The Hutchison EffectAboutLast Updated Saturday, 07 January 2012IntroductionThis is the semi-official website for John Hutc...
The Hutchison Effectperformed in failed and caused minor flooding and that part of the building had to be evacuated. In 19...
The Hutchison Effectthe Defense Region Establishment Pacifica (DREP) to investigate his work. George Hathaway also assiste...
The Hutchison EffectIn year 2000, Jim Cherry of "World Wireless Productions" (for Miramax motion pictures) witnessed the e...
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hutchison effect web info

  1. 1. The Hutchison EffectAboutLast Updated Saturday, 07 January 2012IntroductionThis is the semi-official website for John Hutchison!It has been funded and created by Andrew Johnson, with John’s agreement, but he has not overseen everything that hasbeen put on here (at least not yet).This website was created when it was realised that one of John’s old Websites has effectively been “sold off” to a debunkerby the name of Ace Baker. He is now listed as a contact here – though the Website still has the original content - which isall rather strange... If you want to find out the reasons for this, I am sure you are capable of doing so...I know how much work goes into creating a website, and the previous website , did have quite abit of work into it, though, like this site, articles were reproduced and copied from elsewhere.Johns BlogsYou will be able to see Johns own posts, notes and pictures on his own Official Blogs and his Myspace accounts - usethe links in the menu to get to these!A Note to and about "Debunkers"From the evidence you will find on these pages, you should conclude that what John Hutchison has been doing is real,but is not well understood in the realm of conventional science. It is untrue to say that mainstream scientists dismissJohns results - you will see here documents which show that people like Ken Shoulders, George Hathaway and HalPuthoff have all taken a keen interest in and endorsed Johns experiments. However, as with other real, but unusualphenomena, whatever amount of evidence is presented to a skeptic or debunker, it is dismissed, as the cognotivedissonance and highly restrictive world view take precedence over the open-ended study and analysis of thephenomena.[youtube:]The "Wikipedia Challenge""Establishments" such as Wikipedia help to obscure and obfuscate the full knowledge of what John has achieved andyou will likely be able to prove this to yourself. For example, take some of the documents shown below and try to linkthem to this Wikipedia Article about John Hutchison. It is highly likely that within about 48 hours, your edits will beremoved and you may even get blocked from the site if you repeatedly attempt to re-apply your changes. Its a "real-time"cover up...Johns Life and ExperimentsJohn Hutchisons life changed drastically in 1979 when, upon starting up an array of high-voltage equipment (which hewas using to investigate phenomena produced many years previously by Nikola Tesla), he felt something hit hisshoulder. He threw the piece of metal back to where it seemed to have originated, and it flew up and hit him again. Thiswas how he originally discovered fundamental frequencies can shield gravity. When his Tesla coils, electrostaticgenerator, and other equipment created a complex electromagnetic field, heavy pieces of metal levitated and shot towardthe ceiling, and some pieces shredded. Upon analysis and thorough investigation, the Canadian government dubbed thisphenomenon the Hutchison-Effect. Read his story below.... In the years from and after 1979, many members of the so-called and aptly named Military-industrial-complex (MIC), visited his lab, corresponded with him and/or in a variety ofother respects observed his work and his inventions. Below, Figure 4 and Figure 5 are examples of correspondenceJohn has received from these individuals or organizations.His work has been classified as a matter of National Security by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (see Figure2). In the course of his research, John has come across many effects, some of which are describedbelow.PhenomenaHoles are found to appear in glass — and commonly a white outer layer of material forms. John haswitnessed slow fusing/melting together of rubber and steel samples and he has witnessed effects on aluminum blocks,which have turned to dust or, white powder has shot out and later settled on some of the samples. (you can see photosand videos of some of these samples from links on this site)John has witnessed the tops of steel bars turn to dust andwhite powders as well as chrome plating being "blown off" other samples. At various times since 1980, John haswitnessed anomalous effects of foaming water in some experiments. John has other samples of dissimilar materials,such as wood and metal, that have fused together during experiments.John has also witnessed