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2011 salary survey update


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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2011 salary survey update

  1. 1. Abrivia Recruitment Salary Survey 2011 "The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world—not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul." — Charles Handy
  2. 2. 2011 Contents Salary SurveyDIRECTORDonal K Click Link Introduction 3 K 4 Accountancy Banking Financial Services Insurance Actuarial Legal ComplianceBUSINESSMANAGERS IT TelecomsRobert HRCormac Dcormac@abrivia.ieAnne Sales Marketinganne@abrivia.ieJohn D Support Servicesjohn@abrivia.ieRoss tContact us:00353 1 477
  3. 3. 2011 Introduction Salary Survey Welcome Hi All, Welcome to Abrivia’s 2011 salary benchmark review. After much research (both quantitative and qualitative) we have collated and summarised the information in to our annual salary survey. We hope that the information contained herein is informative and provides you with an overview of what is happening in relation to salary movements and trends in the Irish job market. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and helped put the survey together. The salary survey is broken into the following areas which coincidentally mirror the service lines that we offer our clients: Professional Services Group d ^ Services GroupDIRECTOR Accountancy /d , ZDonal K Banking FS d ^ Insurance Actuarial D Legal Compliance K ^ In 2010 we once again out grew our office space and moved into larger offices in Regus House, Dublin 2. We are also delighted to say that we doubled our headcount over the course of 2010 through a number of strategic senior hires into the business. We continued with our hiring strategy of typically attracting senior consultants into the business with a minimum of 7/10 years recruitment experience. We have also continued to hire consultants who are industry ‘experts’ in their fields. This maintains our competitive edge in terms of servicing our client’s needs in niche hiring areas while maintaining the quality of work that we consistently deliver to them. Many things make great companies. Their use of innovative technology, their investment in cutting edge research, the cost savings implemented through new capital expenditure projects. However the best piece of advice that we can offer any of our clients is to invest inBUSINESS their people. Identify and hire the best people in the market. Quite simply “the best people make the best companies”. When you come toMANAGERS making your hiring decisions in 2011, our team here in Abrivia will be waiting to support you through every step of the recruitment process...Robert Warm regards,Cormac Dcormac@abrivia.ieAnne Donal O’Brien D E /E /ZdKZanne@abrivia.ieJohn Djohn@abrivia.ieRoss tross@abrivia.ieContact us:00353 1 477
  4. 4. 2011 Outlook for 2011 Salary Survey Outlook for 2011 We here in Abrivia are optimistic about the Irish recruitment market in 2011. We say this based on a number of factors. Internally we can point to some of our own key indicators over 2010. Looking back over our own numbers during 2010 and comparing them to 2009 we found the“it is as difficult following:today to hire st nd Category 2010 V’s 2009 1 half 2010 2 half 2010candidates as it Volume of Job Orders +22.5% +12% +33%was at the height Volume of Placements +30.25 +12.5% +48%of the “boom” in Placement Fees +14.2% +8.9% +19.5%mid 2007.” What the above table highlights clearly is that the 2010 recruitment market has been much stronger than that of 2009. As onfidence in the Irish market increased throughout 2010, there was a corresponding growth in the levels of recruitment. In fact, the second half of 2010 actually showed stronger levels of activity than the first half of 2010. As proof of this, the volume of work that was being placed with Abrivia in We can also point to external economic indicators. November 2010 showed tax returns up. Surveys of leading company executives on the level of activity in their business showed growth. The jobless numbers fell and consumer confidence was up. The number of new cars registered in November of 2010 was over double the same time last year! The other positive is that the “traditional” manufacturing sector expanded its production in October. : ^ EW d , So what does all this mean? Ireland is earning as much as it is spending for the first time since 2003. It also means that one of the longest recessions in the country’s history is well and truly over. So cautious optimism is the order of the day. Large industry in the country and particularly export led sectors will continue to show strong demand for recruitment services. However it may also be the case that Ireland has now a two tier economy. On the one hand we have the multinationals and large indigenous companies whose results and exports are surging ahead. On the other side consumer spending which is by far and away the largest part of the economy still remains subdued. Employer’s perspective Overall it is fair to say that particularly in the second half of 2010 we saw a surge in clients contacting us to help them with their hiring needs. We believe that the reasons for the large increase in volumes of recruitment were as follows: x Improvement in the economy – the economy returned to slight growth. x Employers had greater confidence in hiring given that they felt the “worst was over” x A number of companies had “over rationalised” during the downturn x After 2009 companies could now plan again knowing where the baseline point in the economy was. Therefore they felt more assured with regard to predicting future performance The impression for clients is that there must be huge volumes of candidates in the market available for employment given the size of the live register. Unfortunately from an employer’s perspective the market couldn’t be more difficult at the moment in terms of attracting quality candidates into their businesses. Ironically now as we write this salary survey in : 201 , it is as difficult today to hire candidates as it was at the height of the “boom” in mid 2007. The reasons for this are as follows: x The majority of the ‘best’ candidates are actually still in employment save a very small percentage of people who were made redundant because of the sectors that they were working in x Given the negative media coverage regarding the plight of the economy over the last 24 months a lot of candidates are genuinely not aware that there are still opportunities in the market x Some candidates are genuinely afraid to change job because of “Last /n First Kut” (LIFO) Surprisingly area that a number of employers have more recently staff retention. Some mid and senior level employees to competitor companies because of promotion and salary freezes or even salary cuts. It also been the case that companies are placing more emphasis on increasing staff morale.
