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zero point energy


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zero point energy

  1. 1. Zero Point Energy / Energy into Matter.Understanding The Relationship of Zero Point Energy,Quantum Physics, Metaphysics / Spirituality, and theManifestation of Energy into Matter through VibrationalFrequencies creating the Structure of the Universe.A Mystery Solved? Zero Point EnergyZero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanicalphysical system may have and is the energy of the ground state. The quantummechanical system that encapsulates this energy is the zero-point field. Theconcept was first proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913. The term"zero-point energy" is a calque of the German Nullpunktenergie. All quantummechanical systems have a zero-point energy. The term arises commonly inreference to the ground state of the quantum harmonic oscillator and its nulloscillations This refers to the energy state at a temperature of absolute zero.Zero-point energy is the energy that remains when all other energy is removedfrom a system. This is termed “Source” Energy or “Intelligent” Energy in QuantumPhysics. When matter is taken to absolute zero, where there should be nomovement and thus no energy generated, there remains an input energy thatthey have only been able to term source energy or “God.” 1
  2. 2. To understand the free zero point energy of the universe, is to understand theancient cosmologies, and the nature of our universe. The ancients believed thatthe universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us.This means that the material world does not exist of separate particles, butinstead matter is created from standing waves in the ether (cymatics). Thisancient view of our universe is best explained in a novel physics called ‘implosionphysics’ by Daniel Winter, who is an expert in sacred geometry, an ancientscience and philosophy that can be traced back to the Egyptians and is found innumerous cultures, and explained in many ways.Meditation is the art of accessing Zero Point Energy anddirecting it with the human mind.Meditation is the process of stilling the mind (thoughts - that createfluctuating energies) to access zero point energy … then being able todirect it with the focus of intention (without distorting the energy fields withthought) in order to produce healings and “miracles”. 2
  3. 3. are naturally focused to the quantum field, as they arenot preoccupied with the mundane thoughts humans have,worrying about paying bills and survival. That is why the entireflock of birds all turn at the precise moment in flight and how adog knows exactly when it’s master is coming home andanxiously awaits his/her return. Scientists have done controlledtests in trying to understand this animal intuition.Intelligent Energy: String Theory: Quantum Physics:The information contained in the intelligent energy restores the bio matterto a natural tetrahedron molecular structure and Quantum Physics statesthat this intelligent energy contains the code for the atomic structure of allmatter in the material world. “Free Will” decides what your mind does with the energy when you havethe training and discipline to produce miracles in our physical plane and inour daily life it follows our racing mind and influences our environment andour lives and those around us. That is why they say “be careful what youthink.” Energy follows thought, it is a scientific fact observed in labs. 3
  4. 4. Zero Point Energy Tetrahedron Energy Vortex Point Energy / Prana / Chi Energy/ Intelligent Energy (God) / LifeForce/ Orgone /Scalar Energy/“Dark” Energy or “Dark Matter”These are one and the same. Also see Quantum Physics “String Theory”The natural tetrahedron vortex of the planet charges the core molten metalwith a zero point energy charge and that is why the lava stone in thependants are effective in healing. This also accounts for inter dimensional(psychic) activity experienced by 60% of the people in Iceland were thevolcanoes are very active and the energy veil is weakened by the zero pointenergy field released from the core. (Focused Energy) 4
  5. 5. Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER or laser) is amechanism for emitting electromagnetic radiation, typically light or visible light, via theprocess of stimulated emission. The emitted laser light is (usually) a spatially coherent,narrow low-divergence beam, that can be manipulated with lenses. In laser technology,"coherent light" denotes a light source that produces (emits) light of in-step waves ofidentical frequency, phase,[1] and polarization. The lasers beam of coherent lightdifferentiates it from light sources that emit incoherent light beams, of random phasevarying with time and position. Laser light is generally a narrow-wavelengthelectromagnetic spectrum monochromatic light; yet, there are lasers that emit a broadspectrum of light, or emit different wavelengths of light simultaneously. This displays thepower that can be generated by focused energy. DNA and Intelligent Energy.DNA is perceived to be radio antennae for the Informationcontained in this “Intelligent Energy” and the DNA is the“computer” program and the intelligent energy is the code.These harmonic frequencies have been used to repair damaged DNA inPetri dishes in labs and effect our emotions and health. 5