dissimilar materials fusing together into "globs" and, in about 80% of cases, the effects of liftand ballistic lifts, sometimes to an unknown height or movement to an unknown distance. These lift effects have beenseen to occur with objects of only a few grams (ounces) in weight to approximately 750 kg (1500 lbs). This has been incases where the total energy input to his set of test equipment has been between 75 watts and 4000 watts (4kw), at 110volts, depending on the equipment and the test being done. The results have been reported on CTV (CanadianTelevision) news and by Government personnel.Many of his experiments have caused effects at a distance — such as levitation of objects, vibration of objects and othereffects. On some occasions, effects have been seen at around 300 feet away from the main area of experimentation,one such case being in Dec 2007 when plumbing on the ground floor of the building his experiments were being Powered by Joomla! Generated: 10 March, 2012, 01:56
  2. 2. The Hutchison Effectperformed in failed and caused minor flooding and that part of the building had to be evacuated. In 1981 he witnessed a persistent white fog effect in some experiments and this has appeared in subsequentexperiments in 1984 and 1985. WitnessesIn 1979, Mark Murphy and another individual, Mr. Murphy of Canadian Pacific Air, lived in the same building as his lab at1458 East 29 Street, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver and they witnessed levitations of and effects on samples. During1980 Bill Ross (a civilian) and Mel Winfield (of Vancouver) also visited his lab at 1458 East 29 Street and they observedand took photos of levitations. These photos were later published in Dr. Winfield’s book "The Science of Actuality".In 1981, Philip Deldebbio of Brewster New York, owner of the Hipotronics company, along with his secretary witnessedsteel turn into dust and they handled the samples. Also in 1981, George Hathaway and Alex Pezarro caught some ofthese events on 8 mm film.IBM engineers, including Brian Borrodale visited him and observed his experiments, and later a Mrs. Murphy (wife of Mr.Murphy) of the Alex Pezarro’s Washington State group also visited and observed results. Members of an organizationcalled the San Diego Laser Group visited him in approximately 1981 and saw the results of experiments.In about 1982, Alex Pezarro had a meeting in Washington D.C. with generals and John was told they wanted to godirectly to Ronald Reagan to discuss setting up a research project, but it was decided at that time to ask another team todo further investigation. In 1982, he moved his lab to 142 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver. 1983 - Los Alamos TeamIn 1983, a group from Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) contacted him on behalf of the US Government. At thattime, the following individuals were involved: Flynn Marr (Lawyer) Joanne Maclusky (Lawyer for Pharos Technologies),George Hathaway (Scientist), Alex Pezzaro, Col. John Alexander, Bob Friedberge and John Rink. Also at that time, hegave private demonstrations to Edna Drake and Bill Ross (who were civilians).During the work with the Los Alamos Team, Starlite Lighting, who resided in the industrial premises adjacent to the labwitnessed effects in their own warehouse. Experiments performed with the Los Alamos team were videotaped, but Johnhas been told, following requests, that these tapes are no longer available.During experiments performed with the Los Alamos team, large effects took place outside the target areas such asmirrors breaking, fires starting and there were unusual effects with the lights and other things. Col. Tom Bearden said theproject with the Los Alamos team was sabotaged by either Bob Freeman or Bob Friedberg.In 1983, John moved his lab again - to 3744 East Hastings Street where John gave a demonstration to Alyn Edwards — anewscaster for BCTV. John also gave demonstrations to a Cameraman for the Tony Parsons News Hour and GrantFredricks of CKVU TV news now (Global TV).In the period 1983-84 John worked with the Pharos Technologies/INSCOM Team which included General AlbertStubbeline, Major Ed Dames, Dave Porter and others who were based in Washington D.C. (See Figure 1 below). Figure 1 Around 1984, information was presented to Ed Murand of the Iranian embassy and Henry Kissinger of the USAgovernment in an effort to get financial support for Mel Winfield at a level of $500,000, to fund research into the effectsalready observed in other experiments. But Col John Alexander stepped in to prevent funding being given.In 1985, John completed 2 days of controlled experiments for Col. John Alexander, who was representing interests inWashington D.C. Again, video recordings were made but this time, the report he produced was not classified, and Johnhas copies of the report and the video recordings. Also In 1985, John gave demonstrations for