  5. 5. 2011 Accountancy Market Salary Survey INDUSTRY COMMERCE TAXATION Like most sectors the IC accountancy sector showed strong The tax market has to a large extent remained subdued in 2010. Whilst there“Base salaries growth in terms of the number of clients hiring. dhe have been some strategic moves in Practice at the Director/Partner level, by volume of work being placed with us would have peaked in the large there have been few new roles created. Candidates that are ofstabilised in 2010 second half of 2010 in October. The majority of clients who were interest are typically those with excellent business development skills. 2010 hiring were multinationals and large indigenous companies. Client’s has seen the industry tax market continue to create positions forand in certain niche remain extremely discerning regarding the quality and background professionals with strong Corporate Tax backgrounds. This trend looks set to of candidates that they are looking to hire into their businesses continue into 2011, however, due to the size of the theremarkets in Industry (FMCG into FMCG). will not be a huge volume of roles. Those with personal tax backgrounds are Commerce Base salaries stabilised in 2010 and in certain niche markets in finding the market quite tough but this situation will reverse as stable market conditions lead to firms having increased confidence to recruit.actually showed Industry Commerce actually showed some upward movement. It is also interesting to note that a large number of companies FINANCIAL SERVICESsome upward expressed an intention to restore bonuses. Finally in what is a very Albeit coming from a low base at the beginning of 2009, the financial services positive trend, we saw a strong increase in the number of moremovement.” ‘junior’ finance professionals being hired by our clients. market saw a return to growth in 2010. The busiest areas within the Financial Services sector are the Insurance and Funds sectors. Given the increased emphasis on regulation, we have continued to see an increase in the number PUBLIC PRACTICE of regulatory and compliance positions created in the FS market. Some 2010 has been a year of consolidation in the practice market. Whilst candidates in the FS sector have looked to make strategic lateral moves out of cash flow is still a major issue for many firms the pace of their current roles in order to move into perceived more stable working redundancies has significantly reduced. It appears that most of the environments. streamlining in the sector occurred in 2009 and the early part of . Following from this stabilisation the recruitment market ABOUT ABRIVIA ACCOUNTANCY has started to pick up, particularly in the second half of the year The Director of the Abrivia Accountancy Selection Team is Donal O’Brien. with a lot of the larger firms starting to hire and some of the Donal trained as a Chartered Accountant with a Top 10 Accountancy firm medium sized firms also coming back to the market in the final quarter of 2010. Roles have been created across a variety of areas before working in recruitment. Whilst in recruitment he has handled senior including audit, corporate finance, advisory and corporate recovery. level appointments in industry, financial services and the practice sector. He It is also interesting to note that the expression “war on talent” has has also successfully designed and managed ‘bespoke’ advertising campaigns started to re-emerge. Many of the candidates that were made behalf of clients. redundant or not out of contract have picked up positions in the industry and financial services markets. Ross Wynne is the Business Manager for Abrivia’s specialist Practice and Tax division. Ross has a number of years’ recruitment experience in the Practice This has led to a shortage of candidates with the relevant and Tax market where he has recruited for clients both locally and experience required by firms for the roles they wish to fill. Salaries internationally. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the market and have also stabilised this year with little or no reduction on 2009 an extensive network of contacts particularly with the ‘Big 4’ and ‘Top 20’ levels. Heading into 2011 there initially will be little upward accountancy firms. movement on salaries but this may start to change as it becomes harder to source suitable candidates. INDUSTRY COMMERCE Executive Dublin Low Dublin High R Finance Director €100,000 €200,000 €110,000 Head of Tax €100,000 €150,000 €110,000 Head of Internal Audit €90,0000 €140,000 €100,000 Financial Controller €65,000 €95,000 €75,000 Reporting Dublin Low Dublin High R FP A Manager €62,000 €82,000 €70,000Contact us: Finance Manager €58,000 €72,000 €60,000 Project Accountant €50,000 €65,000 €50,000Donal O’Brien Group Accounta t €45,000 €58,000 €50,000 Systems Accountant €44,000 €55,000 €48,000Accountancy Internal Audit Dublin Low Dublin High R Internal Audit Mngr €58,000 €70,000 €62,000 Internal Auditor €42,000 €50,000 €42,00000353(1)477 3154 Taxation Dublin Low Dublin High R Tax Man ger €65,000 €85,000 €70,000 Tax Senior / Accountant €42,000 €55,000 €46,
  6. 6. 2011 Accountancy Market Salary Survey Part Qualified Dublin Low Dublin High R Financial Accountant €30,000 €42,000 €34,000 Assistant Accountant €28,000 €38,000 €30,000“d Trainee Accountant €21,000 €27,000 €21,000 Accounts Staff Dublin Low Dublin High R Payroll Manager €40,000 €65,000 €42,000 Payroll Clerk €27,000 €32,000 €30,000 Credit Control Manager €44,000 €70,000 €42,000 Credit Controller €23,000 €34,000 €28,000 AP Manager €44,000 €65,000 €42,000 AP Clerk €23,000 €35,000 €26,000 AR Clerk €23,000 €35,000 €26,000 Accounts Assistant €23,000 €35,000 €26,000 PUBLIC PRACTICE ” Audit | Assurance Dublin Low Dublin High R Partner €150,000 €250,000 €140,000 Director €80,000 €130,000 €80,000 Senior Manager €65,000 €85,000 €70,000 Manager €50,000 €65,000 €58,000 Senior €36,000 €46,000 €37,000 Semi-Senior / Finalist €25,000 €36,000 €28,000 Audit Junior €19,000 €25,000 €21,000 Trainee / Graduate €17,000 €23,000 €18,000 Tax Dublin Low Dublin High R Partner €150,000 €250,000 €150,000 Director €80,000 €140,000 €90,000 Senior Manager €65,000 €85,000 €75,000 Manager €50,000 €65,000 €58,000 Senior €38,000 €46,000 €40,000 Corporate Finance | TS Dublin Low Dublin High R Partner €160,000 €250,000 €150,000 Director €90,000 €140,000 €90,000 Senior Manager €65,000 €90,000 €75,000 Manager €50,000 €70,000 €68,000 Senior €42,000 €48,000 €42,000 Corporate Recovery Dublin Low Dublin High RContact us: Partner €160,000 €250,000 €150,000 Director €85,000 €140,000 €90,000Ross Wynn Senior Manager €65,000 €90,000 €75,000Accountancy Practice Manager €50,000 €70,000 €58,000 Senior €42,000 €48,000 €42,00000353 1 402 9442
