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Virtual Phone Numbers: A New Cost Effective Communication Tool for Your Business

Virtual phone number is a number that is hosted by the service provider only it is not a number attached to a particular telephone. It is unrestricted by geography and can divert calls to an phone, located anywhere globally. Any call to a virtual number can be forwarded to another real telephone, mobile phone, fax or PBX extension. A virtual number can be set up to ring to 10 different phones lines simultaneously, even if the ‘ring to’ phone numbers are in different countries.

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Virtual Phone Numbers: A New Cost Effective Communication Tool for Your Business

  1. 1. Virtual Phone Numbers: A New Cost Effective Communication Tool for Your BusinessModern day businesses have extended their horizons beyond the geographical limitation of offeringtheir products or services in a small area and are carrying out their business activities in other citiesand even other countries as well. Either to connect with clients from foreign countries or to contactwith their employees overseas, businesses require having proper cross country communicationchannels, which can provide an unhindered communication link and yet still remain very costeffective. Virtual Numbers are the most effective telecommunication method to make cheap phonecalls internationally. A virtual phone number is a number that is hosted by the service provider and itis not a number unrestricted as to which other number it diverts the call to. The redirection of thecalls from the it can be to a mobile phone, landline, VoIP, fax device. Any call to a virtual number canbe forwarded to another real telephone or extension number of home or business located anywhereworldwide. If you are a businessman located in America with an office branch or clients in China,then you can get a virtual number with China country code. Your callers from China can ring to thatChina virtual number, and from there the call will be forwarded to your US number. In this way, yourcaller will not pay any fees, just the local rate for the call. This is exciting news for business ownersbecause it allows them to take their business numbers with local area code, whereas in realityhe/she is actually making an international call. Hence, by getting a virtual number for yourself, youcan allow your caller to make international calls without paying international call charges; this isdefinitely going to motivate your callers to make calls to you without bothering about the usual highinternational call tariffs.Many Businesses are not interested in getting a it as they have gotten too familiar with their existingtelephone and find it hard offering virtual phone numbers. However, those businesses that don’ttake the initiative to learn about a new system or technology to better utilize market their productsmay lose out on potential growth and great benefits as these virtual numbers can work with theexisting telephone numbers, and hence there is no need of getting a new number to synchronizewith the virtual number.Virtual number can also have extensions just like any regular phone numbers. This helps thosebusinesses, who have various departments as this helps in proper functioning by forwarding calls tothe various extensions of different telephone. Virtual phone numbers help the business owners inbuilding a strong and cost effective communication network. The features provided by a virtualnumber easily far outweigh the features available from a normal landline.For more details Kindly Visit-