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VB Intel analysts


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Published in: Business
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VB Intel analysts

  1. 1. | Intel platform for the new business intelligence
  2. 2. Business intelligence is a big business Forrester IDC Gartner Gartner $10B Research industry
  3. 3. It works pretty well for big enterprise Big Expensive Report from Gartner Research industry $2,500
  4. 4. But over 2 million SMBs can’t afford it Big Expensive Report Research industry
  5. 5. Buying models are changing LEGACY NEW MODEL Chief Marketing Officer CIO Project Managers VP of Marketing Mobile Design Lead Help + Support Manager Product Marketing VP of Human Resources Etc.
  6. 6. And so are business models | Intel $2500 +/- $99 +/-
  7. 7. Analysts are too … Business, marketing, and IT consultants who have helped multiple companies Business analysts, managers, experts, and implementers with hands-on experience Professional analysts who want to go independent
  8. 8. And so is the expertise … LEGACY NEW MODEL Professorial / Academic In the Trenches Technospeak / Consultantese Straight Talk Abstract Ideas Tangible Advice Lecturers Practitioners
  9. 9. VB Intel is the platform that will transform research, empower independent experts, and provide affordable intelligence to millions of small, medium, and growing businesses
  10. 10. Sneak preview Big Expensive Report Research industry
  11. 11. The VB Intel advantage: VB News • 7-7.5M uniques a month and growing • Significant exposure: • Guest posts • Announcements • Featured reports • Original research opportunities • “Related research” links for each story • Plus: VB Events • 6-10 top-notch conferences each year
  12. 12. We’re starting in marketing technology: specifically, marketing automation
  13. 13. It’s an internet-speed crowdsourced platform Research publishing platform for 1000s of experts Ratings, reviews, surveys, updates Publicity to 7M+ uniques/month (and growing) Publishing VB quality bar/ validation
  14. 14. In the future, companies will buy insight like consumers buy apps
  15. 15. We want the best and the brightest … like you Dan Freeman President, Marketing Growth Strategies Aaron Ross. Predictable Revenue David Raab Principal, Raab Associates Scott Brinker CTO, Ion Interactive Thought leader: Chris Goward CEO, WiderFunnel Chris Taylor, Director of Marketing, Tibco
  16. 16. | Intel Are you in?
  17. 17. | Intel