (5 - 6 Years) 70K - 80K 70K - 85K 50K - 70K 50K - 70Kguidelines. Lateral experience in specialist areas (Basel, Solvency, ICAPP, MifID) is still highly desirable Risk Analyst 40K - 50K 40K - 55K 30K - 42K 30K - 42Kto companies especially if they are centralising the compliance function within a single approved person. Risk Underwriter 35K - 50K 35K - 55K 28K - 45K 28K - 45KExpectations for 2012While there is some argument that Compliance and Risk recruitment will peak in 2012 as a result ofnew codes and regulations towards the end of 2011, the indication from clients and professionals isthat the long term health of the industry is good. Whilst there may be some levelling off in the overalllevel of recruitment - we envisage a consistent and healthy base level of recruitment to continue wellinto next year. An issue we expect to become more prevalent in 2012 surrounds basic qualification andcompetency for compliance professionals. A greater focus on academic criteria and overall fitness willlikely impact the selection process and in some instances the requirement for pre-approval is likely tobe a difficult hurdle to overcome. Overall we expect a busy 2012 with similar or greater numbers of newroles created as against 2011. In line with this, we expect the selection process to be more difficult tonavigate for candidates.About Abrivia Compliance & RiskAbrivia Legal, Compliance & Risk is managed by Robert Connolly LLB. Robert is well known withinthe market and has a combined background in law and recruitment. Abrivia Compliance & Risk enjoysa reputation as one Ireland’s leading regulatory recruitment teams and has strong connections to thefinancial services, insurance and professional service industries.13 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY Contact Abrivia Compliance & Risk: Tel 01 531 3724 Email robert@abrivia.ie
  14. 14. Human Resources SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Human Resources Principal Consultant - Anne Coleman14 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  15. 15. SALARY SURVEY Human Resources2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 20122011 showed limited increases in vacancy numbers, however, on a positive note the stabilisation of the HR HR Generalist E E E Ejob market experienced in late 2010 did continue with a noticeable reduction in the number of redundancies HR Director 80K - 130K 80K - 130K 80K - 110K 80K - 110Kin the profession. As a result, we saw a decline in the number of candidates available in the market to take HR Manager 55K - 80K 60K - 80K 55K - 70K 55K - 70Kup contract roles in comparison to the high number of HR job seekers readily available for contract roles in2009/2010. We also noticed an improvement in overall market confidence which led to the availability of more HR Business Partner 50K - 70K 55K - 70K 50K - 65K 50K - 65KHR roles on a permanent basis, as opposed to fixed term contracts, and in turn some more natural movement HR Generalist 40K - 55K 45K - 55K 40K - 50K 40K - 50Kof permanently employed HR professionals moving to other permanent roles for career progression. A HR Officer 30K - 38K 30K - 40K 30K - 35K 30K - 38Ksignificant HR skill in demand in 2011 was Compensation & Benefits/Reward with a number of senior level HR Admin 22K - 27K 23K - 28K 22K - 26K 22K - 27Kprofessionals in this field moving to take on new roles. This demand led to a slight increase in salaries for Reward / Comp & Bensthese specialists. The other specialist skills sought after were in-house recruitment, talent development and Director 90K - 110K 90K - 120K 90K - 110K 90K - 120Korganisational development. On the flip side, competition for generalist HR roles at all levels remains strong. Manager 60K - 80K 65K - 90K 60K - 75K 65K - 85KUnfortunately, entry level and junior HR opportunities continue to be very limited. With many HR graduates Specialist 40K - 55K 40K - 60K 40K - 50K 40K - 55Kunable to secure a role, it leaves them faced with the tough reality of securing a role outside their chosen fieldof study. This has, however, led to a lack of candidates at the 2-3 years’ experience level. Administrator 28K - 33K 30K - 35K 27K - 32K 30K - 35K RecruitmentExpectations for 2012 Manager 50K - 70K 55K - 75 50K - 65K 55K - 72KOur expectations for the HR job market remain