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Paid website-traffic

  1. 1. Paid Website Traffic Your Key To Online Success written by: Alex Davies Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success Legal Disclaimers & Notices All contents copyright © 2013 by - All rights reserved. This report may be shared freely under the sole condition all the contents remain 100% as is. This report is presented to you for informational purposes only and is not a substitution for any professional advice. The contents herein are based on the views and opinions of the author and all associated contributors. While every effort has been made by the author and all associated contributors to present accurate and up to date information within this document, it is apparent technologies rapidly change. Therefore, the author and all associated contributors reserve the right to update the contents and information provided herein as these changes progress. The author and/or all associated contributors take no responsibility for any errors or omissions if such discrepancies exist within this document. The author and all other contributors accept no responsibility for any consequential actions taken, whether monetary, legal, or otherwise, by any and all readers of the materials provided. It is the readers sole responsibility to seek professional advice before taking any action on their part. Readers results will vary based on their skill level and individual perception of the contents herein, and thus no guarantees, monetarily or otherwise, can be made accurately. Therefore, no guarantees are made. ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 2
  3. 3. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success What Makes A Website Valuable? Most webmasters know just how important website traffic can be. In fact, Internet marketers see it as highly desirable; so desirable, that there’s a belief that the influx of visitors to a website is one of the surest signs that there is something worthwhile on that site. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have visitors, would it? Well, not really. A website could have many visitors without having any kind of good content, just because it is heavily promoted online. Out of curiosity, surfers can click on links leading to the site. But when they find out that they’ve been cheated (in the sense of being directed to a web page that’s not worth their time), they leave immediately. When that happens, you get what is known as a high bounce rate. Bounce rates occur when a site visitor sees only one page of the site, then immediately leaves. Are high bounce rates bad? The answer is yes. If the visitors that bounced actually belonged to your target market then you lose potential customers. Moreover, search engines like Google also penalize sites with high bounce rates. ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 3
  4. 4. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success The Importance of Targeted Traffic As a webmaster or publisher, your target market consists of actual people towards whom you are addressing your content. That means, if, for example, you’re selling ladies shoes online, then your primary target market would be women who are past their childhood years, and who have the intention to make online purchases. You would not be targeting little boys because of what practical use would women’s shoes be to them? It’s a long stretch to think that little boys would be interested in women’s shoes. Therefore, your content should focus only on women of a certain age group, who can buy shoes online for themselves or for their friends. What about men who may be interested in buying shoes for their ladies? Can they be targeted too? Yes, of course! But they are not your primary market. They are secondary. What’s the difference? Your primary target is the one that’s most highly desirable to be the source of your website traffic because 1) they are many in number, compared to others who might visit your site and 2) they are the ones most likely to purchase your goods. To those who sell products online, when a purchase is made after a visit, that’s known as a conversion. To those who simply create content, a conversion happens when someone who ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 4
  5. 5. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success visits their site may sign up for subscription to their newsletter. There are also web publishers who do not require subscriptions or downloads (paid or not) from their visitors. But they still appreciate a lot of visits or traffic because they display ads on their site. The advertisers may pay them for every click made on their ads (pay per click or PPC) or they may even get paid just for letting visitors see the ads (cost per thousand impressions or CPM). s a webmaster or publisher, your target market consists of actual people towards whom you are addressing your content.A Search Engine Optimization to Get Organic Traffic Some people rely solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to gain a considerable amount of traffic. If you’ve got a site that is any or all of the following:  Has Been Up For Years  Has had no long downtime  Has content that's fresh, regularly updated, interesting and engaging  Has clearly followed all the rules of search engines regarding on-site webmaster behavior – e.g. No keyword stuffing, no over-optimization, no excessive repetition of target keywords, and other rules found in Google's Webmaster ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 5
  6. 6. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success guidelines.  Has not engaged in unnatural link building practices – e.g. Thousands of spam links per day, automated link building using software and/or bots, irrelevant links from unrelated websites, low PR/authority links. … then you have a good chance of getting organic traffic flowing in. But what if your site is new, or you really haven’t had the opportunity to create heaps of engaging and useful content? What if you don’t build links as much as others do because you’re scared to death about getting slapped by a search engine penalty? The Solution One method that's perfectly legitimate and white hat is to simply buy targeted website traffic. Take note, you don't want to just buy website traffic, but you want to buy targeted website traffic. “Targeted” is the keyword here. That’s where the money is! Let’s face it. Even if someone offers to give you loads of traffic, if that traffic doesn’t belong to your market and convert into sales, then those “visitors” will be useless. To target website traffic means that you are zeroing in or targeting those who will actually buy your product/service, sign up for a subscription, or click on your ads. You are not just waiting for random people to visit your site. You are getting a specific group of people to visit your site, your kind of people, your market - the kind of people who will make a financial difference because they will either make purchases, or click on the ads that you display in an effort to solve their problem, whatever it may be. This is the actual goal of getting ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 6
  7. 7. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success any kind of traffic, including paid traffic. Free traffic is nice, of course, but not all the time. With free traffic you could get visitors who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer. When your intent is to gain conversions, to make a sale, or to improve your income flow online, then your website traffic must be sharply targeted. Otherwise, it’s just money down the drain and a whole lot of wasted opportunities. Is Paid Website Traffic Worth It? As mentioned earlier, webmasters understand the value of website traffic. Unfortunately, many would say no to paid traffic because for them, it’s an unnecessary expense. But nothing could be farther from the truth. When you buy targeted website traffic, you don’t have to play the waiting game. You get the traffic you want quickly without having to exert any effort on link building and content marketing. Why waste your time and energy doing these things when you could focus on other aspects of your business? ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 7
  8. 8. Paid Website Traffic: Your Key To Online Success To learn more about how you can purchase Google-friendly, legitimate and high quality, targeted traffic to your website, click on the link below: ==> Buy Targeted Website Traffic <== ©Copyright 2013  Alex Davies  Page 8