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Design tehnology fragrances best

  2. 2. I like how the health lottery P.O.S is mainly blue which gives a relation to the NHS and health. The Jeff Banks P.O.S is more functional by providing every product ready to get from there but it has too many products for sale. The Lacoste P.O.S is very nice because it has a clear clinical look with simplicity, it gives you one product available in many colours so it makes buying that item more fun because you can pick any colour you desire. The Coca-Cola P.O.S is good because it offers all chilled drinks, the best drinks will be at eye level like Coca-Cola and the others will be distributed around, the only problem of this is that there is too much choice.POINT OF SALE RESEARCH
  3. 3. The newspaper P.O.S is good because it offers all newspapers, its basic and can always be used for different papers because you simple slip out the title banner in which the title of the paper is placed. The Dove men care P.O.S is not that good because it has too much selection from the customer and they will end up not buying their products, also their P.O.S is very basic cardboard cut out and so its not very professional but rather easy to put-up. Rolex is a good P.O.S because it clearly displays its products, the only negative is that it cannot be handled because it is a valuable product it would be a target for thieves. Superdrys P.O.S is good because like the Lacoste point of sale it is simple clinical and clear. The products are there to look at touch try on and so it offers a good range of products.POINT OF SALE RESEARCH
  4. 4. HACKETT I think Hacketts user is a male of his 20s, the male would go to watch rugby, horse racing like the grand national and/or Ascot. This product would be excellent for the male because it shows and gives a sense of British class, from tradition from the 1960s suit wearer even to now in which it gives the sense of a business style but in the best possible way, almost like a style of swarve for the upper-class gentleman.MY CHOSEN BRAND
  5. 5. HACKETTFISH SOHO Hackett fragrances and clothing are aimed at the late 20s to early 30sFish Soho is aimed at the 20-25 year olds, its packaging is simple yet males, it is based more on class then informal styles, the late 20s maleeffective and the young man wears this to get the London look and to would wear the fragrances because of the slightly classier style and tolook different round the streets of London. This gives the sense of achieve a classic British look, Hackett would be seen at places like horsedifference to the male ego and to stand out from the crowd. Fish is all racing and the grand national and so its achieves its upper class nature.about looking swerve in its own category the ability to be different and Hackett gives the sense of pure smartness while wearinghave a smart look with long hair, it gives the sense of smartness without business attire, it gives the person a status quo when lookinglooking like a university type in which they look professional at the smart, it helps the male achieve the look in which he wouldsame time of being untidy thus giving the right look when seen by be able to do anything while looking like this even to thepeople and while at work because it is a product of looking good. casual events he would look dashing.LOOKING AT ALL BRANDS
  6. 6. LYNXLynx products are aimed at the youngerman/teenager, this is because the products smell nice andthat its advertising campaign is aimed at men beingirresistible to women just by spraying the deodorant. Themale is enticed to buy these products so that he has betterluck with the opposite sex. The usual male would beslightly athletic and his clothing would be informal. Lynxgives the effect of what the younger people want to aspireto, to be able to get the girl with this fragrance and showoff his alpha male ego in which he is a real player in hiscompetition of age for the girls. OLD SPICE Old spice use the concept of a classic brand revitalised to suit the young man of the century, the classic smell draws the young man with advertising campaigns to boost his confidence. Older males will know that old spice was somewhat of a gimmick and that it was not expensive and most of the males 40 years ago wore the scent. They would choose this brand to move onto a more fun and athletic lifestyle. It has been rebranded to be able to attract another generation to use it in which they would be the best male around, being bold and smelling bold would be the idea in which he would definitely ne noticed.LOOKING AT ALL BRANDS
  7. 7. L’OREAL MEN EXPERT LOreal mens products are aimed at the older man from the late 40s to early 50s. This is because the products are aimed at making the man look and feel younger, they supply mens revitaliser eye roller for more energetic looking eyes. So the men who use these products would be wanting to look younger like mens hair colouring serums and shampoo. LOreal men expert is all about improving the look of the older male in which he has marks to show his age, these products are aimed at reducing these look and revitalise his look and morale making him look younger, this will help him as he would feel better about himself, he would have a more positive attitude and he will feel he can do things that used to be limited by age.MR.NATTYMr natty products are aimed at males early to mid 40s becausethe style of language used on the website suggests that the brandis for older gentleman. They would purchase these productsbecause they are looking for fine quality male groomingproducts in the London area. They want a more prestige look togo with their lifestyle, the way in which the language is used onthe website suggests that its for men who work on boats. Mrnatty is all about being as swish as possible for the oldermale, he would use these products to embrace his oldness inwhich he would gracefully be his age rather then try to beyounger he will embrace his stage in which his age doesn’tmatter anymore and that he is now comfortable with his age.LOOKING AT ALL BRANDS