similar to the trends experienced for 2011 although it will be Specialist 30K - 50K 35K - 55K 30K - 45K 35K - 50Kvery dependent on overall economic performance and confidence. We expect the number of permanent Administrator 22K - 30K 24K - 30K 22K - 28K 23K - 29Kroles on offer to increase, albeit marginally, provided general market confidence continues to grow. For the L&Dgeneralist HR market, we expect competition for premium roles to continue in 2012. Many of our clients Head of L&D 70K - 100K 75K - 105K 70K - 95K 70K - 95Kare using experience in similar roles / industries as a shortlisting criteria and we expect this practice to Manager 55K - 75K 58K - 75K 55K - 65K 55K - 68Kremain common. Areas of specialism we expect to be in demand in 2012 will be Compensation & Benefits/Reward, Change Management, Organisational Development and Talent Management. We do not expect Specialist 35K - 50K 38K - 55K 35K - 45K 35K - 48Kto see any significant base salary increases for HR professionals. We envisage a possible re-emergence of HR Consultingperformance bonuses which have been significantly lacking in the past few years. Manager 55K - 75K 60K - 80K 50K - 60K 50K - 72K Senior Consultant 45K - 55K 48K - 57K 40K - 50K 40K - 52KAbout Abrivia Human Resources Consultant 33K - 42K 35K - 45K 32K - 40K 32K - 43KAnne Coleman manages Abrivia’s Specialist HR Recruitment division. Anne has over 10 years Specialist Rolesexperience in the Recruitment & HR Industries, has managed the HR team within one of Ireland’s largest Head of OD 90K - 110K 90K - 120K 80K - 100K 90K - 110Krecruitment consultancies and has also gained experience within a HR Consultancy. Since establishing IR/ER Manager 70K - 90K 65K - 95K 65K - 85K 65K - 85KAbrivia’s HR division in early 2010, Abrivia has become one of the top consultancies associated withrecruiting for the HR profession in the Irish market. Our HR division recruits for generalist and specialistHR roles, from Administrator to Director level and across the full spectrum of industries and sectors. Contact Abrivia Human Resources: Tel 01 531 3723 Email anne@abrivia.ie15 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  16. 16. Insurance & Actuarial SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Insurance & Actuarial Principal Consultant - Mark Egan16 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  17. 17. SALARY SURVEY Insurance & Actuarial2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012The Insurance Industry has been less affected by the type of fundamental transformations which have General E E E Echanged the face of other sectors. Whilst the volume of new roles is at a three year high, redundancies Operations Manager 80K - 115K 80K - 115K 75K - 110K 80K - 115Kand salary reductions still remain prevalent. On a more positive note, the insurance recruitment industry Senior Underwriter 50K - 68K 50K - 70K 48K - 65K 48K - 68Khas seen a healthy growth in 2011. Whilst the industry has a long way to go to reach the heights of 2007,I feel it is also important to note that more technical roles have seen a notable increase in recruitment and Underwriting Manager 50K - 60K 50K - 65K 48K - 55K 48K - 60Kremuneration. Underwriter 25K - 30K 25K - 30K 25K - 30K 25K - 30K Claims Handler 25K - 34K 27K - 35K 25K - 34K 25K - 34KQualified actuary roles, particularly those with Solvency II and ICAAP experience, have proved most Loss Adjuster 26K - 40K 28K - 40K 26K - 35K 26K - 35Kdifficult to fill during 2011. This in turn has lead to companies having to increase their salaries in order to Acc Handler 28K - 40K 28K - 40K 24K - 35K 24K - 35Ksecure the services of suitable candidates. Apart from the more technical roles the insurance industry for Acc Executive 35K - 50K 35K - 50K 28K - 45K 28K - 45K2011 has remained relatively stagnant in terms of salaries, but on a more promising note the personal line Personal Line Broker 34K - 54K 35K - 55K 30K - 50K 30K - 50Kbrokers and insurance sales roles have occupied a large portion of our successfully placed candidates Corporate Broker 30K - 55K 30K - 55K 28K - 45K 28K - 45Kthis year. This is mainly due to the increased competition in the general insurance market and also peopleswillingness to shop around for more competitive premiums. In addition to this, companies based in