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Social Media for Supervisors


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Case Study presented at the 2019 Annual PSATS Conference: The use of social media (SM) by elected officials is very much in the news today – in fact, it IS the news! You cannot ignore the value of SM in informing citizens. In this workshop, Newtown Township Supervisor John Mack describes how he has used social media to keep residents of his township informed about local issues.

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Social Media for Supervisors

  1. 1. PSATS 2019 Annual Conference Social Media for Supervisors A Case Study + Panel Discussion
  2. 2. PSATS 2019 Annual Conference John Mack’s Social + Digital Media Platforms • Website/Blog ( • Facebook page ( – Facebook group: “Improve Communications for Better Government” • Twitter (@johnmacknewtown) • Instagram ( • Pinterest ( • Youtube ( – Playlist: “Newtown News & Politics” • Podcast: “Mack’s Newtown Voice” (on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud) • Scoop.It Topics (news “curation” site) – News of Interest to Newtown Residents ( – Public Health & Safety – Good Government – Summaries of BOS Meetings – “Newtown News Update” email newsletter (
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  8. 8. PSATS 2019 Annual Conference Discussion Points • First Amendment Issues – E.g., “Viewpoint-based Discrimination”: Blocking Residents from Posting to Your FB Page and/or Twitter Account • Misinformation vs. “Fake” Information • Sensible Social Media Best Practice Guidelines for Supervisors vs. Employees • for posts to individual-owned social media accounts • for posts to other, third-party social media accounts (e.g., resident FB pages) or public bulletin boards (e.g., NextDoor, local news sites such as the Patch, etc.)