  8. 8. LOGICALIt must stand out and ad advertise the brandUse ergonomic considerations in the designReflect the brand theme and styleIt must draw the customers in KEEPBright colours, noise, video, lighting, size A clinical clean lookThe product must be visible What really draws the potential customer in? Keep brand coloursThey must be able to test the product Do not stray from original brandingIt must be user friendly Keep interactive to a certain extentUSP- unique selling point Bold coloursPositioning in relation to footfall (at the check out) Unique font and large text for simplicityIt must be interactive in some way SCRAPILLOGICAL Can the P.O.S be used for different purposes in the brand?Too much information Is it purely for one purpose?Too little information It cannot simply be a cardboard boxNo brand/brand identity Can parts be thrown to use again?Visual noise, too many bright colours How much of the P.O.S can be recycled?Too interactive without any thought of purchase (apple store) FORM VS FUNCTIONRemoving product from the point of sale display unit What it looks like to how it worksToo many options What it looks like to functionBelow eye level Is it purely something that holds as many products as possible?Sustainability Both, the look but it does hold a certain amount of the product to make it lookNEED exclusiveWhat does the product need to be successful? Think of securityMust display clearly the product and allow the customer to interact with the product It cannot be simple or bland it must stand out from the restMust display the brand X-FACTORMust attract customer attention Certain style what can it do that’s different and unique?Needs to consider ergonomic safety and theft Colours that are differentMust hold the potential customers attention Totally unique to the brandDisplay clearly any important information Nothing which is used now in any senseGive the customer direct access to purchase the product A P.O.S unit never seen before It cannot resemble any other p.o.s on the shop floor in which it would be totally new and people would want to see it.LINKS FX
  9. 9. ENVIRONMENTFUNCTIONALITY ANF FEATURES Self standingTo sell the scent Must blend in with environmentDisplay the background of the brand But must be coloured to stand out from the rest SITUATION BRIEF It must be placed well There is a problem with advertising for Hackett becauseTo stock at least 5 units on the P.O.S POSITION they do not have any advertising for any of its products.Attract the buyer with colours and eye catching It must be in a logical spot This means Hackett could be losing out on potential salesVISIBILITY AND POSITION It could be near checkout of their products because their product has not beenMust be at eye level It could be near front of fragrance section voiced to the public. A solution to this is that HackettMust be placed on its own Eye level needs advertising for their products. INTERACTIVE BRIEFNear the products of similar type Hold the product Design a new point of sale display unit for Hackett. TheEntrance to the fragrance section Smell the product unit must display at least 1 product from HackettsTARGET MARKET Look at booklets about the brand fragrance range and the P.O.S must entice the potentialUse brand colours Tick sheet of how you find the smell customer to the product. The display unit must also beA mature touch to point of sale unit SOCIAL NETWORKING able to let the user handle the product and use it. Facebook groupUse photos to entice customer #scan a barcode for bbmIn places the target market would go E-mail alerts for where product is being soldMATERIALS Qrc code for where website of brandIt must be made of suitable durable materials CONSTRUCTIONMaterials must be robust The point of sale unit will not require a tremendous amount of effort to assemble It will require minimum assemblyIt must be suitable for areas its in It must be free standingIt must have a high quality finish ERGENOMICSAESTHETICS It should be user friendlyIt must display brand colours and features It should help with the curving of edges and it should never cause strain to the userIt must be culturally neutral to most countries PRICE The amount of units on the point of sale should equal how much it is to buildThe point of sale must be ease of use The prototype will be considerably more to produceIt must be comfortable with its colours and materials The standard P.O.S should be no more then 100 pounds sterlingSAFETY FUTUREIt will have ergonomics in mind, It will have rounded edges The point of sale should be able to be used for the brand but in different productsIf glass is used it will be reinforced, It must be fully The brand name should be inscribed into the P.O.SconstructedINITIAL SPECIFICATION
