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G.s. for fuel


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hutchison effect

Published in: Technology
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G.s. for fuel

  1. 1. GRAVITY ALTERATION FOR A FUEL SOURCEJune 1900, Century Illustrated MagazineExcerpt from: The Problem of Increasing Human EnergyIt is possible, and even probable, that there will be, in time, other resources of energy opened up, ofwhich we have no knowledge now. We may even find ways of applying forces such as magnetism orgravity for driving machinery without using any other means. Such realizations, though highlyimprobable, are not impossible. An example will best convey an idea of what we can hope to attain andwhat we can never attain. Imagine a disk of some homogeneous material turned perfectly true andarranged to turn in frictionless bearings on a horizontal shaft above the ground. This disk, being underthe above conditions perfectly balanced, would rest in any position. Now, it is possible that we maylearn how to make such a disk rotate continuously and perform work by the force of gravity withoutany further effort on our part; but it is perfectly impossible for the disk to turn and to do work withoutany force from the outside. If it could do so, it would be what is designated scientifically as a"perpetuum mobile," a machine creating its own motive power. To make the disk rotate by the force ofgravity we have only to invent a screen against this force. By such a screen we could prevent this forcefrom acting on one half of the disk, and the rotation of the latter would follow. At least, we cannot denysuch a possibility until we know exactly the nature of the force of gravity. Suppose that this force weredue to a movement comparable to that of a stream of air passing from above toward the center of theearth. The effect of such a stream upon both halves of the disk would be equal, and the latter would notrotate ordinarily; but if one half should be guarded by a plate arresting the movement, then it wouldturn. -Nikola TeslaThe article above was submitted by the famed Tesla to Century Illustrated Magazine. It has inspiredresearchers to try to develop such a way to apply the supplied theory for the realization of the actualworking model. But how does one go about producing an effect to accomplish the gravity shielding(G.S.)? Tesla spoke about the theorized application of “cold holes” to provide a source of power tocreate energy for potential work. If one could produce a shielding of the earths gravity rather than ifone could produce a “cold hole” then maybe the gravity shielding could be applied for desired work.The problem here brings the question of “how to create the cold hole, or the gravity shielding?”. Wellwhat if there were available methods of applying a gravity shielding force to the homogeneous disc?
  2. 2. The Hutchison Effect As A Fuel SourceThe Hutchison Effect: The application of an arrangement of electrical equipment to produce awide array of effects resulting in propulsive and energetic effects.The Hutchison effect can be used for the application of propulsive qualities. The effect can betransitory in its application on subjects to be affected. However this effect can be used for exact co-ordinates onto a test sample. Citing email correspondence with John Hutchison: Hello John, My name is Lorne. Earlier I had sent you a paper on the field propulsion of the B2B. I now have a question to ask you. I am wondering in regards to the Hutchison effect, were you able to apply the effect to a specified area (3D co-ordinate)? For example, if you had a dinner plate could you apply the effect to just one half of the dinner plate? Thank you for your time. Regards LK L-RAND Reply: HI NEW FRIEND GREAT PAPER YOU SENT, YES ON HALF OF A SAMPLE HAS BEEN DONE MERRY CHRISTMASAccording to the research performed here the Hutchison effect is performed by using a different arrayof electrical equipment. The effect was an accidental discovery after researcher John Hutchison waslooking into and trying to duplicate the reported effects of the work of Nikola Tesla. The effect isaccomplished by crossing different types of energy fields into the same desired co-ordinate producing aregion of high KV stress (maybe creating a region of gauge transformations). Tesla coils (longitudinalwaves), low power radio waves, Van De Graaff generator (electrostatic high voltage) are key pieces ofenergy used to create the co-ordinate of interaction. When the proper energies are interfering with oneanother, it is then possible to create the Hutchison effect.If this effect were to be used and set onto half of the homogeneous disc motor that Tesla had beendescribing then could the resulted outcome be applied for kinetic force? Could this effect act as agravity shielding method that Tesla had been looking for? The obvious realization of the fact that itwould take power to operate the Hutchison Effect equipment is quite evident. However if a generator(say a superconducting generator such as one employing the principals of the G.E. Units Developed forthe U.S. Navy) could be mechanically driven by the kinetic force from the homogeneous disc, thenmaybe with enough research the proper set up could be employed to power both the Hutchison Effectequipment and as well have a surplus for the desired power output with only an external power sourceneeded to start the chain reaction.