  6. 6. importance of the Merkaba and the relationship with Zero PointEnergy:The activation and spinning of the Merkaba field clears distorted, incoherentenergy patterns that are stuck there, temporarily interrupting or cancelingopposing energy fields, restoring the original “program” of the molecules beforethe distorted energy fields disrupted the pattern?“The Star Tetrahedron” is a pattern of light in the heart and mind of god(intelligent energy). This light pattern or ‘ Star Tetrahedron is holds specificvibratory powers. It is a most perfect and profound light pattern.” the ancient wisdoms understand that all matter is composted of thetetrahedron molecules and represented the formation patterns with the flower oflife? These are depicted on many ancient ruins and modern day places ofworship. 6
  7. 7. Tetrahedron Molecule Scalar Energy Vortexes (Atom?) Is The Sun really a super charged, giant tetrahedron molecule? Two Inverted Pyramids form the Tetrahedron Structure. This is the power of the pyramid. Structured Water Molecule Cymatics (Sound vibrations) 7
  8. 8. Sacred Geometry is the pattern of Nature, and is used in SpiritualSymbolism. Sacred Geometric Patterns in NatureEnergy into Matter…..creating Matter’s Form and Structure. 8
  9. 9. The intelligent energy creates sound vibrations, and this creates the vibrating cymaticwaveforms that form the repeating complex Geometric patterns of the Fractals innature that are governed by the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence + Fractals and areresponsible for the growth pattern of the cauliflower and the precision of the design.“Sacred Geometry” Is pictures of energy vibrations and the patterns of thewave forms created by different frequencies of the scalar waves and howthey determine patterns (Fractals) of physical matter and this can bewitnessed in the cymatics and how these frequencies form the complexgeometric patterns in sacred geometry and natural objects andstructures….. See Arthur C. Clarke – Fractals 9
  10. 10. A Fractal PatternCrop Circles look remarkably like Cymatic wave forms and Fractal Images.Could this be an energy burst from the pyramid on Mars? (see Hypothesis below)or aliens sending messages to us that are saying “Heads up everyone on earth,it’s coming soon, get ready.” Are we supposed to be spiritually prepared andfocused for the event? Or are the crop circles a product of HAARP using acomplex computer program to generate energy bursts in fractalformation from the zero point energy source, or quantum field?Are they trying to duplicate creation via complex sequentialfrequencies that could access zero point energy and instruct thetetrahedron molecules to materialize or assemble in a pre-determined pattern? Hmmm.“The universe is not stranger than you imagined, ….It is strangerthan you CAN imagine!”We can only perceive 10% of the universe around us. Whoknows what we are missing, due to the limitations of our human 10
  11. 11. eyes? Cats must have a wider visual range as they can beobserved watching and following what appears to us as nothing,simply because the objects or entities are of a differentvibrational frequency than our material world and are beyondour range of vision. Earths natural vibrational frequency isreported to be between 8-10 HZ and Jupiter’s natural frequencyis 528 HZ, as recorded in flybys by the space probes and NASA. different harmonics of each of the planets specificfrequencies make up the symphony of the universe that hasbeen described in the ancient spiritual texts as the symphony ofthe universe. Spiritual atonement is raising your vibrationalfrequency through meditation and sensitivity disciplines thatenable you to become aware and able to perceive these subtleenergies. Could these subtle energies and the intensity of thembeing determined by the zodiac also be an energy program thatis instilled in your DNA at the moment of conception? Does thisaccount for the similar personality traits in Cancers, Libras andthe others born under the same zodiac sign? 11
  12. 12. you contemplate zero point (intelligent) energy (containing informationcodes) and its’ relationship to sound … (view Video links that are included). Beetovhan Symph #9 Cymatics Earths Energy Grids Sacred sites of worship have been built at the points that theseenergy grids converge on earth. The energy lines are known as Lay Lines. 12