  10. 10. ACCESS FMAESTHETICSIt would have the brand colours, shapes related to the brand. Thepoint of sale unit would also have company logos and would SIZEinclude patterns. There would be movements related to the It must be eye level for their customer. It must stabilised for its height. The size goesbrand as well as images and social networking information. Also into the floor space and that subtle can be good. Size in relation to product means itit would contain a background of Hacketts history in which cannot be too big for the product. It must be able to tell the story background quicklywhat it started out and what it is today with all sponsors and nut enough to keep the customer there for a long time in which they will considereverything it is involved in. I would include all the basics of my buying the product.brand in which the customer would know everything there is to FUNCTIONknow about that brand before they buy that product just by The function is to be able to experience the smell of the product , it can get involvedlooking at my point of sale unit. with the history of the brand and that the accessibility of the product must be able toCOST reach the product with ease. It must tell the story of Hackett whilst keeping theThe cost of the point of sale would be low if the point of sale customer there. It must show the real meaning of Hackett and then offer the ability towas made in bulk however, it would be higher priced if the point try the product. Also it must not interfere with the point of sale to reach the productof sale unit goes into selected shops in certain areas. The the male must not strain his arm to reach it and so it all has to be in arms length. Ofmaterials can be of high cost and floor space in selected shops course there has to be some sort of security but it could be very subtle in which theycan be very expensive but if it is in shelves it can be much wouldn’t even realise they arent allowed to get the bottle out of the point of sale unitcheaper. perhaps.CUSTOMER MATERIALSThe right customer has to be targeted by use of mature materials The product will be made of good quality durable materials, the materials can beand the shops its placed in and the area of the shop it placed coloured and that I will use glass machined metal and and height for the customer makes the difference too, it The materials must be able to be coloured bold and also have fabric for the upmostalso would contain warm colours in which they would professional look because it would really give the sense of Hackett and it would besubconsciously be drawn into the point of sale display unit and able to be not worn away because it would be protected and certain materials of thethey would have to see what it is all about. point of sale unit would not be able to be worn away.ENVIRONMENT It must be robust to take knocks, a motion tester could be dangerous for the asthmaticwhere the point of sale is positioned. Where could be right place Persons assembling the product need to make sure they are not straining themselvesfor my product. How sustainable is my point of sale display unit during assembly.for the environment. Is part of the p.o.s disposable products .The P.O.S would have its on shop floor space to get the biggestimpact on the customer in which he would have to look at it forhisACCESS FM
  11. 11. Person and product interaction is about how the client handles the Environmental snapshot Is about the point of sales display product point of sale display unit what they look at for how long and how unit location, I will look in luxury shops where my point of they methodically work their way through, ill look at what they look at sale display unit will be based and I will look at how and first and how long they are at the point of sale unit. Why they would walk whereabouts in the shops are they positioned, what they are straight past and not even glance at the unit itself and why, ill also look at surrounded by and what could draw them into customers, what can draw the customer in whether it be the fragrance itself or the maybe they have to walk past it to get to the checkout or colour scheme or the background image of the display unit., ill be looking maybe it could be at the entrance to the fragrances section, at the type of person who looks at the unit and note down what they are this is what ill be looking for. wearing and if a staff member walks over and discusses the products on sale and perhaps give their own opinion. Competitive products is about looking at Hacketts rivals again similar to market research, it will look at what rivals Hackett and what Hackett could do to regain the top mark and come out on top as they used to until most companies went worldwide and they became a very famous brand. Ill look at advertising campaigns and where ads could be placed and where certain products are in certain shops.10 minute observation is similar to person and productinteraction but it is purely seeing how many people will look at the Market research will be about looking at other products on the market that could competeunit and the type of person they are. What they will look for other with Hacketts fragrances and how do they compete to take customers from each other. I willthen the fragrance itself and perhaps what they are wearing, how look at famous brands such as Hugo Boss and diesel which I think are competitors to Hackettmany people will just walk past and not even glance at the and I will also look at new arrivals to the male fragrance market which could take the market byunit, maybe they just do not want that fragrance or they don’t like storm so I will look at expensive products and new products, see what they take away fromit which could not be a problem of mine because I don’t make the Hackett and where Hackett has the upper hand.fragrances. Perhaps the people already have the fragrance or arejust passing by, ill look at how many approach the unit how longthey will be there for what they might discuss and if they actuallypurchase the products or not.GANT CHART