  7. 7. 2011 Accountancy Market Salary Survey FINANC/ ^Zs/^ Executive Dublin Low Dublin High R Finance Director €100,000 €150,000 €110,000 Tax Director €100,000 €140,000 €100,000 Internal Audit Director €90,000 €120,000 €100,000“Albeit coming from a Finance Controller €70,000 €85,000 €70,000low base at the Reporting Dublin Low Dublin High Rbeginning of 2009, the Finance Manager €60,000 €70,000 €60,000 Product Accountant €58,000 €65,000 €60,000financial services Financial Accountant €42,000 €50,000 €45,000market saw a return to Management €42,000 €46,000 €42,000growth in 2010” Accountant Systems Accountant €48,000 €54,000 €46,000 Internal Audit Dublin Low Dublin High R Internal Audit Manager €65,000 €75,000 €65,000 Internal Auditor €44,000 €55,000 €45,000 Taxation Dublin Low Dublin High R Tax Manager €70,000 €80,000 €70,000 Tax Senior / €46,000 €55,000 €65,000 Accountant Treasury Dublin Low Dublin High R Treasury Manager €70,000 €80,000 €70,000 Treasury Accountant €48,000 €60,000 €52,000 Part Qualified Dublin Low Dublin High R Financial Accountant €32,000 €40,000 €35,000 Assistant Accountant €28,000 €33,000 €28,000 Trainee Accountant €22,000 €26,000 €23,000 Accounts Staff ublin Low Dublin High R Payroll Manager €40,000 €65,000 €40,000 Payroll Clerk €28,000 €35,000 €27,000 Credit Control Manager €45,000 €75,000 €46,000 Credit Controller €25,000 €35,000 €25,000 AP Manager €45,000 €65,000 €45,000 AP Clerk €25,000 €35,000 €26,000 AR Clerk €25,000 €35,000 €26,000 Accounts Assistant €25,000 €35,000 €26,000Contact us:Donal O’BrienAccountancy00353 1 477
  8. 8. 2011 Banking Financ ^ Salary Survey Market IEdZKhd/KE RZh/dDEd Whilst there were pockets of growth and recruitment within the Every quarter in 2010 saw an increase in the levels of recruitment, Banking Finance market, this growth was highly sector specific in with figures for the fourth quarter significantly improved on the addition to lacking any great consistency. early part of the year.“Though there hasbeen a steady Though there has been a steady quarterly increase in the volume A total lack of progression in certain institutions in conjunction of recruitment, culminating in a strong final quarter, it is difficult to with job security were top concerns amongst candidates.quarterly increase in extrapolate what 2011 will bring given that much of the hiring was Movement has been stifled somewhat by candidates awaitingthe volume of related to restructuring, cost reduction, compliance and credit redundancy payments, but overall – motives were driven by the management. primary concerns of security and progression.recruitment, M Zd KsZs/t 2011 EyWd d/KE^culminating in a Without a doubt, the funds industry proved most robust out of any It is expected that the trends seen in 2010 (gradual incrementalstrong final quarter, it area of Financial Services in 2010. Good levels of growth led increases in recruitment) will be largely echoed in 2011, with recruitment saw salaries amongst fund administrators, asset perhaps a greater emphasis on growth than in theis difficult to managers and related business’s hold steady throughout the last last two years as a reformed banking sector seeks to divide marketextrapolate what 2011 year, with certain areas seeing a slight increase. share in a highly alteredwill bring” Corporate and Commercial banking were subdued this year but AKhd Z/s/ ZZh/dDEd saw some recruitment with tight controls on salaries offered. The Abrivia banking recruitment team has been in existence since 2005 and ha exposure handling sensitive high level appointments in addition to volume based projects or complicated hiring needs requiring a more experience recruitment professional. Corporate / Private Low High R Banking Manager – Corporate €75,000 €100,000 €70 – 90,000 Banking Manager – Private €75,000 €100,000 €70 – 90,000 Banking Senior Equity Analyst €65,000 €80,000 €60 – 75,000 Credit Manager €50,000 €75,000 €45 – 75,000 Lending Manager €48,000 €65,000 €48 – 65,000 Lending Admin €25,000 €35,000 €22 – 35,000 Relationship Manager €50,000 €65,000 €40 – 60,000 Portfolio Admin €22,000 €38,000 €22 – 35,000 Credit Analyst €24,000 €32,000 €22 – 32,000 Commercial Banking Low High R Senior Commercial €50,000 €62,000 €45 – 60,000 Lender Senior Credit Analyst €35,000 €55,000 €35 – 55,000 Risk Manager €60,000 €75,000 €55 – 75,000 Risk Analyst €30,000 €45,000 €28 – 40,000Contact us: Senior Underwriter €32,000 €55,000 €32 – 50,000 Loan Administrator €24,000 €35,000 €22 – 32,000Abrivia Banking Team Mortgage Admin €22,000 €28,000 €22 – 28,000 Customer Service €23,000 €30,000 €23 – 28,000 Treasury Low High R00353 1 477 3156 Head of Treasury €70,000 €95,000 €70 – 95,000 Treasury Manager €50,000 €80,000 €50 – 75,000 Dealer €38,000 €60,000 €30 – 55,000 Settlement Supervisor €25,000 €35,000 €24 – 32,
  9. 9. 2011 Financ ^ Salary Survey Market“Without a doubt, the Fund Services High Rfunds industry proved VP Fund Accounting €75,000 €95,000 €70 – 86,000 Fund Accounting €50,000 €70,000 €50 – 70,000most robust out of any Managerarea of Financial Senior Fund €33,000 €44,000 €33 – 40,000Services in 2010” Accountant Fund accountant €22,000 €34,000 €22 – 34,000 Shareholder Services High R Head of Shareholder €80,000 €105,000 €NA Services Shareholder Services €55,000 €70,000 €NA Manager Shareholder Services €28,000 €33,000 €25 – 33,000 Administrator Custody High R Head of Custody €70,000 €92,000 €78,000+ Custody Manager €60,000 €80,000 €60,000+ Custody Administrator €20,000 €32,000 €20,000+ Client Services High R Manager €55,000 €70,000 €55,000+ Supervisor €33,000 €54,000 €30,000+ Administrator €21,000 €28,000 €20,000+Contact us:Abrivia Banking Team00353 1 477 315600353 87
