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The youth represents the leading edge of mobile connectivity. You never feel alone when you have your mobile, do you? The mobile application has emerged the condition to the kind of living and presence in the education of senses and continual conversation.

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  • Today’s product developer and educators must embrace their experience of youth on their way to be in constant dialogue with the youth of the moment. In technology there is no aging, you only find the youthful evolution in the satisfaction of wants and desire of the emerging presence.
  • The youth possesses the great urge of discovery, the kind of fearlessness and openness to live the comfort of their meaningfulness and potential. The cutting edge, the leading edge talk of that youthful representation of “better”, “exciting” and “fulfilling.”
  • The youth of mobile presence exists in the emerging platform of claiming “a space” – something that brings about an identity, something the allows the coming out of one’s content. Through that space, that youth allows himself to be found, and become part of a community or group on which he furthers the understanding and the honing of his creative self, and become of significant part in the body of commons.
  • Virtual presence transfers the behaviour from the real world to the virtual space. Inside the virtual space the person is connected and communicated. Doing tasks is made available and performable anywhere, anytime, anydevice, anyOS. The captured thoughts and images are virtual saved, remembered and shared.
  • Key important results for the mobile apps of youth: understanding, interactivity, information, knowledge, access and application
  • The icons of mobile apps experience of the youth:Facebook, candy crush saga, instagram, we chat, viber,skype, line, photogrid, fruit ninja, wattpad, youtube, cut the rope, pic collage. Soundcloud, tuneinradio
  • The patterns of youths’ application in their education of the senses and in their continual conversation indicate the emerging changes in the adult’s way to knowledge, connectedness, to entertainment, to consumption, to politics, to participation......
  • Check itunes and play google: pick your apps to educate the senses and continual conversation
  • Education of the sense has come to be in the platform for BrowsingSearchingMapsVideoMusicBlogsGamesE-BooksKnowledge BasesNews & Magazines
  • Mobile browser
  • Location and map, and information pin to the site
  • Search your apps, search library, search file in the networked of knowledge and data
  • Images and what they say, ebook and what they tell
  • Tumblr blog your thoughts, images, video, quotes, and share to the community of interest
  • Create and upload to share
  • An orientation to knowledge
  • An orientation to speak of on real-time and on demand content and entertainment
  • Unified messaging experience and project collaboration
  • Chat, group meeting, video conference
  • Presentation and Webcastingapps
  • You never feel alone when you have your mobile, do you? The mobile application has emerged the condition to the kind of living and presence in the education of senses and continual conversation.
  • Mobile Apps of Youth

    2. 2. THE YOUTH OF MOBILE PRESENCE• The youth represents the leading edge ofmobile connectivity.
    3. 3. THE YOUTH OF MOBILE PRESENCE• The youth transitions theemerging platform toclaim “a space” and tolink with the“networked space.”The Bring Your OwnDevice to engage, tofind, to be discovered, tolearn, to work, to buy, toplay, to remember...
    4. 4. MOBILE PRESENCE1. Tool is VIRTUAL2. Person is NETWORKED3. Tasks is MOBILE4. Sentiment is SAVED
    5. 5. MOBILE APPS OF YOUTH• Understanding is SEARCHABLE• Interactivity is MULTIMEDIA• Information is SHARED• Knowledge is NETWORKED• Access is MOBILE• Apps is PORTABLE
    6. 6. MOBILE APPS OF YOUTHEducation of the SensesContinual Conversation
    7. 7. THE YOUTH OF MOBILE PRESENCEThe patterns of youths’ application in theireducation of the senses and in their continualconversation indicate the emerging changes inthe adult’s way to knowledge, connectedness, toentertainment, to consumption, to politics, toparticipation......
    8. 8. PICK YOUR MOBILE APPSEducation of the SensesContinual Conversation
    9. 9. EDUCATION OF THE SENSES• Browsing• Searching• Maps• Video• Music• Blogs• Games• E-Books• Knowledge Bases• News & Magazines
    10. 10. CONTINUAL CONVERSATIONChatE-MailMessengerVoice CallVideo CallSocial NetworkWebcastingCollaboration
    11. 11. You never feel alonewhen you have yourmobile, do you?The mobile applicationhas emerged thecondition to the kind ofliving and presence inthe education of sensesand continualconversation.
    12. 12. PRESENTORJohn J. MacasioRedfox