Ireland Life & Pensionswhich service the worldwide market have seen a significant growth during 2011, with a specific demand Senior Pensions Consultant 85K - 120K 85K - 120K 85K - 110K 85K - 120Kfor candidates with relevant experience and a second language. Pensions Consultant 26K - 34K 30K - 38K 26K - 32K 28K - 34K Pensions Admin 28K - 50K 28K - 50K 26K - 48K 26K - 48KExpectations for 2012 Life Admin 25K - 35K 28K - 35K 24K - 34K 26K - 35KIt is hard to predict what 2012 will bring. Feedback from our clients is generally positive with an indication Actuarialthat several entities who did not hire throughout 2011 are expecting growth during 2012. Areas with a need Pricing Specialist 85K - 105K 90K - 110K 80K - 100K 85K - 105Kfor a more technically qualified candidate and also companies with a more international aspect to their Chief Actuary 111K - 176 120K - 190K 105K - 170K 113K - 180Kbusiness will continue to hire on a consistent basis, but importantly the domestic market should see a goodlevel of hiring this year which in turn should broaden the options available to candidates. Manager 98K - 125K 105K - 135K 92K - 119K 100K - 129K Qual Actuary 80K - 100K 90K - 110K 65K - 85K 75K - 95KAbout Abrivia Insurance & Actuarial NQ Actuary 65K - 88K 72K - 95K 48K - 71K 55K - 79KAbrivia Insurance and Actuarial has been established in the market for the past 7 years, with clients Trainee Actuary 30K - 45K 30K - 45K 30K - 45K 30K - 45Kranging from small to medium brokers to large multi- national insurers. Mark Egan is the Insurance andActuarial Recruitment Consultant for Abrivia. Mark has a number of years experience in the Insuranceindustry, having worked for some of the market leading brokerages in the general insurance market. Contact Abrivia Insurance & Actuarial: Tel 01 531 3728 Email mark@abrivia.ie17 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  18. 18. IT & Telecoms SALARY SURVEY Abrivia IT & Telecoms Principal Consultant - Cormac Moore Recruitment Consultant - Peter Domican18 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  19. 19. SALARY SURVEY IT & Telecoms Permanent2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 20122011 was a buoyant year for the IT industry and for professionals working within the industry. One Senior Appointments E E E Emerely has to look at the consistent stream of weekly notices of new IT jobs being announced, to realise CTO 90K - 140K 100K - 150K 80K - 130K 90K - 140Kthe strength of the industry in Ireland at the moment. The industry’s strengths also highlighted some Software Development Manager 75K - 120K 80K - 130K 70K - 110K 75K - 120Kof its current weaknesses; the most pronounced being the lack of skilled candidates available to takeup many new roles created in 2011. This could become a chronic problem in the future if the numbers Programme Manager 70K - 100K 75K - 100K 65K - 90K 70K - 100Kof students taking up IT courses remains at its already dangerously low levels. 2011 followed a similar Project Manager 50K - 85K 55K - 90K 45K - 75K 50K - 85Kpattern to 2010 with an upward movement in remuneration for IT professionals. Software Developers Infrastructure/Support Manager 40K - 80K 45K - 85K 40K - 75K 40K - 80Ksuch as Java and .NET Developers were particularly sought after, resulting in significant changes Business Analyst 40K - 70K 45K - 75K 35K - 65K 40K - 70Kto their salaries and daily rates. People working in areas in IT that had not experienced increases Systems Analyst 40K - 70K 45K - 75K 35K - 65K 40K - 70Ksince 2008 also saw their fortunes changing for the better in 2011. Infrastructure/Support and Project Development & DesignManagement/Business Analysis professionals would be included in this category. By the end of the Technical Architect 50K - 100K 55K - 110K 50K - 90K 50K - 100K2011, with many IT jobs unfilled for months and the significant increase in contract roles being made Java/J2EE 30K - 80K 35K - 90K 30K - 70K 30K - 80Kavailable, the demand for IT professionals far exceeds the supply. VB/.NET/C# 30K - 80K 35K - 90K 30K - 70K 30K - 80KExpectations for 2012 C/C++ 28K - 60K 30K - 70K 25K - 55K 28K - 60KOn the face of it, 2012 is likely to follow a similar path to 2011. Since 2000, there have been too few Oracle/SQL 30K - 70K 35K - 75K 30K - 60K 30K - 70Kpeople completing IT third