  13. 13. Understanding the Structure of the Universe.Energy into MatterEnergy vibrations cause tetrahedron molecules to materialize from the zeropoint energy field that can be stimulated to take material form by directingyour thought energy (thinking about them) to make them appear (takematerial form) as quantum physics has observed sub-atomic particles reactwhen they do controlled experiments on documenting the sub-atomicenergy particles as they appear and disappear and then appear again whilebeing observed using highly sensitive equipment. Quantum Physics statesthat the ONLY place the sub atomic (energy) particles could be when theyare not visible is in another adjacent dimension, of which, they state, theremust be a total of 6-9 other dimensions in order for the dynamics of ourexistence to make any sense, or to be scientifically explainable. 3-6-9 arenumbers that carry special properties when in a harmonic frequency suchas 396 HZ, which has an effect on our DNA and has been used in the lab torepair damaged DNA chains in a Petri dish. These are just some of thecodes contained within this energy. If the real shape and structure of sub-atomic particles truly is the tetrahedron then the composition of theuniverse, and all matter, becomes easier to understand and to explain. (thetetrahedron energy vortex appears exactly as an atoms’ field does under anelectron microscope. Millions of tetrahedron molecules inter connect orlink together (easily done in virtually any configuration or shape due to its 13
  14. 14. unique shape and surrounding energy grid) to form a sacred geometrycomponent that then links together in symmetrical geometric patterns asdirected by the fluctuating frequencies or standing waves in an unlimitedenergy source of un manifest tetrahedron molecules (dark matter) of the“Intelligent Energy” (dark energy) that carries the information signal on topof the signal frequency. In electronics it is termed “piggy backing”information on a energy wave or oscillation, the same as a radio frequency.There are an infinite number of individual information signal frequencies,and geometric shapes formed by the vibrating energy. There are manysacred geometric patterns and shapes and many repeating combinationsthat link together to form the exotic shapes of a fractal. All comprised ofinter connected tetrahedron molecules that are able to form these complexstructures.It takes millions of these different microscopic sacred geometric shapes toform a microscopic fractal. And then millions of fractals make up thesymmetrical growth pattern in a cauliflower’s natural growth design, and inall the other patterns in nature. The codes contained in this information canbe witnessed in the “Golden Ratio” pattern of growth in plants that hasbeen witnessed and documented by science in nature.These make up everything naturally occurring on the planet, in the galaxyand the surrounding galaxies and universes, all made of fractals composedof quad-zillions of tetrahedron molecules, all vibrating at differentfrequencies. And these universes vibrating at a specific frequency 14
  15. 15. range is our particular dimension. Images of multiple universesvibrating at different set ranges of frequencies create the otherdimensions that occupy our same space, much the same waythat many radio stations exist in the same air space but atdifferent frequencies or different places on the radio dial.Similar to a fractal, and much like a radio wave, they continueon, into infinity. They are a structural component of a fractal andonly a part of a sacred geometric pattern of a much larger fractaland universe, which goes on for infinity through the self-replicating fractal pattern.Changing the FrequencyTo change the station on the radio, you change it’s “reception”or state of awareness, (receiving frequency) by turning the dial.To access zero point energy with your mind, you do meditationto still the mind to change the receiving frequency and tune orfocus your reception. (Miracles are performed by accessing thisenergy by focusing or concentrating on it.) Then directing it todo what you want it to do with your “free will”. This is howmagic and spells are done also. Jesus taught “singleness of 15
  16. 16. mind” (or focused energy), and there are many spiritual sayingsreferring to this ability to focus in order to perform miracles, oras has been said by many philosophers, “Heaven is all aroundus” and heaven is a state of mind”, and is taught in all religiousand spiritual teachings going back many millennium. Are theyreferring to the quantum energy field or zero point energy?Watch the videos on the links provided in this documentation and seehow that sound vibration (intelligent energy containing information {i.e.:radio signals}) creates complex geometric patterns, (cymatics) {sacredgeometry}, which compose fractals, (structural patterns), that arranged in nature with the Golden Ratio (proportions and patterns) asdirected by the intelligent energy. to a fractal, the universes may continue on into infinity,with each universe being a structural component of a fractal andonly a part of a sacred geometric pattern of a fractal of a muchlarger universe which goes on for infinity through the self 16
