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Mobile Presence of Governance and Management


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Executive briefing on the value of mobile Internet devices and application to leading, directing and controlling of strategic and operational outcomes of the enterprise.

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Mobile Presence of Governance and Management

  2. 2. MOBILE PRESENCE OF GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT • Living in the Now- Leadership-Space means Bring-Your- Own-Device to lead, communicate, direct and control the emergence of strategic outcomes.
  3. 3. MOBILE PRESENCE OF GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT Mobile Presence defines • the location and media of knowledge, • the point of presence for continual dialogue, • the hub of command and control, • the social network of influence and value, • the service platform of production and consumption.
  4. 4. NOW-LEADERSHIP-SPACE The effectivity domains of leadership and management to align the mobile presence. • Lead • Communicate • Direct • Control
  5. 5. NOW-LEADERSHIP-SPACE Mobile Internet devices and application creating value to enable the controlled objectives for communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and service delivery. • Strategic Communication • Performance Collaboration • Knowledge Management • Service Management
  6. 6. B.Y.O.D AND MOBILE APPS TO LEAD, DIRECT AND CONTROL The use of both emerging and leading technologies on mobile communication, collaboration, application services and knowledge sharing are fundamental in enabling capability of leadership and management to lead, communicate, direct and control strategy and operation.
  7. 7. CLOUDS OF MOBILE PRESENCE Unified Communication Social Media and Network Broadcasting and Publishing Business and Services Application Data and File Repositories Secure Log-in and AuthenticationMeeting and Collaboration Space Location Services Information Assurance Web Searcher and Crawlers
  8. 8. Enterprise converses with customer or citizen in the public booth of communication The leading technologies on unified communication enable the interactive exchanges.
  9. 9. Enterprise has to be in the public space to accept the customer or citizen as “friend” or “follower.” In the open social page of enterprise the customer or citizen is enabled to like, dislike, write comment, follow news feed, know events, upload
  10. 10. Enterprise must be able to collaborate their functional tasks and share files of work and outcome. On line collaboration is possible through sharing of productivity application and data storage.
  11. 11. Enterprise has to be published in the public space of self presentation and collective interest. In the public file sharing site government allow itself to be read, viewed and heard in the media that influence understanding, sentiment and enjoyment.
  12. 12. Enterprise has to be found in the public search box of knowledge, location and services. In the public search box allows government to be found, and for the citizen to be linked into web enabled services.
  13. 13. Enterprise makes itself present in the downloaded web apps of services for the citizen. The leading technologies on social network, mobile devices and cloud computing are driving transformation in realizing digital inclusion and service delivery.
  14. 14. Living-in-the-Now environment of governance and management means the practices of mobile enabled communication, collabora tion and knowledge sharing.
  15. 15. PRESENTOR John J. Macasio Redfox Technologies +63917-3297993