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Strategy for improving your Real Estate career
Slides made in 2007
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Real estate agent2

  1. 1. By Chinese Metaphysical Perspective
  2. 2. Strategy for improving your Real Estate Career• Objectives: Audiences will be educated with the analogical method by using their birth dates to identify their own desired elements for evaluating their wealth & health conditions and identifying the wealth & health enhancing elements to apply in their daily life.• Preparation: Before attending the talk, audiences may look out for their "Eight-Character" by checking this website: for applications during the talk.
  3. 3. ANALYSIS( 分析 ) vs ANALOGY( 推论 ) ANALYSIS = precise mathematical calculations (Scientific) ANALOGY = cause and effect inferences (Logical Reasoning) e.g.: Edward de Bono’s Water Logic… and more powerful method is… Analogy Forecasting Technique AFT Physicists now confirm: there are no isolated things or events. Underneath the surface appearance, all things are interconnected, are part of the totality of the cosmos that has brought about the form that this moment takes. When you say "yes" to what is, you become aligned with the power and intelligence of Life itself. Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world. ---- extracted from "Stillness Speaks" by Eckhart Tolle
  4. 4. Can we calculate our fate? Example of Chaos Theory (Physics): The Butterfly Effect ANALYSIS vs ANALOGYANALYSIS = precise mathematical calculations (Scientific)ANALOGY = cause and effect inferences (Logical Reasoning)e.g.: Edward de Bono’s Water Logic… and more powerful method is…
  5. 5. Factors that affecting your career• Environment (FengShui 风水 ) – External environment • Public area, open space Applicable – Internal environment through • Office & House, living space Analogy• Individuals’ character 、 trait 、 Forecasting body conditions (Bazi 八字 ) – Knowledge & Capability Technique – Interest and Character (AFT) – “DNA” (biological & metaphysical)
  6. 6. An Analogy of your Life JourneyREADY TO TRAVELTHE LIFE JOURNEY?Do you know that you havea limited capacity in loveand wealth in your life?In Essence:Life is predictable andcontrollable to a certainextend using AnalogyForecasting Technique.
  7. 7. Your Life MapBAZI ( 八字 )The birth code that containthe metaphysical DNA thatdetermine the fate of yourlife.TIME OF SURVIVAL( 运程 - 流年大运 )The informationclassifications that iscalculated using BAZI tochart the trend of your life.
  8. 8. Your Life TransportationYOUR NAME ( 姓名 )The addressing code thatdetermine your luck and how itharmonize with yourmetaphysical DNA to cultivatea better life.FENGSHUI( 风水 GEOMANCY)The living and workingenvironment that protect orharm your well being. It has adrastic effect on determiningyour health and wealth.
  9. 9. Your Wisdom & BehaviorGOOD DEED ( 积德 ) &PHILANTHROPY ( 慈善 )A behavior that can activate theuniverse feedback forces on yourown fate.EDUCATION ( 教育 ) &WISDOM ( 智慧 )Consciousness, thoughts andbehavior that can alter your fate.
  10. 10. Manipulating the FateComponents using Weak effect on changing fate BAZI The birth code that contain the metaphysicalAnalogy Forecasting Difficult execution DNA that determine the fate of your life.Technique AFT TIME OF SURVIVAL The info classification that is calculated READY TO TRAVEL using BAZI to chart the trend of your life. THE LIFE JOURNEY? (Do you know that you have a Your Life Map limited capacity in love and wealth in your life?) YOUR NAME The addressing code that determine your luck and how it harmonise with your metaphysical DNA to cultivate a better life. FENGSHUI (GEOMANCY) The living and working environment that protect or harm your well being. It has a drastic effect on determining your health Your Fate Transportation and wealth. GOOD DEED & PHILANTHROPY A behaviour that can activate the universe feedback forces on your own fate.In Essence: EDUCATION & WISDOMLife is predictable Consciousness, thoughts and behaviourand controllable to a that can alter your fate.certain extend. Strong effect on changing fate Easier execution The Wisdom & Behaviour
  11. 11. Analogy Forecasting Technique (AFT)• Using Metaphysical Information Classification (MIC) system to perform analogical calculation and assessment for qualitative results for practical application.• The MIC system is derive from the ancient Chinese methodology
  12. 12. Career Objectives depending on your Life GoalsLife Goals:It’s a moving target.In order to build a foundation for yourcareer, you’ve got to fix your mind onyour life objectives before you canestablish a life long career.(e.g. 1-2-3-4; 5C:career, credit card,car, condo, cash// cultured, capability,credibility, caring, concentration….etc.)FIX YOUR TARGET/GOAL,JUST DO IT!