  3. 3. Podkletnovs Gravity Shielding AS A Fuel SourceEugene Podkletnovs G.S. Effect: The use of a superconducting disc that has been supercooled usingexternal influence and rotated continuously to high RPM by the means of magnetic influence to reducethe earths gravitational influence upon a subject.In 1992 Eugene Podkletnov released a paper stating that he had accomplished a Gravity Shieldingeffect accomplishing the reduction of weight by approx. 0.3% of a test subject. In 1996 Podkletnovlater released in a second paper that his experiments had obtained the reduction of 2% in weight of testsubjects but later declined the acceptance of the paper by the Journal of Physics D, a peer reviewedjournal with articles in the main 5 categories of: magnetism, plasmas & plasma surface interactions,photonics & semiconductors, applied surfaces & interfaces and the structure & properties of matter.Reportedly the second paper was leaked to a British newspaper corespondent from someone at theJournal of Physics D. The effect is described as utilizing different ceramic superconducting materialsand creating discs with these materials through different constructing methods. The constructingmethods employed are particularly important as to the discs related output results from eachexperiment. The disc is super cooled (presumably to a transition temp.) with cooling media (cryostat)and rotated with an intervening magnetic field created by electromagnets (reportedly 3 electric coils) toachieve a desired RPM (duplicate experiments have opted to use an electric motor to achieve thedesired RPM). Replica tests have utilized liquid nitrogen (N2) while the originating tests byPodkletnov have utilized a cryostat to effectively achieve the desired temperature. The effectreportedly does achieve a reduction in weight without spinning the disc however Podkletnov reportedthat when the disc is spun that an even greater reduction in weight is achieved. The reduction in weightof a test subject is achieved above the superconducting disc. For reference of this phenomena the quotefrom Podkletnov is cited: Someone in the laboratory was smoking a pipe, and the pipe smoke rose in a column above the superconducting disc. So we placed a ball-shaped magnet above the disc, attached to a balance. The balance behaved strangely. We substituted a nonmagnetic material, silicon, and still the balance was very strange. We found that any object above the disc lost some of its weight, and we found that if we rotated the disc, the effect was increased.If a setup of the Podkletnov Gravity Shielding effect was to be employed for the required kinetic forceto act upon the Tesla homogeneous disc, then maybe this phenomenon could be used for a type of“fuel” to create motive force.Again as mentioned with the Hutchison effect the realization here is quite obvious that a lot of externalresource would need to be utilized just to create the theorized outcome. However this paper is just aproposal for a theoretical source of “fuel” to create the needed motive power.
  4. 4. ConceptThe concept here is as explained. Take either the Hutchison effect or Podkletnovs effect and sheild oneside of the disc. Let the earths naturally occuring gravitational force pull the one side of the disc to thecenter of the earths core. In design of the motor a shaft would be designated as an output tomechanically drive a superconducting generator for desired power. R&D would be needed to developoptimum specs for design but it is theorized now that the larger the homogeneous disc would be thatthe larger the force to act upon the disc creating more horsepower. Conversely, the larger the disc thelarger the required input of resource to drive each respective “effect”.
  5. 5. After ThoughtNikola Tesla was a visionary beyond belief. His inventions have influenced and shaped our modernworld to such a degree that our world would be a much different place had he not have had the courageto follow his inner guide. Such an example is as quoted by Yale Professor Charles Scott and friend ofthe late Tesla: Tesla: “My turbine will scrap all the heat engines in the world”. Replied Scott: “That would make quite a pile of scrap”.Of course the turbine engine has not replaced the heat engine as predicted by the prophet (yet). Mindyou recognized institutions do not inform pupil of the longitudinal energy emitted by the Tesla Coil.However Tesla had the common thought and ability to see its futile attempt to build a society upon aheat engine based on mechanics that hinder its own performance with gross amounts of countermomentum. The turbine model that Tesla had envisioned was of a stream line design utilizing a lowvibration low resistance design. What if altering gravity could be employed as a replacement media onTeslas blade workhorse? It is up to the informed to carry the legacy of Tesla and to shape our future forthe better. Let not the controlling state influence our childrens legacy. Let the bladed engine claim itsrightful place in time. Let it become an antiquated stepping stone to an enlightened humanity.
  6. 6. SOURCES • Official Website: HUTCHINSONEFFECT.CA • CENTURY ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE, JUNE 1900 - “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy” Nikola TESLA (Infinite Energy Vol 8, Issue 48, 2003) • Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia • Podkletnov, Boeing and Accidental Anti-Gravity – • The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla – www.altered-states.netL-RAND