  10. 10. 2011 Insurance Actuarial Salary Survey Market 2010 SYNOPSIS CONCERNS MOTIVATIONS The primary motivation seen within the Insurance sector was job“Though 2010 was not The Insurance market proved extremely resilient throughout security and progression. With a degree of uncertainty, many 2010 with a consistent level of recruitment, running contrary to candidates sought a more employment future in their jobwithout difficulties, many other areas within Financial Services. search. ue to a lack ofthe market maintained Although not a return to 2007 volumes of hiring, Ireland further dhealthy buoyancy in emerged as a European operations centre for many internationalcertain areas.” insurers which promoted positive headcount growth. 2011 EXPECTATIONS MARKET OVERVIEW Feedback from our clients indicate that the volume of recruitment Though 2010 was not without difficulties, the market maintained may not increase in 2011, but more of our clients are likely to hire healthy buoyancy in certain areas. For the most part, candidates next year which should broaden the options available to in all areas indicated that options candidates. Language requirements continue to , but that the interview process was 2011 and more and more organisations are seeking competitive. Whilst the life industry remains subdued, market specific qualifications as part of candidate profiles. expectations for 2011 are positive. ABOUT ABRIVIA INSURANCE SALARIES Abrivia Insurance has been established in the market for the last 6 years, with clients ranging from small to medium brokers to In key areas such as compliance, risk and actuarial – a shortage of large multinational insurers. Our experienced recruitment team candidates has led to some increases in benchmarked salaries. As detail focused and pride on accurately matching a standard, remuneration remained constant with 2009, though profiles to requirements. some organisations reversed salary cuts from previous years. General Insurance Low , R Head of Claims €55,000 €65,000 €45,000 Underwriting Manager €50,000 €60,000 €48,000 Operations Manager €80,000 €115,000 €75,000 Claims Manager €38,000 €46,000 €35,000 Senior Underwriter €50,000 €68,000 €48,000 Risk Manager €55,000 €70,000 €50,000 Trainee Underwriter €25,000 €28,000 €25,000 Claims Handler €25,000 €34,000 €25,000 Loss adjuster €26,000 €40,000 €30,000 Life Pensions Low , R Senior Pensions Cons €85,000 €120,000 €85000 Pensions Consultant €26,000 €34,000 €32000 Pensions Admin €28,000 €50,000 €26000 Life admin €25,000 €38,000 €24000 Policy Admin €48,000 €65,000 €45000 Actuarial Low , R Chief Actuary €111,000 €176,000 €105,000Contact us: Actuarial Manager €98,000 €125,000 €92,500 Pricing Specialist €85,000 €105,000 €80,000Insurance Team Qualified Actuary €80,000 €100,000 €65,000 NQ Actuary €65,000 €88,000 €48,000 Part Qual Actuary €48,000 €65,000 €45,000 Trainee Actuary €30,000 €45,000 €30,000 1 477 3156 Broking Low , R Corporate Broker (8+) €45,000 €100,000 €36,000 Corporate Broker (3-5) €30,000 €55,000 €28,000 Personal Lines Broker €34,000 €54,000 €30, Account Executive €35,000 €50,000 €28,000 Account Handler €28,000 €40,000 €24,000
  11. 11. 2011 Legal Compliance Salary Survey Market INTRODUCTION x Investment Funds 2010 saw mixed fortunes for the legal market but an overall x Contract / Commercial Law improvement in the recruitment climate from 2009. Abrivia had x Insurance / Product Development received more instructions by July of 2010 than in the entirety of x Banking / Due Diligence / Lending 2009, a statistic which should prove heartening for an industry so x FS Regulation“Abrivia Legal had heavily impacted by the financial downturn. x Litigation / Insolvency / Debt Recoveryreceived more MARKET OVERVIEW Overly burdensome workloads and below market remuneration wereinstructions by July of In terms of the practice market, 2010 started conservatively, with the two primary concerns indicated by candidates in 2010. When many firms opting to cross train fee earners and retain trainee’s considering a move, job security and fair remuneration were2010 than in the rather than hire externally. consistently the highest rated motivations, with available progression aentirety of 2009,” There were an estimated 1200 Solicitors unemployed at the start of close third. the year t turning point May as larger 2011 EXPECTATIONS entered the work force, some creating opportunities It is hard to predict what 2011 will bring. Despite minimal growth in by taking a more commercial approach to the provision 2010, the employment market improved dramatically over the course of legal services. Within the Compliance market, a significant level of of the year. With sustained albeit minimal growth in 2011, it is hiring occurred in 2010 as organisations sought to accommodate the reasonable to assume that the legal market should enjoy brighter greater level of external investigation and oversight. fortunes. Within many sectors, a broader more comprehensive regulatory framework should see a greater need for experienced Uniform downward alary reductions were reversed this year in Compliance professionals and Lawyers. On the turn side, with greater certain areas leading to a slight in salary levels. financial pressure on companies and individuals in 2011, the candidates in niche or busy areas inflated salaries only professional services industry as a whole may see further restructuring amount. as to how experienced fee earners are remunerated. RECRUITMENT ABOUT ABRIVIA LEGAL COMPLIANCE From a recruitment point of view, the In-House market Abrivia Legal Compliance is managed by Robert Connolly LLB. Robert the lion’s share of appointments over the year, with Wractice catching is well known and highly regarded within the legal market, combining up considerably in mid to late Q3 and Q4. his own background in Law with many years’ experience sourcing and The primary practice disciplines which saw increased levels of recruiting legal and compliance professionals. Our legal team advise recruitment