George (Jack) Houck ofMcDonnell Douglas and around this time, John witnessed some metal samples giving off a grey mist during someexperiments.Also in 1985, Alex Pezzaro was present for some of the tests and Danny Bottemly was present for others. In these tests,we witnessed molten, yet cold, metals and we saw samples bend into weird shapes and on some occasions, wholesamples disappeared and reappeared. At around this time, a University of British Columbia Professor also attended oneof the demonstrations, but left in a state of utter confusion and disbelief.George Hathaway and Norman Hathaway witnessed or filmed further demonstrations or experiments at around this time.Mr. Dennis Edmonson of NASA discussed the possibility of obtaining $5 million in research funding being made availablefrom NASA or Boeing. Also in 1985, CKVU T.V. filmed experiments for the news hour and we also witnessed a mid-air"aurora" type effect.In 1986, Richard Sparks was his agent for SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) for the US DoD. His privacycoordinator for the CIA the was John M Wright. Also Col. Rogers was involved in trying to help retrieve documentsconcerning his work. On March 24 1986, on the orders of Erik Neilson, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, the CanadianDND Director of Scientific Technical Intelligence Dr. Lorne A. Kuehne came to his lab with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lokken of Powered by Joomla! Generated: 10 March, 2012, 01:56
  3. 3. The Hutchison Effectthe Defense Region Establishment Pacifica (DREP) to investigate his work. George Hathaway also assisted in thesedemonstrations and filmed the experiments using 5 different cameras, though he later stated that none of these films orphotographs came out. This phase of research was supported in Ottawa by Dr. Earl Ledger, Tim Deer, Dr. Laurie, Mr.Szabo, Col. Larson along with Ed Bishop, Brian Wallace and Bob Guyruski.John has documentation that "Car Check" of Canada was established as a front-company for the Canadian basedresearch, and all results were classified and remain so.In 1986, the Max Planck institute in Germany undertook tests on his metal samples. Their tests showed anomalousproperties of the crystal structure of the samples. The crystalline structure was "changing very rapidly over time".In 1987 John moved to 560 Cambe Street, by invitation of George Lisa case and Alik Sheresesky of Owl Industries.Boeing Aerospace Corporation provided $80,000 of funding for experiments through Eronn Kovacks. Also in 1987,Electra Briggs (Philadelphia) has or had case loads of files, taped conversations original videos pertaining to thisresearch which were never returned. Also in 1987, George Lisacase made his own film of effects in his lab — including thelevitation of a 1500lb transformer and nails floating through the walls.Again in 1987, we saw fuming effects that we called "Carl the ghost". This effect happened frequently and has beenrecorded both on videos and 8mm film and Cal Barton of CBC Night Final News broadcast a report about ourexperiments around this time.Again in 1987, Dr. Peter Kokoshinegg and his wife Dr. Margarita Kokoshinegg (of Austria) advised him to "get out" of theBoeing Group. and around this time, Roland Bredow took many photos of a "fuming type of energy" over an 18-monthperiod and as many as 4000 photos of experiments have been kept by the Max Planck institute.In Germany Seimens Laboratories, BAM labs and Berlin University have also done tests on his work, but thatcommunication between them was very limited. By this point, many articles had been written discussing aspects of hiswork, such as those in Esquire Magazine and in other publications in Germany, Japan and the UK.Some time in the period 1987-1989 John was told by Alik Sheresesky and George Hathaway that while at the lab at 13street, most of the above the building vanished. The insurance companies also said that this had happened.In 1989, John was contacted by Prince Hans Adam Liechtenstein expressing an interest in his experiments andresearch. John has been in communication with him since that time. Also, In 1989, John had taken a trip to Germany, todo some work at the Max Planck Institute. John planned to have equipment shipped over there, but during his time away,government officials took the lab equipment while it was in transit and while it was in the previous lab installation.Lawyers Hogson and Kowasky worked on his behalf to get the equipment shipped safely by Rolf Kiperling.Judge Paris set up a B.C. Supreme Court order to protect the lab equipment. The Vancouver Sun ran the story of the labequipment seizure on the cover of the Feb 22, 1990 edition. At this time, Henry Champ of NBC got involved in coveringthe story while John was in Germany.Around this time, George Hathaway, Col. John Alexander and some people at Sandia Labs (USA) and Washington D.C.were still