level courses in Ireland. There is a genuinely dangerous skill shortage in Datawarehousing/Business 30K - 80K 35K - 90K 30K - 70K 30K - 80Kthe IT industry currently. With the need for IT professionals likely to remain as high, if not higher, than Intelligencein 2011, increases in salaries and daily rates will be expected to continue in 2012. The major danger Web Development 30K - 65K 30K - 70K 25K - 60K 30K - 65Kto a downward projection in this forecast would be changes brought by the overall economy. With the Mainframe 30K - 60K 30K - 60K 25K - 50K 25K - 50KEurozone and world outlook looking extremely volatile as we face into 2012, the pillar of Irish sectors Infrastructure/Supportthat is the IT industry could be adversely affected by events outside of its control. Helpdesk/Desktop Support 25K - 45K 25K - 45K 22K - 40K 22K - 40K Systems Administrator 30K - 50K 35K - 55K 28K - 45K 30K - 50KAbout Abrivia It & Telecoms UNIX/Linux Admin 30K - 60K 35K - 65K 30K - 55K 30K - 60KAbrivia IT and Telecoms specialises in the placement of permanent and contract IT and Telecomsprofessionals across the public and private sectors with many of Ireland’s leading companies. Abrivia Network Specialist 30K - 70K 35K - 75K 30K - 65K 30K - 70KIT and Telecoms is managed by Cormac Moore. Cormac, a BComm graduate, has over 10 years Security Specialist 30K - 70K 35K - 75K 30K - 65K 30K - 70Kexperience in IT recruitment with companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Select Australia, IT Virtualisation Specialist 30K - 70K 35K - 77K 30K - 65K 30K - 70KAlliance, Eden Recruitment and Verkom Recruitment. Having worked in internal recruitment roles, Database Administrator 30K - 65K 35K - 70K 30K - 60K 30K - 65KIT management consulting positions as well as with some of Ireland’s leading recruitment agencies,Cormac has a wide breath of experience and success in helping organisations find key IT resources todrive their business forward. Contact Abrivia IT & Telecomsl: Tel 01 531 3726 Email cormac@abrivia.ie19 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  20. 20. SALARY SURVEY SALARY SURVEY IT & Telecoms Permanent IT & Telecoms contractSector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012 Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012ERP/CRM – Permanent E E E E Development & Design E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate)SAP Functional Consultant 35K - 70K 40K - 75K 30K - 65K 35K - 70K Technical Architect 400 - 700 450 - 800 350 - 600 400 - 700SAP ABAP Programmer 35K - 65K 40K - 70K 30K - 60K 35K - 65K Java/J2EE 250 - 600 300 - 700 250 - 500 250 - 600Oracle Financials Business 35K - 70K 40K - 75K 30K - 65K 35K - 70K VB/.NET/C# 250 - 600 300 - 700 250 - 500 250 - 600Analyst C/C++ 250 - 550 300 - 600 250 - 500 250 - 550Oracle Financials Technical 35K - 65K 40K - 70K 30K - 60K 35K - 65KConsultant Oracle/SQL 250 - 600 300 - 700 250 - 500 250 - 600ERP (Other) Consultant 30K - 60K 35K - 65K 25K - 55K 30K - 60K Datawarehousing/Business 250 - 600 300 - 700 250 - 500 250 - 600 IntelligenceNavision Consultant 35K - 65K 40K - 70K 30K - 60K 35K - 65K Web Development 200 - 450 250 - 500 200 - 400 200 - 450CRM Consultant 30K - 65K 35K - 70K 30K - 60K 30K - 65K Mainframe 200 - 400 200 - 400 200 - 350 200 - 350QA/Testing/Localisation Infrastructure/SupportTest/QA Manager 45K - 65K 50K - 70K 40K - 60K 45K - 65K Helpdesk/Desktop Support 150 - 300 150 - 300 120 - 250 120 - 250Test/QA Team Leader 40K - 55K 45K - 60K 35K - 50K 40K - 55K Systems Administrator 200 - 350 250 - 400 180 - 300 200 - 350QA Engineer 25K - 50K 30K - 55K 22K - 45K 25K - 50K UNIX/Linux Admin 250 - 400 250 - 450 200 - 350 250 - 400Localisation Engineer 22K - 40K 22K - 40K 22K - 40K 22K - 40K Network Specialist 250 - 450 250 - 500 200 - 400 250 - 450 Security Specialist 250 - 450 250 - 500 200 - 400 250 - 450 Virtualisation Specialist 250 - 450 250 - 500 200 - 400 250 - 450 Database Administrator 250 - 450 250 - 500 200 - 400 250 - 450 ERP/CRM – Contract SAP Functional Consultant 300 - 600 300 - 650 250 - 550 300 - 600 SALARY SURVEY SAP ABAP Programmer Oracle Financials Business 300 - 600 300 - 600 300 - 650 300 - 650 250 - 550 250 - 550 300 - 600 300 - 600 IT & Telecoms contract Analyst Oracle Financials Technical 300 - 600 300 - 650 250 - 550 300 - 600 