were: Qualified Lawyers up to and including Partner level in addition to x Business anking providing advice to Firms on Merger and Acquisition options x Corporate Restructuring / Corporate Insurance countrywide. x Investment Funds x Commercial Litigation / Insolvency / Debt Recovery We recruit for the Irish Practice market, in addition to Financial Services entities and commercial organisations and provide assistance, From an ndustry perspective, companies sought legal compliance advice and recruitment solutions in a time sensitive and professionals with the following experience and disciplines: comprehensive manner. Practice Low High R Salary Partner €95,000 165,000 84,000 - 105,000 Senior Associate (5 – 9) €78,000 96,500 60,000 - 80,000 Associate (3 – 6) €62,500 88,000 48,000 - 74,000 PQE 1 – 3 €44,000 67,000 35,000 + NQ Solicitor €34,000 54,000 30,000 + Qual Co-Sec (5+) €45,000 65,000 40,000 + Qual Co-Sec (1-4) €35,000 45,000 30,000 + NQ Co-Sec €27,000 33,000 25,000 + In-House Low High R Head of Legal €95,000 155,000 80,000 – 110,000 General Counsel €78,000 115,000 65,000 – 94,000 Senior Counsel €60,000 90,000 60,000 – 80,000Contact us: Company Secretary €70,000 98,000 55,000 + Deputy Co-Sec €50,000 80,000 45,000+Robert Connolly LLB Compliance Risk Low High RLegal Compliance Head of Compliance €90,000 €125,000 €100,000+ Compliance Manager €65,000 €88,000 €55,000+ Compliance Analyst €45,000 €56,000 €34,000+00353 1 477 3156 Chief Risk Officer €88,000 €115,000 €75,000+ Risk Manager €60,000 €85,000 €50,000+ Risk Officer €40,000 €54,000 €33, Solvency II Consultant €65,000 €88,000 €50,000+
  12. 12. 2011 IT Salary Survey Market INTRODUCTION In areas where the supply of candidates available was greater“The candidate The IT industry appeared to have turned a corner in the second as in technical support, testing and project management half of 2009. This turn for the better continued unabatedshortage in IT is were some minor increases in salaries, in some cases salaries throughout the whole of 2010. In fact, it accelerated substantially. remained stagnant from 2009.reflected by the With Ireland facing arguably the most challenging economicincrease in salaries in the history of the State, the future for the IT industry is very The IT contract market has experienced an almost Phoenix like robust and should comfortably navigate the choppy waters ahead ri from the ashes in 2010 due to the shortage in IT candidatesover the last 12 facing the country. This positive outlook for the industry has been overall. The previous two years had seen many IT professionalsmonths.” reflected in the upward movement of salaries and daily rates for IT who historically contracted obtaining perceived security through professionals. permanent jobs. 2010 saw many of these people come back into the contract market and daily rates climbed steadily upwards as MARKET OVERVIEW the year progressed. Throughout the year there has been a belief amongst some 2011 EXPECTATIONS employers seeking resources, that quality IT staff are available in abundance. This is simply not true. IT professionals like everyone The indications for 2011 on a whole, looks bright for the IT else are nervous and reluctant to leave a secure permanent job industry. On a daily basis, multinationals as well as indigenous and as a result there has been a shortage of people available for firms with strong international client bases are announcing most role types. Added to the significant increase in the volume of significant increases in headcount for IT professionals. The buoyant IT roles open in 2010, this candidate shortage is marked in some IT market will lead to further increases in salaries and daily rates in cases, particularly for software developers. One of the biggest 2011. challenges facing the IT industry is now attracting quality IT professionals. ABOUT ABRIVIA IT AND TELECOMS RECRUITMENT Abrivia IT and Telecoms specialises in the placement of permanent and contract IT and Telecoms professionals across the public and The candidate shortage in IT is reflected by the increase in salaries private sectors with many of Ireland’s leading companies. over the last 12 months. Naturally, the skill-sets where there are fewest candidates available have seen the biggest movement in salaries. Experienced Java and .NET developers who have been on Abrivia IT and Telecoms is managed by Cormac Moore. Cormac, a the job market in 2010 have in many cases received up to 3 to 4 BComm graduate, has over 10 years experience in IT recruitment job offers and were in the fortunate position of negotiating salary with companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Select Australia, IT increases, in some instances improving their salaries by over 20%. Alliance, Eden Recruitment and Verkom Recruitment. Having Business Intelligence/Datawarehousing Specialists could also be worked in internal recruitment roles, IT Management Consulting included in this category. People experienced in web technologies positions as well as with some of Ireland’s leading recruitment such as PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails also saw their salaries agencies, Cormac has a wide breath of experience and success in moving steadily upwards in 2010. Database helping organisations find key IT resources to drive their business Developers/Administrators, ERP/CRM Consultants and forward Infrastructure Specialists in technologies such as Cisco and VMware also saw a solid increase in remuneration. Senior Appointments - Low High R PermanentContact us: CTO €90,000 €140,000 €100,000 Software Development €75,000 €120,000 €90,000Cormac Moore Manager/d d Programme Manager €70,000 €100,000 €80,000 Project Manager €50,000 €85,000 €65,00000353 1 477 3153 Infrastructure/Support €40,000 €80,000 €60,000 Business Analyst €40,000 €70,000 €55,000 Systems Analyst €40,000 €70,000 €55,000