  13. 13. AFT component (1): The Relationships of Five Elements Parents, supporterSelf, Company,sibling, Power,friends, Husband,competitor BF Example of FIREE.G. as self-element Grow / Support Fight / Control Project, Wealth, Creation, Wife, GF Child
  14. 14. AFT component (2): The Relationships of Five Elements• Health-Element classifications:• Wood ( 木 ) : liver, gall bladder, limbs, hair. (Anger)• Fire ( 火 ) : heart, small intestine, eyes, nerves, blood. (Joy)• Earth ( 土 ) : stomach, spleen, face, muscle. (Think)• Metal ( 金 ) : lungs, teeth, bones, big intestine, nose, skin. (Sad) Grow / Support• Water ( 水 ) : kidney, bladders, ear, reproduction system. Fight / Control (Fear)
  15. 15. AFT component (3):The Basic Space Information Classifications
  16. 16. Execution & Experiences for your “Life Map”• Calculate your five-element components• Discover your desired and undesirable elements• Monitor your desired and undesirable elements according to experiencing time• Capture the desired elements and take action to neutralize the undesirable elements to gain maximum benefits in your life
  17. 17. Execution & Experiences for your “Life Transportation”• Do a FengShui survey for your living/working environment• Discover the cause of wealth and health problem• Adjust your environment accordingly• Capitalize the maximum benefits from your environment
  18. 18. Career Maximizing StrategyApplicable through Analogy Forecasting Technique (AFT)• Internal Environment Adjustment (FengShui 风水 )• Adjust through your Metaphysical Traits (BAZI 八字 ) – Follow the Characteristics of the Time-Cycle – Understand the 5-elements of people relationship – Define 、 Audit 、 and Adjust your preferred elements based on Time-Space information classification system (one of the Metaphysical Information Classification system )
  19. 19. Internal Environment Adjustment• Identify your represented space• Removing the undesirable symbol ( 凶杀 )• Using the visuals of the 5 elements (link to Metaphysical Trait) ( 五行物象 )• Using the implied ornaments ( 家用品 / 吉祥物 / 傢俬 )• Using flying-star technique & eight-houses positioning for health maximization
  20. 20. Calculations of Metaphysical Trait• Discovering your Time-Space elements (TS) ( 八字、四柱 ) through your birth date & time.• Perform a TS Elements Audit (TSEA).• Evaluating your TS Elements Preference (TSEP).• Application using the time, direction, space, colour, names, object, etc. Hour Day Month Year HS HS HS HS EB EB EB EB
  21. 21. An example of the elementaryanalogy of Metaphysical Trait
  22. 22. Discovering your Time-Space elements (TS) e.g.: Singapore’s TS definition – 10am 9 August 1965 Hour Day Month Year 辛 乙 甲 乙 巳 未 申 巳• Using a “Ten thousand years Chinese calendar” 萬年曆• Using internet online services e.g.• Have you found your TS definition?