  12. 12. The Hugo boss unit at Harrods was notspecial in anyway to the others, it wasdifficult to find and that the only difference isthe background photograph[h and the bottlesitself, they have a bright light to display andso that can draw the customers in. the pointof sale unit displayed all bottles that HugoBoss has to offer but there was too muchselection for one customer I think it wouldhave had to have been limited.The Hugo boss p.o.s is good because it givesyou something to hold such as the bag, it keepsthe customer there and so its successful, also itcovers the testing bottles so that is a downside.It simplistic and so its easy to look at andinteract with and so it is a good P.O.S. The newly released 007 fragrance is the highlight of Harrods at the moment and When testing mens fragrances the potential customers so it heavily influences the fragrances approach the point of sale unit. department together with adverts point of Firstly they look at all the products on sale for the P.O.S sale units and promotions in the brand, once they have found a product they are familiar windows, its good because 007 is well with they pick up the bottle, spend a few seconds at it and known through the world and so anyone then they proceed to test the fragrance on left and right who glances at the unit knows instantly hands, then they shake their hands for the scent to settle in what its related to. and then show their family and friends their wrist, the bottle, then they show the products at the point of sale unit. Then and only then did they request the price of the bottle because the point of sale did not contain any information about the pricing of the product. There was staff always around giving information on all products and so I conducted my research at Harrods luxury outlet store, Harvey Nichols and many upper class stores in Londons Canary Wharf.PERSON AND PRODUCT INTERACTION
  13. 13. While doing my research I stayed around in Harrods and Hackett, Hugo Boss and other shops looking at how many people approached the point of sale units, what they did and their age and style. Firstly while in Harrods I watched a male in his late 20s in business attire approach the Hugo Boss stand, he had a talk with the assistant who explained all of the fragrances and discussed his favourite and why. The male then asked to try the scent in which the staff behind the counter readied a testing strip and then Most of the people who walked past the point of sale just gave a glance sprayed the point of sale bottle onto the strip, they then and nothi9ngg more, occasionally they would stand for as few seconds proceeded to wave the strip around and then handed it almost analysing what the products are for sale but the bright light to the customer, the male them viewed his opinion and showing all the products really draw them in. to me the bright light and then done the same with another bottle. the background photograph drew me in and so I enjoyed looking at the environment the scent could be used in. the staff behind the counter knew Out of the ten minutes I was viewing only around 3 all about the fragrances and so they could give me all the vital people approached the male fragrances I would information. associate to be near Hacketts target market and age range, all whom looked to be returning from work. 0-3 minutes- 3 persons walked past the unit glancing and one male did Out of all the males who approached the product most stop and test the fragrance and showed interest to his friends, didn’t buy put their hands on the product and went through the the products then left the stand to have a look at the 007 fragrance.. same process. 4-7 minutes- up to ten people walked past this unit only merely glancing while talking to friends, one male on his own did look test and though about purchasing one of the products and then looked around at diesel products and then also went to the 007 stand. 8-10 minutes- no none stood at the unit and some glances were drawn but it seems the promote devices of the 007 fragrance had taken away potential customers, so I found out that if other products are promoted well enough they will gain a reputation and v ads as well as ones in the street. That they will draw the market to them thus cornering the market from all other products.10 MINUITE OBSERVATION
  14. 14. While looking at male fragrances I looked at the environment surrounding them. InHacketts Canary Wharf store the environment was their clothing and the style of thestore was of traditional British feel, old chairs and polished wood was used for most ofthe store, it gave the feel of real class as well as wealth.Looking in boots shops the environment of the mens fragrances was that they were allplaced together. There was nothing special about them behind glass cabinets other thena few selected lines which took up floor space in which the potential customer wouldhave to walk past them in order to see the rest so it has the angle of being first. So theHugo Boss stall was one of these which displayed a bag which claimed that if youbought a big enough bottle of the fragrance you would receive the bag for free. Thisangle bought many males to the bag rather then the bottle as it was more interesting atfirst glance. They would play around looking at the bag for a couple of minutes beforethen looking at the bottle which to me is a successful way in keeping the potentialcustomer there.When I went to Harrods there was nothing special about any of the sale points for malefragrances, they were all light up brightly and that they contained one backgroundpicture of where their best fragrance could be used which to me I found was a little bittoo repetitive in the store. I had to ask a member of staff to help me find certainfragrances and that you could never easily distinguish the fragrances while walkingaround at a glance.What Harrods did have however was a large promotion of the new 007 fragrancewhich was placed in the window area with a vehicle and many devices used andassociated with the 007 feel, this to me was outlandish and was very large promotionjust for a bottle of male fragrance.ENVIRONMENTAL SNAPSHOT