  13. 13. 2011 IT Salary Survey Market Senior Appointments - Low High Z“Throughout the year Contract CTO €500 €1,000 €800there has been a belief Software Development €400 €900 €650amongst some Manageremployers seeking Programme Manager €400 €800 €600resources, that qualityIT staff are available in Project Manager €300 €750 €500 Infrastructure/Support €250 €700 €450abundance. This is Managersimply not true.” Business Analyst €250 €600 €400 Systems Analyst €250 €600 €400 Development and Design Low High Z Roles – Permanent Technical Architect €50,000 €100,000 €70,000 Java/J2EE €30,000 €80,000 €55,000 VB/.NET/C# €30,000 €80,000 €55,000 C/C++ €28,000 €60,000 €50,000 Oracle/SQL €30,000 €70,000 €50,000 Datawarehousing/Business €30,000 €80,000 €60,000 Intelligence Web Development €30,000 €65,000 €50,000 Mainframe €30,000 €60,000 €50,000 Development and Design Low High Z Roles – Contract Technical Architect €400 €700 €500 Java/J2EE €250 €600 €400 VB/.NET/C# €250 €600 €400 C/C++ €250 €550 €400 Oracle/SQL €250 €600 €400 Datawarehousing / €250 €600 €400 Business Intelligence Web Development €200 €450 €300 Mainframe €200 €400 €300 Infrastructure/Support – Low High Z Permanent Helpdesk/Desktop Support €25,000 €45,000 €35,000 Systems Administrator €30,000 €50,000 €40,000Contact us: UNIX/Linux Administrator €30,000 €60,000 €45,000Cormac Moore Network Specialist €30,000 €70,000 €55,000 Security Specialist €30,000 €70,000 €50,000/d d Virtualisation Specialist €30,000 €70,000 €50,000 Database Administrator €30,000 €65,000 €50,00000353 1 477
  14. 14. 2011 IT Salary Survey Market Infrastructure/Support – Low High R Contract Helpdesk/Desktop Support €150 €300 €250“The indications for Systems Administrator €200 €350 €3002011 on a whole, looksbright for the IT UNIX/Linux Administrator €250 €400 €350industry. On a daily Network Specialist €250 €450 €350basis, multinationals Security Specialist €250 €450 €350 Virtualisation Specialist €250 €450 €350as well as indigenous Database Administrator €250 €450 €250firms with strong ERP/CRM - Permanent Low High Zinternational client SAP Functional Consultant €35,000 €70,000 €55,000bases are announcing SAP ABAP Programmer €35,000 €65,000 €50,000significant increases in Oracle Financials Business €35,000 €70,000 €55,000 Analystheadcount for IT Oracle Financials Technical €35,000 €65,000 €50,000professionals” Consultant ERP (Other) Consultant €30,000 €60,000 €50,000 Navision Consultant €35,000 €70,000 €55,000 CRM Consultant €30,000 €65,000 €50,000 ERP/CRM - Contract Low High Z SAP Functional Consultant €300 €600 €450 SAP ABAP Programmer €300 €600 €450 Oracle Financials Business €300 €600 €450 Analyst Oracle Financials Technical €300 €600 €450 Consultant ERP (Other) Consultant €250 €550 €400 Navision Consultant €300 €600 €450 CRM Consultant €300 €550 €400 QA/Testing/Localisation - Low High Z Permanent Test/QA Manager €45,000 €65,000 €50,000 Test/QA Team Leader €200 €400 €350 QA Engineer €150 €350 €250 Localisation Engineer €100 €250 €200 QA/Testing/Localisatio Low High Z Test/QA Manager €250 €500 €400Contact us: Test/QA Team Leader €200 €400 €350 QA Engineer €150 €350 €250Cormac Moore Localisation Engineer €100 €250 €200/d d00353 1 477
  15. 15. 2011 Human Resources Salary Survey Market INTRODUCTION This trend is likely to continue with more organisations set to move 2010 has proven to be another difficult year for HR professionals to a cost focused Shared Services model. although on a positive note the job market saw a marked improvement in Q3 Q4. The trend for contract and interim roles Another area which has shown improvement towards the latter experienced in 2009 has continued however there was a half of the year is that of strategic HR Consulting. Many of the high noticeable shift in the latter half of 2010 with organisations profile consulting firms are reporting increased workloads in“there was a showing increased confidence by offering permanent several areas such as Organisational Design Development,noticeable shift in the opportunities. As always, the maternity cover market remains Change Management and Reward. relatively buoyant.latter half of 2010 2011 EXPECTATIONSwith organisations MARKET OVERVIEW The overall outlook for 2011, based on the recruitment levels forshowing increased The generalist HR market, at all levels, continues to be the most Q3 Q4 2010, is a positive one with the upward trend of available challenging with candidate competition being high, particularly for roles continuing ,owever competition for roles is likely to remainconfidence by offering sought after permanent roles. However certain specialist areas of robust.permanent the market have improved significantly. ABOUT ABRIVIA HRopportunities” RECRUITMENT Anne Coleman manages Abrivia’s Specialist HR Recruitment An increased demand for Compensation Benefits Specialists and division. Anne has 10 years experience in the Recruitment HR surprisingly Recruitment Specialists was demonstrated towards Industries, has managed the HR team within one of Ireland’s the end of the year, a general positive for the job market. Likewise largest recruitment consultancies and has also recently gained IR Managers continue to be sought after for specialist roles as experience within an HR Consultancy. Since establishing Abrivia’s organisations continue to downsize, restructure or outsource HR division in early 2010, Abrivia has become one of the top leading to union negotiations which require specialist skills. consultancies associated with recruiting for the HR profession in the Irish market. Many will be aware of the move to a HR Shared Services model by several large multinationals, which has created demand for Our HR division recruits for generalist and specialist HR roles, from individuals with expertise in the field and also multilingual HR Administrator to Director level and across the full spectrum of professionals for support roles. industries and sectors. Generalists Roles Dublin Low Dublin High Z HR Director €80,000 €130,000 €90,000 HR Manager €55,000 €80,000 €65,000 HR Business Partner €50,000 €70,000 €60,000 HR Generalist €40,000 €55,000 €42,000 HR Officer €30,000 €38,000 €33,000 HR Administrator €22,000 €27,000 €25,000 Recruitment Dublin Low Dublin High Z Manager €50,000 €70,000 €62,000 Specialist €30,000 €50,000 €40,000 Administrator €22, 000 €30, 000 €28, 000 Comps Bens Dublin Low Dublin High Z Manager €60,000 €80,000 €65,000 Specialist €40,000 €55,000 €45,000Contact us: LD Dublin Low Dublin High Z Manager €55,000 €75,000 €60,000Anne Coleman Specialist €35,000 €50,000 €45,000 HR Consulting Dublin Low Dublin High ZHR Division Manager €55,000 €75,000 €60,000 Senior Consultant €45,000 €55,000 €45,00000353 1 477 3155 Consultant €33, 000 €42, 000 €38, 000 Specialist Roles Dublin Low Dublin High Talent Manager €65,000 €80,000 €70,000 IR/ER Manager €70,000 €90,000 €75,000 OD Manager €70,000 €90,000 €75,000
