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Open collection of shareable digital tools to enable all teachers to design, embed and sustain the use of interactive technologies to bring differentiated teaching and learning performance inside the classroom.

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  1. 1. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMJohn J. MacasioThe classroom teacher, who lives and worksin todays interactive and connected world,is always challenged to embrace the“experience of understanding” facilitatedthrough the use of interactive gadgets,creativity application, and collaborativetechnologies.”Relevance and effectivity of any teacherbegin by “being in the digital space” meant Most classroom teachers will agree on thefor 21st century citizen. They have to realize need to be relevant, meaningful, effectivethe value of teaching and learning within the and enjoying in the 21st century classroom“e” condition of today’s society. of interactivity, creativity and connectivity.“e” condition is where learners get oriented However, the motivation is enabled byin using computer, Internet, mobile and building the resource and capacity of allsocial media to fulfill their needs to be teachers to initiate, learn and sustain theentertained, informed, connected and practice of teaching with interactiverecognized. To become active, creative and technologies.productive. The enablement speaks of education readyThe importance of remembered lesson; and open to use F-framework, T=technology,performance in examination; and observed and C=content that will guide all teachers toroles for students are getting better with create, maintain and improve the 21st“technology enriched experiences” that century classroom of interactivity, creativitybuild the essential skills of collaboration, and connectivity.communication, critical thinking, creativeproblem solving, and self directed learning. F = framework speaks of definitive principles, methods and results that supportsThe “technology-mediated presentation, effective teaching and learning withactivity, references and assessment” make interactive learning technologies to take abetter the capability of the classroom shape inside the classroomteachers to bring attentive interest, real-word situation, time extension, delivery T = technology speaks of technologyenrichment, lesson remediation and solution standards, configuration andinteractive engagement in the way learners infrastructure to compose the hardware,acquire, create, remember, share and apply software, network and skills to compose theknowledge. environment or platform of technology enabled interactive learning.The emerging Internet based communicationand collaboration platforms make better the C = content speaks of knowledge andmeans of the classroom teachers to engage medium to acquire, create, manipulate,in the social dialogue that educates the share, re-use to construct and applysenses, and bring the positive habits understanding.supportive of community building.
  2. 2. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMJohn J. Macasio OPENDESK TOOLKIT is no locked-in aggregation of framework, technology and content to build capabilities of teachers to align the use of interactive learning technologies in teaching and learning. The Open Digital Education Solution Toolkit for Teachers (OPENDESK TOOLKIT) has began in 2004 to attract teachers and administrators attention to the availability of free to install education The shared framework, technology and software and re-usable digital content in content are not meant to be prescriptive, basic education. but facilitative in placing into the hand of every teachers the ready-to-use and The aggregated framework, technology open tools to design, plan, implement and content is offered as start-up and evaluate learning with interactive resource to build competencies and technologies. content to realize and sustain purposive improvement of teaching and learning The OPENDESK TOOLKIT project through the use of open standards and searches, reviews and promotes digital global benchmark on digital content. application and content that placed among its condition of use the terms – It gives attention to education-ready free, open, sharable, distributable, fully software and multimedia content that functional, and agree on global standards match the understanding and of user experience. performance defined in the learning competency published by the The Open Digital Education Solution Department of Education. Toolkit for Teachers version 2 contains the following digital tools: The version 1 of OPENDESK is shared freely for the use of the Technical 1. Digital Whiteboard Services Office of the Department of 2. Presentation Maker Education to provide digital content in 3. Activity Creator DepEd computerization program. It is 4. Study Helper also given freely to teachers who 5. Cyber Safety attended school-based training on ICT 6. Internet Interactivity sponsored by service providers and education organization. The toolkit is made available through the Laptop for Teachers Program, and School Improvement Projects of selected Service Providers.
