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I Have My Niche Now What?


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When you've selected a niche, what happens next. How to build a six figure consulting business in 90 days or less.
John Logar from Make Every Day A Pay Day
Chris Green from Freelance Unleashed

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I Have My Niche Now What?

  1. 1. © Chris Green & John Logar 2013
  2. 2. www.FreelanceUnleashed .com & www.MakeEveryDayAPayDay.comAction Steps• Select a Niche• Do the research• What services are you delivering?• Build a list• Contact the industry association• Connection points• Strategy plan including income projection© John Logar 2013
  3. 3. © John Logar 2013 www.MakeEveryDayAPayDay.comResearch• Market competition check websites• Market trend up or down event effected• Are there 50 Plus players in the market• Is their a high value niche within the niche• Marketing activity, Advertising, Tradeshow, Brochures,catalogues, events, Direct Mail, Sales Teams, Abovethe line marketing activities, sponsorship, supplieradvertising support• Average sale for the market• Contact someone you know who may know someonein this niche and get them to introduce you for a Q&Awww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  4. 4. © John Logar 2013What can you do to help this niche?• Based on your research and what you have learnedabout the niche?• What would your recommendations be in terms ofyour services and strategies?• Do you see any gaps or opportunities in their marketthat don’t look like they are being explored orimplemented properly?• How is this going to help them achieve theirobjectives?• What do you think are the most important things thatthey need to do to improve their marketing online?www.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  5. 5. © John Logar 2013What is our approach• Build a list• Create an eye opening relevant report• Phone mail phone strategy• Visit industry event for networkingopportunities• LinkedIn connection through question strategy• Contact the President and Interview themwww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  6. 6. © John Logar 2013Create your plan• Write out your plan of engagement• Who are you targeting• What is their average sale figure• What is your average targeted sales figure for thismarket• List your approach• List your sales process and sales cycle and time frameexpectations• How many people are you targeting• How many do you want to bring on board• What is your expected target revenuewww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  7. 7.© John Logar 2013
  8. 8. © John Logar 2013Set up your activity boardProspect Contact Made Consultation Offer New Client$ ValueBob BobsonPrime Inc.LinkedIn Yes $3K p/m$36K3KAlan AlansonSecondary Inc.Phone MailPhoneYes 7KSue SusansonThird Inc.Event MeetingPepper PotsFourth Inc.Event Meeting Yes $5K p/m60K5KChuck CharlsonFifth Inc.Phone MailPhoneMarky MarkSixth IncTrade Show Yes 10 KHoney BeeSeventh IncNetworkBreakfastwww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  9. 9. © John Logar 2013Strategy 1 Phone Mail Phone1. Create a 4 – 7 page niche report2. Call prospects and ask them permission to sendit and permission to follow up for feedback3. Follow up build rapport4. Offer a consultation5. Do the pre consultation questionnaire6. Develop an implementation plan with yourrecommendations and offer7. Invite them on boardwww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  10. 10. © John Logar 2013Strategy 2 Social Media1. Select search for groups on Twitter & LinkedIn2. Find an open industry specific group3. Search out directors and owners in the group4. Send an invitation to connect5. When they accept6. Ask a relevant industry related marketing question7. When they respond thank them and ask them permissionto call them and clarify?8. Add value in your conversation send a report as a thankyou share some ideas strategies tactics9. Offer a strategic focus session10. Follow your sales processwww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  11. 11. © John Logar 2013Strategy 3 Attend an Industry Event1. Identify industry events2. Lunches, Breakfasts, Dinners Courses and Seminars,Conferences, tradeshows3. Get an invite or just book if they allow non members4. Dress appropriately, first impressions count prepare yourpitch and how you’re going to connect with people. Makesure you have plenty of business cards5. Set a goal as to how many people you want to connectwith6. Find a centre of influence and get them to introduce youaround7. Offer to set up a meeting or offer a free strategic focussessionwww.FreelanceUnleashed .com &
  12. 12.© John Logar 2013If you’d like to build a six figureconsulting business in 90 days or less visitwww.MakEveryDayAPayDay.comIf you have a question for John Logar or would like to interview him for yourpodcast or have him speak to your group or organisation email him