  16. 16. 2011 Sales Marketing Salary Survey Market INTRODUCTION SALARY 2010 proved to be a much stronger sales recruitment market than 2009. This owed much to greater confidence across most industry Due to sectors with the exception of Construction. Employer’s attention was less fixed on words like redeployment and redundancy and .d the IT sector where average 11% pay“New products in more focussed on adding additional and specific hires that could high performance individuals to attract add value to the bottom line. Employees had less issues where jobtechnologies such as security, stability and permanency were involved. computing, SaaS Bonus MARKET OVERVIEW typically measured on company, team and personaland infrastructure performance. There will continue to be a demand for high profile The strongest sector in terms of demand for Sale professionalswill lead to continued continues to be the IT sector. New products sales professionals and new business developers. This trend has increased during 2010 due to the restructure of sales teams anddemand for sales loud omputing, S S and nfrastructure will the increase in need for ‘hunter’ profile personality types. 2010 to continued demand for sales people with a roundedpeople knowledge of both new and IT technologies. has also seen a higher demand for strong business and corporate account managers as companies strive to retain their business in a highly competitive and cost conscious market. The Services, B2B and Pharmaceutical sectors continued to show strong positive growth throughout 2010. While we expect the ABOUT ABRIVIA SALES MARKETING Services and B2B sectors to continue to show signs of growth in 2011 things are less certain in the Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors. The reduction in expenditure generally by the government may Abrivia Sales Marketing is managed by John Mansell. John is have a knock on affect for the levels of recruitment in the Medical highly regarded across various industry sectors within the UK sector specifically. As a by product of this the Pharmaceutical Ireland. John has been recruiting Sales Marketing professionals sector may also show a gradual slow down. at all level for almost 10 years. The Financial and Banking sector is still set to be uncertain for The Sales Marketing team offer bespoke recruitment solutions most of 2011 compared to the Insurance ndustry where there have been strong signs of positive growth. to a range of indigenous and multinational clients across the whole island of Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Belfast etc ). We have been retained Due to the further decline within the construction sector during by international clients to work on overseas recruitment 2010, there has been a significant reduction in sales and marketing engagements for the UK, Germany and the US. While we are a positions within this sector. Companies are only hiring if it is local recruitment consultancy we have a global reach. business critical or a replacement hire. IT Sector Low High R Sales Director €100,000 €160,000 €120,000 Sales Account Director €70,000 €100,000 €85,000 Sales Manager €55,000 €80,000 €60,000 Account Manager €38,000 €60,000 €43,000 Business Development €35,000 €55,000 €45,000 Manager Telesales €25,000 €32,000 €25,000 Marketing Director €75,000 €110,000 €80,000 Marketing Manager €60,000 €80,000 €65,000 Product / Brand Mngr €45,000 €70,000 €50,000 Marketing Executive €28,000 €50,000 €38,000 Services / B2B Sector Dublin Low Dublin High Z Sales Director €100,000 €160, 00 €130,000Contact us: National Sales Manager €75,000 €95,000 €80,000 Regional Sales Manager €55,000 €80,000 €64,000John Mansell Key Account Manager €45,000 €60,000 €48,000 Business Development €38,000 €50,000 €45,000Sales Marketing Manager Telesales €25,000 €33,000 €26,00000353 1 477 3153 Marketing Director €75,000 €100,000 €80,000 Marketing Manager €55,000 €80,000 €55, Product / Brand Mngr €44,000 €65,000 €52,000 Marketing Executive €25,000 €50,000 €35,000
  17. 17. 2011 Sales Marketing Salary Survey Market FMCG Sector Low High R Sales Director €60,000 €80,000 €65,000 National Sales Manager €50,000 €70,000 €65,000“pay rises have been Regional Sales Manager €50,000 €60,000 €58,000 Key Account Manager €45,000 €55,000 €50,000offered to keep high Territory Manager €30,000 €45,000 €38,000performance Sales Representative €28,000 €37,000 €34,000individuals” Merchandiser €20,000 €27,000 €25,000 Van Sales €25,000 €35,000 €32,000 Marketing Manager €50,000 €70,000 €55,000 Brand Manager €45,000 €60,000 €50,000 Assistant Brand Mngr €35,000 €60,000 €45,000 Category Manager €45,000 €70,000 €55,000 Category Analyst €30,000 €50,000 €40,000 Medical / Pharma Dublin Low Dublin High R Sales Director €60,000 €90,000 €70,000 National Sales Manager €45,000 €70,000 €55,000 Account Manager €45,000 €55,000 €50,000 Business Development €37,000 €50,000 €40,000 Manager Sales Representative €28,000 €45,0 0 €37,000 Tele sales/marketing €25,000 €32,000 €25,000 Marketing Manager €54,000 €70,000 €60,000 Brand Manager €45,000 €65,000 €50,000 Product Manager €45,000 €75,000 €60,000 FS/ Insurance Dublin Low D blin High R Account Manager €100,00 €110,000 €100,000 Area Sales Manager €60,000 €85,000 €80,000 Sales Manager €55,000 €80,000 €65,000 Business Development €50,000 €80,000 €60,000 Manager Sales Representative €42,000 €55,000 €47,000 Tele sales/marketing €25,000 €30,000 €25,000 Marketing Manager €50,000 €70,000 €65,000 Brand Manager €40,000 €65,000 €50,000 Product Manager €40,000 €80,000 €60,000 Construction Dublin Low Dublin High R Engineering Sales Manager €40,000 €70,000 €35,000Contact us: Area Sales Manager €35,000 €50,000 €40,000 Business Development €32,000 €45,000 €40,000John Mansell ManagerSales Marketing Sales Representative €32,000 €45,000 €40,000 Tele sales/marketing €22,000 €30,000 €23,00000353 1 477 3153 Marketing Manager €55,000 €70,000 €60,000 Marketing Executive €30,000 €50,000 €42,