  3. 3. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMJohn J. Macasio The software stacks enable the teachers to create learning presentation with an interactive whiteboard, compose multimedia storyboard, and produce simple video, sound and image learning objects. DIGITAL WHITEBOARD Basic Tasks: PRESENTATION MAKER • Hand write, draw objects and save content on the digital whiteboard Basic Tasks: • Post picture, documents, video, web • Create lesson story board and produce content, record sound, animation , e- the multimedia presentation book • Produce presentation video and • Show computer desktop and open picture slideshow interactive program and digital files in • Perform sound recording, video the whiteboard editing • Annotate or highlight presented • Create and publish e-book from object or written ideas document files of instructional • Create learning presentation from materials posted digital images, video, • Perform image and screen capturing document, animation, presentation, and editing sound, scribbled word, drawn ideas • Re-use shared video, images, • Record the learning dialogue, and animation, and documents from replay the saved product of class public repositories and publishing site interaction to create learning presentation of specific lesson. Software List: • Use file viewers to open different 1. WallCraft Classic Whiteboard multimedia files of learning objects. 2. Sankore Universal Digital Board 3. GeoEnzo Math Digital Board Software List: 4. Overmars Drawing for Children 1. Presentation Tube 5. DMCox Musical Digital Board 2. Ffdiaporama Slide Show 3. Audacity Sound Recorder 4. Avidemux Video Editor 5. PhotoScape Image Editor 6. Camstudio Sceen Video Maker 7. Koyote Audio Video Tools 8. Sourceforge PDF Creator 9. eCub E-book Maker
  4. 4. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMJohn J. Macasio The software stacks enable the teachers to create computer based activities, read and compose e-books, and review lesson with study helper. ACTIVITY CREATOR Basic Tasks: • Generate and print activity worksheet • Create computer based test for STUDY HELPER student’s self administered quiz • Install, run, review, and re-use • Use flash card making program to educational software create and guide practice and drill • Align the use of digital learning exercises objects to the knowledge and skills • Construct activities using different objectives of the lesson kinds of puzzle and maze generating • Guide the students on how to use program computer based learning resources • Perform writing composition and for self-directed learning desktop publishing • Use computer based exercises to • Perform data capture, calculation and enforce analytical and problem solving analysis skills • Compose web pages and perform • Use computer to perform modeling collaborative web based publishing and simulation of learned concepts • Produce multimedia products • Use computer based reference like integrating sound, video, images and dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, atlas, text bible, etc.. • Use e-books, download and store e- Software List: book in the reading devices 1. Ikodeko Worksheet Maker 2. Quiz Faber Software List 3. Eclipse Crossword Maker 1. Sage Publishing Dictionary 4. Anki Flash Card Maker 2. Artha Thesaurus 5. Memory Lifter Flash Card 3. Kalkules Calculator 6. Vocabulary Builder 4. Seterra Geography 7. Calibre E-book Manager 5. E-Sword Bible 8. Rednotebook Journal 6. Math Study Helper 9. Kompozer Web Page Maker 7. Science Study Helpet 10. MyPaint 11. Paint.Net REDNOTEBOOK JOURN
  5. 5. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMJohn J. Macasio The software stacks enable the teachers to secure the computer from unwanted program, and to gain access to the Internet based information and application. CYBER SAFETY Basic Tasks: • View and control in several ways other computers in the classroom • Control the allowed web sites to be INTERNET INTERACTIVITY accessed in the classroom Basic Tasks: • Encrypt the data on the storage • Install, configure and use an Internet devices to prevent unauthorized use browser • Configure and activate the computer • Search the Internet and open web firewall based application and digital files. • Scan and remove virus in the system • Install, configure and use an e-mail and data files client to retrieve, compose. send and • Scan and remove malware and other store e-mil messages spying program • Install communication clients for • Removes unused files and invalid Internet based messaging and video registry, Internet history and conferencing unwanted cookies. • Install, configure and use application • Disable startup program that are plugged-in to view Internet based files suspicious to be doing back door and to run Interactive programs. processing • Locate and use knowledge-based and • Prevent key logger to steal typed interactive learning sites in the information in the running application Internet • Perform back up of data files and file encryption Software List: 1. Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Software List: 2. Thunderbird E-mail Client 1. iTalc Class Manager 3. Gmail Desktop Application 2. Clamwin Antivirus 4. File Viewers 3. SpyBot Anti Malware 4. True Crypt 5. 7Zip File Compressor 6. Fcleaner Unwanted File Cleaner 7. Anti Keylogger Scrambler
  6. 6. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOM For project information and school-based training requirement contact: JOHN J. MACASIO +63-917-329-7993