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FrontEnd Conf Zurich 2013


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How to build the perfect product your users want but can't describe! This is a talk I gave at the 2013 FrontEnd Conf in Zurich, Switzerland!

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FrontEnd Conf Zurich 2013

  1. 1. @johnjpeebles How to Build the Perfect Product Your Users Want But Can’t Describe
  2. 2. @johnjpeebles Design Permeates Everything Is More than Design Is Everyone’s Responsibility
  3. 3. @johnjpeebles Building Great Products is HARD
  4. 4. @johnjpeebles 2 Kinds of Hard Exercise is Hard Playing the Violin is Hard
  5. 5. @johnjpeebles Why Do Great Products Matter? Can be extremely disruptive Make lives better
  6. 6. @johnjpeebles About Me John Peebles CEO of Administrate @johnjpeebles
  7. 7. @johnjpeebles I don’t have all the answers. I have made plenty of mistakes!
  8. 8. @johnjpeebles Building a Product is Solving a Problem
  9. 9. @johnjpeebles Problem Solvers • Earn more money • Are key to their team’s success • Are the best developers /designers / managers / etc. • Can be the difference between success and failure
  10. 10. @johnjpeebles This is Your Moment of Demotivation Problem solvers are very, very, rare.
  11. 11. @johnjpeebles This is Your Moment of Motivation You can do this!
  12. 12. @johnjpeebles Building a product should not be user driven
  13. 13. @johnjpeebles “It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." — Steve Jobs “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." –Henry Ford
  14. 14. @johnjpeebles Building a product should be: Workflow Driven Job Driven Results Driven
  15. 15. @johnjpeebles The Core Mechanic Know, Define, Solve
  16. 16. @johnjpeebles Know • Develop your Personas • Observe the Job • Work the Job • Visualise the Job • Learn the entire process • Understand motivations and incentives
  17. 17. @johnjpeebles Define Don’t ―Solve a Solution‖ Discover the Problem!
  18. 18. @johnjpeebles Which do You Go to First? Pharmacist or the Doctor?
  19. 19. @johnjpeebles Techniques of Problem Discovery • Reject the Premise of the Question • Use the 5 Whys? • Take nothing as ―given‖ • Don’t listen to users, watch users!
  20. 20. @johnjpeebles Examples • ―Add all the currencies!‖ • ―I need another report!‖ • ―Can you add X to Y?‖
  21. 21. @johnjpeebles
  22. 22. @johnjpeebles WARNING • This requires people skills! • Don’t belittle of condescend! • Approach with an attitude of grace • Approach with an attitude of humility “I’m sorry but I’d love to understand a little bit better…”
  23. 23. @johnjpeebles “We didn’t TRY to make it awful…”
  24. 24. @johnjpeebles Propose the Solution • Run through your personas • Visualize the workflow • ―Use‖ the ―solution‖ yourself • Get feedback
  25. 25. @johnjpeebles
  26. 26. @johnjpeebles #ProTip Consistency is Key
  27. 27. @johnjpeebles #ProTip Innovation Usually Requires Destruction
  28. 28. @johnjpeebles #ProTip Develop Lateral Thinking Using Analogies
  29. 29. @johnjpeebles #ProTip If you get stuck, start proposing stupid solutions
  30. 30. @johnjpeebles #ProTip People are always better at critiquing than creating.
  31. 31. @johnjpeebles #ProTip Practice Solving Problems
  32. 32. @johnjpeebles Solving a Problem is a Process • Don’t lose sight of the goal • Don’t fixate on features! • Continue to Improve
  33. 33. @johnjpeebles Please share this! John Peebles CEO of Administrate @johnjpeebles