  15. 15. Diesel is also another competitive product because it is targeted at the same age range and style as well as pricing as its cheaper then HugoFor competitive products I chose Hugo Boss and Diesel as they Boss. It focuses heavily on being casual but its different again fromboth have a similar age range and that they combine business and Hackett as Hackett is all about being totally British and of style, brandspleasure. Hugo Boss Is good because their male fragrance is like diesel can be for most occasions because its not held down by onequite popular, they are a well known brand and their primary sale style, the style of a traditional British gentleman and so that’s whyis of business wear such as suits attire. Hackett has competition, because it is not expanding its horizons.Hugo Boss’ pricing however is not similar as the bottles are more I found that diesel had the market of younger males who have a busyexpensive by 20 pounds sterling. They offer a wider range of lifestyle which also brings in the need to look good even as the bottlesituations to Hacketts fragrance of what to do and where to go shows, while looking I saw young males in their 20s looking at the unitbecause it has daytime bottles, night-time bottles and also sport and even purchasing the product not even caring of Hugo boss or evenbottles. This is why Hugo Boss could be taking away Hacketts Hackett, this shows me that the lifestyle portrayed from dieselssales. Boss is a TNC a trans national company operating all advertising campaign has proven successful in the long run.around the world they are well known through out and their As I stated in all competitive products it is the advertising that letsadvertising is on the television, posters and units in shops Hackett down, if they are to reach out more they will need to proveeverywhere, they get their word out to the public and they do it themselves with more advertising.well, advertising could be one of the major factors Hackett ismissing out on as they do not have any advertising campaigns inpublic for example around the underground in London or on thehigh-street. Their brand also is well known and they really dohave a say in the market because they are so well known. Alfred Dunhill is also another competitive product against Hackett, other then Dunhill actually buying into Hackett their fragrances also crave their way into the market against Hackett when they are also a business and casual wear brand also about British clothing so this is a very close match to Hackett. They have more then one fragrance and have womens fragrances as well. This means they are already one up on Hackett but they lack what Hackett lacks, standard public advertising, Alfred Dunhill has no advertising so like Hackett they may be a quiet brand which not many people know about only jus the people who are really in the loop. They also aim themselves at middle aged people to slightly younger depending on the persons taste but they are also male and female and do not have a childrens line for attire so they could be just beneath Hackett London.COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS
  16. 16. When I went to London and done my research I found that big brands such as Hugo Boss, Diesel Alfred Dunhill etc. are the main players in the fragrance market and so they show off their business side being professional and also they have their casual side which means they really do appeal to the young mans market in which he will have casual times and also times to be smart so why not go for that type of fragrance which appeals to both side. Another strong point Hugo boss is that they are Hackett has many different styles about it, in which it is of traditional British known worldwide as Hackett is not known as much so people will generally go for the brands that gentleman but also casual. Its style is hard to make wider available because it is they will know so Hackett needs to be able to sell their fragrance and tell their history at the same only aimed at a small situation of business of very different casual wear. On the time in order to successfully sell their product, that’s what I think. other hand the fragrance is different because the fragrance can be used as widely a wanted no matter what you are wearing, where you are going or who you are with It gives the sense of a traditional British smell and gives the essence of a nice scen no matter what you look like in terms of attire. However there is other parts of the brand you have to think of though because it is all about the traditional gentleman, its not for young males but it can go all the wa up to the older gentleman. You need to be in the older style of clothing in order to popularity shop there because otherwise it will just not be your style if you do not want to be almost an elite smart. To me Hackett needs to be smart and casual at the same time so their point of sale unit needs to be friendly but also dead smart too, this will be a good task of its ow as it can be the fun of the fragrance but also the precision and the materials of the point of sale unit.costMARKET RESEARCH
  17. 17. MOOD BOARD