involved in analyzing his experiments, but they did not intervene in the seizure of the lab equipment. GeorgeLisacase formed a company called Pinnacle Oil International and he stole some of the energy cell technology John haddeveloped and used it for oil prospecting. George Lisacase also has/had videos of levitation demonstrations as well asphotos of free energy tests and experiments.In 1991, a documentary film featuring Hutchison Effect experiments aired in 80 countries. Also around 1991, an article onthe Hutchison Effect was published in several places - Raum und Zeit [Space and Time], the Newsletter of the PlanetaryAssociation for Clean Energy, the Electric Spacecraft Journal, "Extraordinary Science", and a publication called "SpacePower". On April 6, 1993, TVASAHI in Japan aired an interview with him.Also in 1993, Nobuo Yokoyama, as part of the Tokyo Free Energy Project, published a Japanese book about theHutchison Effect.In 1996, a new set of laboratory equipment was assembled with electric and electronic gear salvaged from CanadianNavy vessels. Also around 1996 actress Caroline Allart felt the force fields from his experiments with Barium Titanatesamples.In 1997, more levitation experiments were demonstrated to members of the company "Harry Delighter Productions" andthey put these in a video called "Free Energy — The Hunt for Zero Point". In year, 2000 his premises were raided by thelocal New Westminster Police Department and other people with them photographed things in his apartment during theraid. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 10 March, 2012, 01:56
  4. 4. The Hutchison EffectIn year 2000, Jim Cherry of "World Wireless Productions" (for Miramax motion pictures) witnessed the effect of the floorof his apartment starting to buckle or roll. This event was also recorded on video. Jim Cherry was with a team thatincluded a News Week reporter and one from TIME Magazine.On April 29 2001, some demonstrations of free energy experiments/technology were given to Hiroshi Yamabe of Japanand Thomas Messer of Germany. and In 2003, more demonstrations were given to Gryphon Productions TV for their"Beyond Invention" series and Wesley Baker was interviewed in the program, as he had witnessed similardemonstrations given by him in the 1980’s.In the period 2004-2005, Bruce Burgess of Blue Book Films worked on another film project with him. Also in the period2004-2005, John made attempts to retrieve copies of official reports about his experiments through FOIA requests inCanada and the USA, but nothing of value was released to him.In 2005, Lama Lee, who lived quite close to him, reported to news crews about metal ornaments "dissolving" in herapartment, near the time John had done some of his experiments. Mayor M. Wright of New Westminster visited hisapartment because he said he had got reports of concrete breaking or cracking and citizens being in distress, apparentlyfollowing some of his experiments.In April 2005, John spoke on Art Bell’s US "Coast to Coast" radio show and discussed the likelihood of the replication ofhis technology by other groups within the military. Between June 2004 and April 2005 John experienced a significantincrease in enquiries from a number of organizations such as NASA, the Pentagon and from SAIC. Some of themrequested John send videos. Still in In 2005, Japan TV aired a program called "x51. files" which included videos of hisexperiments. Also, around this time Harold Berndt of Surrey, BC filmed some demonstrations of effects and posted avideo on the American Antigravity Website. Also in 2005, John sent a video to the Air Force Division of the Pentagon andJohn sent one to NASA.In 2006 a group from National Geographic TV filmed odd vibrations and fires during his experiments. Also near that time,Nancy O Donnell a TV director and others from Chinese TV saw and/or filmed melting rubber and steel during hisexperiments. In 2006 several other groups filmed effects on Redbull cans and other effects on a toy ship. These effectsincluded "lightning bolts" and water foaming. Again in 2006, videos of his experiments were shown to 400 staff officers atthe Pentagon and it received standing ovation.On Dec. 22, 2006 John Ealer of Motion Picture Productions came to film his experiments for a program called "EarthsBlack Holes" (which was aired on the History Channel in January 2008).In November 2007, John was visited by Dr. Ludwick of Germany, Jeane Manning, Peter Scholls and others and they tookmore videos of his experiments. RefereesOther scientists or well-known figures who have expressed interest in his work, and/or offered letters of recommendationinclude Dr. Yaho, Caroline Sutherland, Joe Clark, Dr. Hal Puthoff (See Figure 8), Dr. Robert W Koontz (see Figure 9) andMP Chuck Cook (See Figure 2 and Figure 3).Figure 2Figure 3Figure 4Figure 5Figure 6Figure 7Figure 8Figure 9 Powered by Joomla! Generated: 10 March, 2012, 01:56