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Precision Foam and Spray Dispensers from Green Shoots


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This Green Shoots Product Guide introduces you to our precision dispenser products. Our dispensers can all dispense foam. Most of our customers use our foam dispensers to apply foam herbicide to kill invasive plants. The foam weed killer can be applied as a foam spray - this allows the rapid application of foam herbicide. It can be applied as a foam herbicide wipe which permits very precise applications of foam weed killer. Our newest dispenser is the Precision Electronic Dispenser. The Precision Electronic can be used to dispense both foams and liquid spray. When set up for liquid spray, it dispenses an ultra-low pressure spray which reduces off-target harm to desirable plants and limits harm to the environment.

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Precision Foam and Spray Dispensers from Green Shoots

  1. 1. Product Guide
  2. 2. Green Shoots offers a range of products built for the precision application of herbicides.
  3. 3. All of our units dispense foam.
  4. 4. Foam is the ultimate in precision, visibility, and effectiveness.
  5. 5. Even a small dab of foam is devastatingly effective.
  6. 6. Tangled mass of crown vetch in a planting bed . . .
  7. 7. Precise application to bent stem of crown vetch. . .
  8. 8. 35 days later: • No re-sprouts • no harm to other plants.
  9. 9. Cut Stump Application – Highly Effective.
  10. 10. Canada thistle killed with foam herbicide wipe.
  11. 11. Sow thistle killed with foam herbicide wipe.
  12. 12. Small maple volunteer controlled with foam herbicide wipe.
  13. 13. With the Precision Electronic Dispenser – no stooping, fast applications, and no off-target harm
  14. 14. Mesh brush with Large Handheld Dispenser
  15. 15. Foam Foliar application
  16. 16. The Precision Electronic Dispenser can also be converted to dispense ultra-low pressure spray.
  17. 17. What’s the advantage of ultra-low pressure spray?
  18. 18. At 30 psi using a Hypro® VP- 110-015, the “shadow spray pattern” (pink) was 2.5 times the size of the specified spray pattern. We conducted indoor tests comparing the “tightness” of the spray pattern at different pressures.
  19. 19. At 10 psi using the same nozzle, the “shadow spray pattern” (pink) was less than 1.3 times the size of the specified spray pattern. Ultra-low pressure “tightened” the spray pattern.
  20. 20. And, spray coverage is just as good! Leaves of common buckthorn sprayed with glyphosate and a non- ionic surfactant. 10 PSI 30 PSI
  21. 21.