  18. 18. 2011 Office Support Salary Survey Market O/ ^hWWKZd The outlook for 2011 is very positive. Obviously with very small“Another positive As a sector with one of the highest levels of turnover during the growth in the economy last year there were a significantly higher boom years of the “Celtic Tiger” and having enjoyed a steadytrend in the support increase in average salary levels, office support has also been one number of roles available to candidates. We expect the office support market in 2011 to remain strong offering good qualitysector is that a lot of the hardest hit sectors during 2009 and 2010. candidates opportunities for advancement in growing sectors.more clients in 2010 2010 has again been a difficult year for people working inhad the confidence to traditional office support positions. In certain sectors companies O/ ^hWWKZd d D are still rationalising. This has meant a focus on reducing costs inhire full time areas that are termed ‘support’. That said ‘every cloud has a silver Abrivia’s Office Support Selection Team have been providingpermanent lining”. With a small improvement in the economy the support recruitment solutions to multinationals, plc’s and Irish indigenousemployees” sector showed particularly during the second half of 2010 showed companies successfully for the last 6 years. Our team provide a a mark improvement. The number of new positions being placed range of innovative services including temporary, contract and with Abrivia was up 27% on 2009. Salaries also stabilised in 2010. permanent hires. Another positive trend in the support sector is that a lot more clients in 2010 had the confidence to hire full time permanent employees. Obviously this was a departure from the trend in 2009 which was to hire contract or temporary employees. Dublin Low High R Personal Assistants €30,000 €48,000 €35,000 Receptionist €20,000 €28,000 €23,000 Office / Admin Manager €30,000 €45,000 €30,000 Secretaries €20,000 €40,000 €26,000 Data Entry Clerks €20,000 €27,000 €22,000 Administrators €21,000 €33,000 €25,000 Office Clerk €20,000 €28,000 €22,000 Customer Services €20,000 €28,000 €24,000 Representatives Legal Secretaries €22,000 €34,000 €24,000Contact us:John MansellOffice Support00353 1 477
  19. 19. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US 2011 Salary SurveyDIRECTOR “I have worked with Abrivia recruitment for only a short “...Abrivia took the time to meet with us and to understand time but have found them to be an excellent and highly those needs. The candidates referred to us met our needs professional organisation. Refreshingly Abrivia took the and cut down significantly on wasted recruitment time.Donal K time to meet with me and understand Adaptive Mobile an organization . Abrivia also followed up, making sure that we were satisfied with those we had hired and with the candidates to make When Abrivia submitted candidates for particular roles sure that their expectations had been met too. I have worked they fit the role exactly and each and every candidate with quite a few agencies over the years and would not submitted were worth talking to. In the 3 positions I have hesitate to recommend Abrivia as a recruitment partner.” filled so far through Abrivia I have completed only 6 interviews which means I am being presented with exactly Paul Lyons, Head of Change, Irish Progressive Services the right people for the positions, the search and selection International (IPSI) process has worked and I have not had to spend days or weeks weeding through inappropriate CV’s and talking to the wrong people. I will be working with Abrivia again in IPSI has provided full administrative support to client the future.” companies selling and distributing their products in various European territories, the list of which now includes Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, John Hughes, Senior Vice President Operations. Adaptive Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Mobile Ltd. (Liechtenstein) and the UK. Adaptive Mobile is the leading mobile security provider of unified customer protection for enterprises and individuals. IPSI than 135 people directly, but as an integral Adaptive Mobile was founded in 2003 and boasts some of subsidiary within a major Irish Financial Institution (Irish Life the worlds largest mobile operators as customers and the Permanent Plc), has access to the approx 5,000 strong leading security and telecom equipment vendors as group resources and expertise in full support of its business partners. The company is headquartered in Dublin with needs. offices in the North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.BUSINESSMANAGERSRobert It was Abrivias professionalism and attention to detail that I found most refreshing. I found that the consultantsCormac D constantly made themselves available to be contacted and “Abrivia has provided us with 5 excellent sales candidates always endeavoured to return any query in the most the last year. I would highly recommend their services.” efficient and effective manner possible. I look forward toAnne working with Abrivia in the near future again and I know that they will deliver what I am looking for. Derek Bryan – Sales Director Fleetmaticsanne@abrivia.ieJohn D Ronnie Carroll - Director of Finance in OASIS Holdings FleetMatics is a rapidly growing venture backed K ^/^ company with significant mobile asset software experience dating back to 1998. The companys heritage began in theRoss t Ireland/UK market which led to rapid customer growth with market entry into the USA in E / Z / With offices in Ireland, UK and the US, FleetMatics is one of the fastest growing GPS fleet tracking companies in the world.Contact us: FleetMatics provides its customers with web-based software solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs of all types of mobile assets.00353 1 477