  23. 23. Time-Space Elements Audit (TSEA) e.g.: Singapore’s TS definition – 10am 9 August 1965 • Earth Branch:• Heaven Stem: Hour Day Month Year • 子 : + Water• 甲 : + Wood 辛 乙 甲 乙 • 丑 : - Earth• 乙 : - Wood 巳 未 申 巳 • 寅 : + Wood• 丙 : + Fire • 卯 : - Wood• 丁 : - Fire Earth Branch “contain” Heaven Stem : • 辰 : + Earth• 戊 : + Earth • 子 : 癸 • 午 : 丁、己 • 巳 : - Fire• 己 : - Earth • 丑 : 己、癸、辛 • 未 : 己、丁、乙 • 午 : + Fire• 庚 : + Metal • 寅 : 甲、丙、戊 • 申 : 庚、壬、戊 • 未 : - Earth• 辛 : - Metal • 卯 : 乙 • 酉: 辛 • 申 : + Metal• 壬 : + Water • 辰 : 戊、乙、癸 • 戌 : 戊、辛、丁 • 酉 : - Metal• 癸 : - Water • 巳 : 丙、庚、戊 • 亥 : 壬、甲 • 戌 : + Earth • 亥 - Water
  24. 24. Evaluating your TS Elements Preference (TSEP) e.g.: Singapore’s TS definition – 10am 9 August 1965 Self, sibling, friends Hour Day Month Year 辛 乙 甲 乙 Parents, 巳 未 申 巳Creation, supporterChild obvious total Wood: 3 4 Grow / Support Fire: 2 3 Fight / Control Earth: 1 4 Power, Wealth, Husband, BF Metal: 2 4 Wife, GF Water: 0 1 Total: 8
  25. 25. Applications using Metaphysical Trait e.g.: Singapore’s TS definition – 10am 9 August 1965Fire:: red, pink, purple; South, horse, snake,people from South or name with fire elements etc. Hour Day Month Year 辛 乙 甲 乙Earth: Yellow, brown, orange; Center, NE, SW, ox,dragon, goat, dog, people’s name with earth 巳 未 申 巳elements, etc. obvious totalMetal: white, grey, metallic; West, monkey,rooster, people from the West or name with metal Wood: 3 4elements, people have strong Metal of TS def. etc. Fire: 2 3 Earth: 1 4Water: blue, black; water, North, rat, pig, people’sname with water elements, people have Metal: 2 4strong Water of TS def, etc. Water: 0 1Wood: Green; East, tiger, rabbit, people’s name Total: 8
  26. 26. Process is important• Set goals• Narrow down your focus• Specialization• Costing• Association and Partnering• Go according to the FLOW• Take advantage on the good luck and neutralize the bad luck
  27. 27. • Things to avoid• Defensive Strategies• Offensive Strategies
  28. 28. Things to Avoid• Water features in NE• Water features in SW 1 6 8• Constructions & Renovation in water metal earth Center & NE sector• “Fire” elements in NE and 9 2 4 Center (e.g.: lighting, red fire earth wood colour scheme, etc.)• Movement in NE & Center 5 7 3 earth metal wood (e.g.: fan, walkway, etc.)
  29. 29. Defensive Strategies• Introduce “Metal” elements in NE & Center sectors 1 6 8 water metal earth (e.g.: White, Grey, Metal- made furniture, wind chime, display items, etc.) 9 2 4 fire earth wood• Remove “Metal” elements in SW sector 5 7 3 earth metal wood
  30. 30. Offensive Strategies• Introduce “Fire” elements in SW sector (e.g.: Red, pink 1 6 8 water metal earth purple, lighting, chilli ornaments, candles, etc.)• Introduce 8 white “Earth” 9 2 4 fire earth wood elements in East sector (e.g.: jade, stone, marble, 5 7 3 earth metal wood sculpture, etc.)
  31. 31. • Understanding the five-elements• Assessing your previous luck• Capture the auspicious, avoid the ominous
  32. 32. Understanding the 5 elements Monkey - metal Tiger - wood Pig - water Snake - fire 穿害 合 / 破 自刑 冲
  33. 33. Understand the Five elements The Fire- Pig Year Time Day Month Year 4 Feb 2007Monkey - metal Tiger - wood Pig - water Snake - fire 1312 hours 穿害 合 / 破 自刑 冲 Luna 2006 Dec 17 Goat Snake Tiger Pig
  34. 34. Assessing your previous luck Monkey - metal Tiger - wood Pig - water Snake - fire 穿害 合 / 破 自刑 冲 • Your Health • Your Wealth • Your Relationship
  35. 35. Capture the auspicious, Avoid the ominous Time Day Month Year4 Feb 2007 Bazi1312 hours Eight Characters Luna 2006 Four Pillars Dec 17 Goat Snake Tiger Pig• Fire: red, pink, purple, South, snake, horse.• Earth: yellow, brown, orange, NE, SW, Center, ox, dragon, goat, dog.• Metal: white, grey, West, monkey, rooster.• Water: blue, black, North, rat, pig.• Wood: green, East, tiger, rabbit.
  36. 36. Contact information: 陆经烘 John Lok 0011 风 水命理 Mobile:65-98774137