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ICT4GOV E-Hub Readiness Assessment


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Thinking tool to baseline the readiness of a citizen e-hub - the site to engage, collaborate, present and interact.

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ICT4GOV E-Hub Readiness Assessment

  1. 1. Citizen e-Hub Readiness Assessment Concept Proposal A. Strategic Intention The strategic intention provides the logical definition of the why, what, how, and who of the Citizen e-Hub. It serves as the look up reference to elaborate the performance metrics to be concretized in the composition of the Citizen e-Hub Readiness Assessment A.1 Strategic Intent ComponentsSI.1 Mission of the Citizen e-Hub High level purposeSI.2 Stakeholders of the Citizen e-Hub Interest groupsSI.3 Values of the Citizen e-Hub Good to affirmSI.4 Vision of the Citizen e-Hub Envisioned future state or conditionsSI.5 Goals of the Citizen e-Hub High level targets to realize the visionSI.6 Services of the Citizen e-Hub Actions and products to conretized the goalsSS.7 Outcomes of the Citizen e-Hub Measurable results to accomplish from the servicesSI.8 Requirements of the Citizen e-Hub Good, services, skills, funds to bring the outcomeSI.9 Organization of the Citizen e-Hub Structure role and responsibilities to control delivery of requirements and results. B. Readiness Assessment Framework Citizen e-Hub provides the knowledge and interactive platform for digital citizen. The digital citizen refers to person that participate in society using certain amount of information and communications technology. The digital citizen possesses a must have access, skills and knowledge to interact with private and government organizations through the means of digital tools such as computer, Internet, mobile phones, and other devices that mediate the conduct of business and collaboration through the use of information and communications technology. B.1. Assessment Domains The Citizen e-Hub Readiness assessment defines the attributes that make any"point of presence" the organization to realize digital citizenship. No. Areas DescriptionAD.1 Access Availability and suitability of connecting devices, location, bandwidth and software to bring the digital citizen inside the Citizen e-Hub.AD.2 Services Availability and suitability of digital applications that provide the services to initiate and sustain the activities of a digital citizen in the Citizen e-Hub.AD.3 Skills Availability and maturity of knowledge and ability to become digital citizen and to contribute to the Citizen e-HubAD.4 Content Availability, relevance, and usability of information to be shared in the knowledge commons of the Citizen e-HubAD.5 Motivation Availability and maturity of practices, policies, regulation, strategies, goals, objectives in the organization to support the intent of Citizen e-HubAD.6 Process Availability of business areas, tasks and activities, and products to align with the engagement and transaction requirements of the e-Citizen e-HubAD.7 Technology Availability of the technical infrastructure, standard references, hardware, software, network, bandwidth, and technical skills to align with the technology based delivery of the Citizen e-Hub services.AD.8 Organization Availability of structured roles and responsibilities to initiate, implement and sustain the advocay, governance and control requirements of the e-Citizen e-Hub