  17. 17. replicating fractal pattern generated by these frequencies. Theblack hole at the centre of each galaxy is but a portal to the nextmagnification level of the fractal, which is a different dimension (orUniverse), as suggested by quantum physics which states that there aremore than the one we inhabit. 1. Hyperdimensional Physics A significant factor is the number of dimensions: 10 (or 26, ... according to quantum physics, possesses a staggering amount of such Intelligent energy powers the DNA (instruction program) of all livingthings as the life force or prana/chi of the organic matter, which is made upof tetrahedron molecules. Tetrahedron molecules are formed from darkmatter by intelligent energy or signals. It has been proved that energyfollows thought, so the human mind can direct and manipulate this energyand does so both consciously and unconsciously, on a daily basis, ….butmostly unconsciously, much to their demise. As energy follows thought,constantly being focused on problems will direct the energies to amplifythose problems with the intensity of the focused mind.See Quantum Waves: …..or The Human Body and Sacred Geometry…. 17
  18. 18. The time/space inter dimentional energy field or portal.John Hutchinson Tesla Coil 18
  19. 19. John Hutchinson is a local recluse who levitates bowling balls andexperiments with the principles of Tesla Technology. This is accomplishedby canceling the influences of the surrounding energy fields. The ancientsused this understanding to move the huge blocks of stone that were usedfor building the temples around the world and the pyramids. If theseblocks of stone, (that even today are beyond our ability to use inconstruction), were difficult for them to move, ….They would have simplyhave used smaller blocks of stone. …… John HutchinsonHAARP and Nicola TeslaWith Tesla technology, the HAARP reactor would be able to tapinto or access zero point energy, and theoretically, through acomplex computer program, broadcast standing waveoscillations of specific wave frequencies, carrying informationcodes, … it could potentially manifest or create any object fromthe zero point energy field because the self assemblingtetrahedron molecules would be directed to assemble in aspecific pattern by the wave oscillations (cymatics). This wouldbe similar to the Star Trek computer that materialized or 19
  20. 20. generated a coffee with a simple verbal command or request,and without using any currently manifest matter, but insteadproduced it, simply out of thin air. Tesla also said that he couldpiggyback a signal on a broadcast transmission that could betuned to each persons’ specific and unique vibrationalfrequency code via the persons DNA receptors. These receptorsmay be “programmed” at conception with the electrical codesfrom the planets and their locations at that precise moment. InKorean culture their Birthday is the day that they wereconceived and that is when these energies are encoded in yourDNA. This has been studied by the ancients and could possiblyaccount for the monolithic structures all over the planet thatwere built to monitor these cycles.The HAARP technology could/would have such potentially severerepercussions, that Nicola Tesla stopped his experimentation on it becausehe said, “No Body should ever have that kind of weapon or control.” Teslatechnology was able to transmit a voice or thought into another personshead without any audible noise. The capability for HAARP to also do this isincluded in the HAARP reactor patent and it’s official documentationindicates that it is within the working scope of the reactor and themandated project range. 20
  21. 21. Reactor…Tesla Technology Point Energy, and the Predicted 2012 Energy Shift. The Galactic Alignment. 21
  22. 22. A Hypothesis:The 26,000 year cycle:Ancient Teachings, Customs and the Pyramids and the Evolutionary Cycle.It is possible that the 2012 energy shift predictions stem from previousoccurrences of these phenomena in the past as indicated in ancientrecords? Each cycle begins in the Golden Age and the energies begin todeteriorate, along with the moral structure of humans, until the cyclerenews itself and the process begins again. Is it possible that the pyramidon Mars will point towards earth and that the great pyramid in Egypt, oranother, will complete the tetrahedron structure and energy vortexwithin our galaxy in 2012 with the planetary spins and magnetic fields of 22