ConsultantSector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012 ERP (Other) Consultant 250 - 550 300 - 600 250 - 500 250 - 550Senior Appointments E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate) E (Daily Rate) Navision Consultant 300 - 600 300 - 650 250 - 550 300 - 600CTO 500 - 1,000 600 - 1,100 500 - 900 500 - 1,000 CRM Consultant 300 - 550 300 - 650 250 - 500 300 - 550Software Development Manager 400 - 900 500 - 1,000 400 - 800 400 - 900 QA/Testing/LocalisationProgramme Manager 400 - 800 450 - 900 400 - 700 400 - 800 Test/QA Manager 250 - 500 300 - 550 200 - 450 250 - 500Project Manager 300 - 750 350 - 800 250 - 650 300 - 750 Test/QA Team Leader 200 - 400 250 - 450 200 - 350 200 - 400Infrastructure/Support Manager 250 - 700 300 - 750 250 - 600 250 - 700 QA Engineer 150 - 350 200 - 400 150 - 300 150 - 350Business Analyst 250 - 600 300 - 700 200 - 550 250 - 600 Localisation Engineer 100 - 250 100 - 250 100 - 220 100 - 220Systems Analyst 250 - 600 300 - 700 200 - 550 250 - 600 Contact Abrivia IT & Telecomsl: Tel 01 531 3726 Email cormac@abrivia.ie20 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  21. 21. Legal SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Legal Principal Consultant - Robert Connolly LLB21 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  22. 22. SALARY SURVEY Legal2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012Certain sectors of the legal market improved during 2011 with a higher number of firms actively recruiting Private Practice E E E Einto several practice sectors. This contrasts to the legal market in general which is still experiencing Salary Partner 95K - 165K 97K - 165K 80K - 105K 80K - 105Kgenerally lower salaries for fee earners despite performance expectations still being high. Overall in 2011 7PQE + 78K - 93K 87K - 96K 60K - 80K 60K - 77Kwe witnessed a significant increase in the number of new practice positions created, and unlike 2010 –many of these positions were at more junior levels. Despite this the number of roles being created is still 5PQE + 62K - 75K 67K - 82K 56K - 74K 56K - 74Ksome way off the peak of the market 4-5 years’ ago. The in-house market mirrored 2010 in that a steady 3PQE + 44K - 67K 58K - 70K 40K - 53K 40K - 55Knumber of new roles were created, many of which were contract positions. A number of senior industry 1 - 2PQE 38K - 60K 42K - 63K 30K - 49K 30K - 49Kappointments were made this year which is highlighted by an increase in the upper band of remuneration NQ 30K - 50K 36K - 54K 28K - 42K 28K - 42Kfor positions like Head of Legal / General Counsel. Reflecting on the year gone by, things have improved Trainee Salaries 24K - 36K 26K - 38K 23K - 27K 23K - 27Kfaster than we predicted this time last year, both in terms of the number of solicitors for whom we found Legal Executive 24K - 35K 28K - 35K 23K - 30K 23K - 30Kroles, the experience levels sought and the remuneration companies in some circumstances were Co Sec Manager 50K - 80K 50K - 80K 35K - 55K 35K - 55Kprepared to offer. In light of this trend– we are setting higher expectations for 2012. Co Sec 3+ 35K - 45K 35K - 45K 27K - 35K 27K - 35KExpectations for 2012 NQ Co Sec 28K - 32K 28K - 35K 23K - 28K 23K - 28KThe larger corporate firms showed that the re-bound towards the end of 2010 was not to be short lived and Trainee Co Sec 24K - 28K 25K - 28K 23K - 25K 23K - 25Kwhile things remain tight, optimism is far higher, with a greater percentage of firms in the top 30 indicating Industrythat they would make growth hires next year. A number of our clients have engaged with us this year with Head of Legal 90K - 155K 90K - 167K 80K - 135K 80K - 140Krespect to salary benchmarking queries and this may indicate that greater emphasis is being placed on General Counsel 78K - 115K 75K - 128K 65K - 95K 60K - 95Kreward as firms compete for lawyers with impressive billing records. From an in-house perspective – 2012 Senior Legal Advisor 60K - 90K 60K - 90K 56K - 74K 56K - 74Kshould be an interesting year as more solicitors cross specialise in the areas of compliance and regulatory Junior Legal Advisor 40K - 65K 45K - 72K 35K - 50K 35K - 50Klaw. We expect that a greater number of solicitors will move in-house under the title of compliance in 2012 Company Secretary 70K - 98K 70K - 96K 30K - 49K 30K - 49Kthan