  23. 23. the planets, creating the energy vortex? It is a cycle and has happened inthe past and reoccurs every 26,000 years. Is it possible that the otherpyramids on earth were also built to connect with this cycle each time itcompleted? The earth’s elliptical wobble would necessitate the pyramidlocation change each time the cycle was completed. This cycle is discussedin many ancient texts and it would account for the different locations ofthe pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere around the globe. It would alsoaccount for the shifts in the evolutionary cycle of mankind as the fall ofinnocence or grace, the deterioration of moral codes and civilization ingeneral over time and throughout the galactic cycle and on earth. Thesebeliefs are taught in the Hindu texts, the Vedas, and in many othercultures including the Native Americans and the Mayan people. Tesla,Einstein, and other great minds studied the Vedas, in order to develop theconcept of the ether and the energies referred to in these ancient texts, indepth, and the fact that these energies exist in the ether surrounding us.The Hindus and various religions have names for these different energiesand have attached a physical form to them and they are called “Gods”that are revered and worshiped. 23
  24. 24. Some musicians and other gifted artists claim that their talent comes tothem when they tune into this quantum field and their artistic endeavorsare self assembling or channeled. Animals utilize it naturally as they donot have mundane thoughts racing through their minds at all times butare in a natural state of meditation. Science says this invisible force isindeed light energy, accounts for more than 85% of the mass of theuniverse, and is outside our range of visible or conscious perception.The Pyramids:Egypt’s Pyramids: Was the capstone crystal? 24
  25. 25. Mars Pyramids: Note the Star Tetrahedron Shape. ….Mars Pyramids …Quantum Wave Forms.Why are the Mars pyramids at the same longitudes and latitudes as theones in Egypt? Co-Incidence, Yes, probably, but could it be a coordinatedincident? Are the pyramids charging and storing energy in preparation ofthe alignment. Are they currently charged to the point that they arerandomly discharging energy pulses into the universe, announcing to allthat the great event is soon coming. Do these energy bursts create thecrop circles when the pyramid on Mars discharges a pulse burst, thatrandomly hits the earth and a farmer’s field? Is this to be a quantumenergy shift for our galaxy into a zero point energy field at which pointyour mind set (vibrational frequency) will determine were or in whatdimension you will continue your existence in? …Inner Space.Is this the reason for the sacredness of preserving bodies(mummification/embalming), so that when the zero point field 25
  26. 26. encapsulated the galaxy at the end of the galactic cycle, that the perfectnature of the restored tetrahedron molecule would be able to cancel theexisting and accumulated opposing energies, (death and decay), andrestore life by recharging the DNA and renewing life with living cells? this to be a re-birth? Ascension? The rapture? Or a vibratory orfrequency shift to another dimension? Was this the promise of therebirth in the afterlife for the pharaohs? Is this the return of the Gods thatthey spoke of in their records? What would happen if a galactic zero pointenergy vortex encompassed the planets and the galaxy? Is this event thereason that so many civilizations in the past spent so much time studyingthe heavenly cycles with such precision? What would be the results of aharmonic shift and intense zero point/quantum energy field? What could 26
  27. 27. happen to existing matter, in this sea of energy? What effects on our Bio-systems would this massive energy vortex have on us when the subtleenergies of the planets have an influence on the human behavior and bio-system as evidenced in the zodiac, horoscopes and a woman’s monthlycycle along with the increase in emergency room visits during a full moonand reports of behavior change? Only time will tell, and the possibilitiesare only limited by the imagination of the human mind and the humanmind, our imagination and it’s potentiality, have no limitations, otherthan rigid beliefs.This document has been assembled and compiled from numerous sources after extensive (9 yrs.)research and is for information and educational purposes only. It is the property of Theramax CanadaLtd. and is subject to the copy right protection laws as stated in the regulations and photocopy or otherduplication requires written permission from Theramax Canada Ltd. Many thanks and full recognitiongo to the contributing researchers and links are provided to, or embedded in, the text and pictures, toseveral of their websites and their posted information. Bryan Pelletier 26/05/2010Theramax Canada Ltd. 27