previously, but the possible levelling off we have seen in the number of “due diligence / security review”positions may mean that numbers do not change dramatically across the market. Assistant Co Sec 50K - 70K 50K - 65K 28K - 42K 28K - 42K Junior Co Sec 30K - 40K 30K - 40K 23K - 27K 23K - 27KAbout Abrivia LegalAbrivia Legal is managed by Robert Connolly LLB. Robert is well known within the legal market and hasa combined background in law and recruitment. Robert works for the leading practice firms in Irelandand has a strong network of industry clients producing requirements for legal professionals at all levelsfrom newly qualified to Equity Partner and Head of Legal. Contact Abrivia Legal: Tel 01 531 3724 Email robert@abrivia.ie22 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  23. 23. Office Support SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Office Support Principal Consultant - John Mansell23 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  24. 24. SALARY SURVEY Office Support2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012In 2011 temporary rather than permanent hires were preferential due to the uncertainty that continued Office Support E E E Ein the Irish economy throughout the year. This was notable within large organisations in the Insurance, Executive Assistant 35K - 55K 35K - 55K 33K - 35K 33K - 35KFinancial and Banking industries, as the practice of taking in temporary staff to cover holidays and long Personal Assistant 30K - 50K 30K - 50K 33K - 35K 33K - 35Kterm sick leave returned to the market place. This coupled with temporary staff hired to cover projectdriven requirements accounted for the increase in temporary staff being employed. Opportunities for Receptionist 20K - 28K 20K - 32K 23K - 25K 23K - 25Kwell qualified and flexible data entry, sales support and strong administrators also remained available Office / Admin Manager 30K - 45K 30K - 45K 28K - 30K 28K - 30Kacross all sectors. Secretaries 20K - 40K 20K - 40K 24K - 26K 24K - 26K Data Entry Clerks 20K - 27K 20K - 30K 20K - 22K 20K - 24KTraditional areas such as legal, accountancy, insurance and banking secured professional and Administrators 21K - 33K 21K - 35K 23K - 25K 23K - 26Kexperienced PA’s on longer rather than short term contracts. These new working conditions allowed Office Clerk 20K - 28K 20K - 28K 20K - 22K 22K - 24Kfor greater flexibility for both companies and candidates. Salaries for temporary and contract staff Customer Services 20K - 28K 20K - 28K 22K - 24K 22K - 24Khave remained stable, with increases for high level operational managers and experienced personal / Representativeexecutive assistants. Legal Secretaries 22K - 34K 22K - 36K 22K - 24K 24K - 26KExpectations for 20122012 will continue in a similar vein as 2011 with a large focus again on recruiting sales support, salesadministration and data entry staff. Clients will not only seek to hire candidates with the right attributesbut will also look for people with strong commercial acumen who can add value to the business nowand at a future date.There will be a slight increase in permanent hires due to the new agency directive that was introducedduring 2011, however, on the reverse this may have a negative effect on the temporary market.About Abrivia Office SupportAbrivia‘s Office Support Team specialises in the placement of permanent, temporary and contract officesupport professionals across the public and private sectors with many of Ireland’s leading companies. Contact Abrivia Office Support: Tel 01 531 3727 Email john@abrivia.ie24 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  25. 25. Sales & Marketing SALARY SURVEY Abrivia Sales & Marketing Principal Consultant - John Mansell25 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  26. 26. SALARY SURVEY Sales & Marketing2011 in Review Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 20122011 proved a much stronger sales recruitment market than 2010. The increase in recruitment, Sales ICT E E E Eparticularly by large and industry leading companies within the ICT, B2B, FMCG, Financial Services Sales Director 100K - 160K 100K - 160K 120K - 122K 130K - 132Kand Medical sectors , which started during the last quarter of 2010 continued right throughout 2011. It Sales Account Director 70K - 100K 75K - 110K 85K - 87K 85K - 87Kwas notable that larger companies were recruiting additional resources within their Sales & Marketingteams at all levels. This owed much to increased confidence across various industry sectors with the Sales Manager 55K - 80K 60K - 80K 60K - 62K 60K - 62Kexception being Engineering and Construction. The Sales & Marketing sector during the first half of Corporate Account Manager 50K - 60K 50K - 70K 55K - 57K 55K - 57K2011 remained an employers’ market but this changed notably during the final quarters where there was Account Manager 38K - 60K 35K - 60K 43K - 45K 40K - 42Ka recognisable shortage of skilled professionals on the move at all levels. This shortage was apparent Business Development Manager 35K - 55K 35K - 60K 45K - 47K 45K - 50Kas companies’ recruitment and selection processes were largely focused on selecting candidates that Internal Account Manager 28K - 35K 26K - 35K 28K - 30K 28K - 30Khave prior or current industry knowledge and experience. Basic salaries in 2011 remained consistent Telesales - Outbound 25K - 32K 25K - 34K 25K - 27K 26K - 28Kwith 2010 levels with only some very minor increases as companies opted to provide a more rewarding Telesales - Inbound 23K - 28K 23K - 28K 24K - 26K 24K - 26Kbonus, commission and performance based package. Marketing ICTExpectations for 2012 Marketing Director 75K - 110K 75K - 100K 80K - 82K 80K - 82KThe expectations for 2012 will follow a similar pattern to 2011 with the ICT, FMCG, Financial Services Marketing Manager 60K - 80K 60K - 80K 65K -67K 60K - 62Kand Medical sectors continuing their current recruitment trend. These sectors will face a continued PR / Communications Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 70K 55K - 57K 55K - 57Kchallenge in sourcing the right candidates. The B2B sector will remain open to selecting candidates Product / Brand Manager 45K - 70K 45K - 65K 50K - 52K 50K - 52Kthat have worked in alternative sectors and will hire based on candidate’s personality, ability, proven Marketing Executive 28K - 50K 28K - 50K 38K - 40K 40K - 42Ksales and marketing achievements. Turnover in staff will also remain low as companies and industries Sales Services / B2Bcontinue to stabilise but with an added focus on growth within sales and marketing teams during 2012. Sales Director 100K - 160K 100K - 160K 130K - 132K 130K - 132KDue to the shortage of candidates that are willing to move within the same industry sectors, 2012 National Sales Manager 75K - 95K 70K - 100K 80K - 82K 80K - 82Kwill encourage companies to increase basic salaries and bonus packages. This will need to happen;otherwise companies will not be able to compete with their competitors for staff. This will also force Regional Sales Manager 55K - 80K 50K - 80K 64K - 66K 65K - 67Kemployers to re-evaluate their current selection criteria and break the current trend as the shortage Key Account Manager 45K - 60K 45K - 60K 48K - 50K 50K - 52Kcontinues. Business Development Manager 38K - 50K 40K - 50K 45K - 47K 45K - 47K Telesales - Outbound 23K - 28K 25K- 28K 25K - 27K 25K - 27KAbout Abrivia Sales & Marketing Telesales - Inbound 22K - 28K 22K - 28K 23K - 25K 23K - 25KAbrivia Sales & Marketing is managed by John Mansell. John is highly regarded across various industrysectors within the UK & Ireland. John has been recruiting Sales & Marketing professionals at all levels forover 10 years. The Sales & Marketing team offer bespoke recruitment solutions to a range of indigenousand multinational clients across the whole of Ireland. We have been retained by international clientsto work on overseas recruitment engagements for the UK, Germany and the US. While we are a localrecruitment consultancy we have a global reach. Contact Abrivia Sales & Marketing: Tel 01 531 3727 Email john@abrivia.ie26 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  27. 27. SALARY SURVEY Sales & MarketingSector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012 Sector Dublin 2011 Dublin 2012 Regional 2011 Regional 2012Marketing Services B2B E E E E Marketing Med Pharma E E E EMarketing Director 75K - 100K 75K - 100K 78K - 80K 78K - 80K Marketing Manager 54K - 70K 55K - 70K 58K - 60K 58K - 60KMarketing Manager 55K - 80K 55K - 80K 53K - 55K 53K - 55K Brand Manager 45K - 65K 45K - 65K 48K - 50K 48K - 50KPR / Communications Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 70K 53K - 55K 53K - 55K Product Manager 45K - 65K 45K - 75K 58K - 62K 60K - 62KProduct / Brand Manager 44K - 65K 45K - 65K 50K - 52K 50K - 52K Sales FS / InsuranceMarketing Executive 25K - 50K 25K - 50K 33K - 35K 33K - 35K Account Manager / Director 100K - 110K 100K - 120K 100K - 105K 100K - 105KSales FMCG Area Sales Manager 60K - 85K 60K - 85K 78K - 80K 78K - 80KSales Director 60K - 80K 60K - 80K 63K - 65K 63K - 65K Sales Manager 55K - 80K 55K - 80K 58K - 60K 63K - 65KNational Sales Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 80K 63K - 65K 63K - 65K Business Development Manager 50K - 80K 50K - 80K 63K - 65K 63K - 65KRegional Sales Manager 50K - 60K 50K - 60K 56K - 58K 56K - 58K Sales Representative 42K - 55K 42K - 55K 45K - 47K 45K - 47KKey Account Manager 45K - 55K 40K - 60K 48K - 50K 48K - 50K Telesales 25K - 30K 25K - 30K 24K - 26K 24K - 26KTerritory Manager 30K - 45K 30K - 45K 36K - 38K 38K - 40K Marketing FS / InsuranceSales Representative 28K - 37K 25K - 38K 32K - 34K 30K - 32K Marketing Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 70K 63K - 65K 63K - 65KVan Sales 25K - 35K 25K - 35K 30K - 32K 30K - 32K Brand Manager 40K - 65K 40K - 65K 48K - 50K 48K - 50KMerchandiser 20K - 27K 20K - 27K 23K - 35K 23K - 25K Product Manager 40K - 80K 40K - 80K 48K - 50K 48K - 52KTelesales 20K - 26K 20K - 26K 20K - 22K 20K - 22K Sales Construction & EngineeringMarketing FMCG Sales Manager 40K - 70K 40K - 70K 58K - 60K 48K - 55KMarketing Manager 50K - 70K 50K - 70K 53K - 55K 53K - 55K Area Sales Manager 35K - 50K 35K - 50K 38K - 40K 33K - 38KBrand Manager 45K - 60K 45K - 60K 48K - 50K 48K - 50K Business Development Manager 32K - 45K 32K - 45K 38K - 40K 36K - 38KAssistant Brand Manager 35K - 60K 35K - 60K 43K - 45K 43K - 45K Sales Representative 32K - 45K 30K - 45K 38K - 40K 36K - 38KCategory Analyst 30K - 50K 30K - 50K 38K - 40K 38K - 40K Telesales 22K - 30K 22K - 30K 21K - 23K 21K - 23KSales Med Pharma Marketing Construction & EngineeringSales Director 60K - 90K 60K - 100K 68K - 70K 68K - 70K Marketing Manager 55K - 70K 55K - 70K 58K - 60K 58K - 60KNational Sales Manager 45K - 70K 45K - 70K 53K - 55K 55K - 57K Marketing Executive 30K - 50K 30K - 50K 40K - 42K 40K - 42KAccount Manager 45K - 55K 45K - 55K 48K - 50K 48K - 50KBusiness Development Manager 37K - 50K 38K - 50K 38K - 40K 40K - 42KSales Representative 28K - 45K 28K - 45K 35K - 37K 37K - 40KTelesales 25K - 32K 25K - 32K 23K - 25K 23K - 25K Contact Abrivia Sales & Marketing: Tel 01 531 3727 Email john@abrivia.ie27 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY
  28. 28. 2012 Salary Survey Salary rates listed cover basic salaries only and do not include bonus payments or benefits, unless specifically stated otherwise. This is due to the variety of ways in which companies manage employee reward. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TECHNICAL SERVICES COMMERCIAL SERVICES GROUP GROUP GROUP Accountancy, Finance & Tax IT Human Resources Legal, Compliance & Risk Telecoms Sales & Marketing Office Support & Customer Insurance & Actuarial Service Regus House, Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2. Telephone: +353 1 531 3720 Email: info@abrivia.ie www.abrivia.ieAbrivia Recruitment Specialists does not make any warranties or representations regarding the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of, or the result of the use of, or otherwise respecting, the content of this salarysurvey. The content of this salary survey is provided ‘as is’ without warranties of any kind either express or implied (including but not limited to fitness for purpose, merchantability, particular quality, etc.). Abrivia Recruitment Specialists will not be liable for any damage of any kind arising out of or relating to use of or inability to use this information, including but not limited to for incidental, indirect, punitive, special or consequential damage of any kind. The limitations stated in this disclaimer shall apply to the fullest extent possible, but shall not operate, be interpreted to or attempt to exclude or limit Abrivia Recruitment Specialist liability for death or personal injury caused by Abrivia Recruitment Specialists negligence or as otherwise prohibited by the applicable law.28 | 2012 SALARY SURVEY