  18. 18. HACKETT started out from being a small stall selling traditional used Mens clothes on Portobello road. This was theyear of 1979.By 1983 they had a thriving business and so they opened their first store under the name HACKETT at the ‘wrong end’of new kings road, they only sold the finest quality second hand British clothing and accessories. From this they grewconsiderable interest from ‘young fogeydom’.By 1985 they were selling new mens clothing on their own line with their vast knowledge of male clothing and so it gavea new traditional style of men’s clothing to the market.1986 they were opening more stores based on specialities for each, tailoring , shirts and ties and a gentlemans accessoryshop. They were on the way up!In 1989 HACKETT received lots of interest from Europeans and so they branched out to Spain in which they were verysuccessful.In 1992 Alfred Dunhill buys shares in Hackett in which they opened their flagship store on Sloane street in the October.Through the years Hackett is involved in many sports such as motor racing and horse racing as well as Polo, this givesthem a big status among the land.By 2006 Hackett have a childrens department and is involved in Aston Martin and the British Rugby union. They have269 across Europe including Dubai and Hong KongBy 2012 Hackett is a globally known brand about traditional British clothing and accessories and so they have a thrivingand bustling business across the globe.Hackett are the leaders in tailored suits and the traditional British dress of males and children as well as ladies.So Hackett now being established for well over 30 years have gained a very good voice in todays market for upmarketclothing accessories and attire for all.BRAND PROFILING
  19. 19. The customer would live in London central in a studio flat, he would holiday in perhaps Switzerland or maybe new York. He would dine in only the best of restaurants and when he is on his travels he would stay at the Ritz or the four seasons hotel around the globe. His job would be in Canary Wharf and would work for a stock trading company making a healthy income for his family. He would be between 25 up to 50 years of age assuming on the Hackett clothing and attire. He would attend evening events such as company dinners and on weekends he would spend his time at his country manor residence perhaps having a pheasant shoot when in season. In the city he would drive his pride and glory Aston Martin high speed vehicle and in the countryside he would drive his Land Rover Defender for his off roading antics. The client wears Hackett attire because he knows it is real quality clothing and that it shows off pure British class and that he wants and knows he must show himself as the best at all times to keep his professional profile. The draw to Hackett is that his wife will buy him the attire and the fragrance as gifts because she knows that Hackett is really what he wants because he knows that he wants to look his best. The client would also wear other high priced attire including Jaeger London and Austin reed tailoring but he would always appreciate Hackett products.CUSTOMER PROFILING
  20. 20. RELEVANT NON RELEVANT Price to build p.o.s What the client wears What store it will be in Building out of cheap materials Where it will be positioned The price of clothing To tell the background history Where the client lives Be made out of quality materials What the client drives or owns Be eye catching Whether it is male or female purchasing Have bold colours and partly visual noise Having to have the p.o.s at various points at It must look traditional checkout To perhaps use a bright light in the process Where the client works The price of similar products to how good their p.o.s is. Staff discussing the products It must look sophisticated, classic, suave What the client does casually It must appeal to 25 to 45 year olds What the client owns It must be placed in a luxury store such as Harrods Where the client goes on holiday The point of sale display unit can be one that hasn’t been done Where he lives before using lighting and background history rather then where the fragrance has been used. What position it is in the store How tall it is Top 5 relevant in non formation Eye level 1. Building of cheap materials Attracts target market male and female 2. What the client wears bold to see from a distance The money to be spent on the point of sale unit has to be in 3. Where the client works relation to how much a bottle of fragrance costs. 4. What the client owns 5. Staff discussing products Top 5 relevant information 1. What store it will be in 2. Appeal from 25 to 40 year olds What I have learnt 3. How tall the P.O.S is The purpose of this research summary is to help me determine what I can do to 4. It must look classic and traditional make a point of sale display unit for Hackett which will draw in customers 5. Made out of quality materials who don’t even need to know the brand, this will help me make my further specification ready to design my display unit and what I could use. Also this page will give me relevant information and non relevant information so I know how to make my display unit as appealing as possible.RESEARCH SUMMARY
  21. 21. FURTHER SPECIFICATION AESTHETICS- my P.O.S would have the brand colours of blue and green, it will have the company logo and lettering. There will be images in relation to Hackett and its history and background. This will mean the customer will know all about Hacketts history when buying the product. It will also have lighting too light up the history wall and the product itself. It will also have a mechanism in which the sensitive touch sensor will give the fragrance a burst onto the wrist using a system I will develop. COST- my point of sale display unit will cost no more then the amount of products held on it at rrp. This will mean once it has been restocked it will have paid for itself and can then start to help make money straight off. CUSTOMER- the target market will be for males aged 25 years through to 40. it will be appealing in look and style and so will have to be drawn in to its uniqueness. ERGENOMICS- it will be easy to interact with and there will be no way you could strain yourself reaching for the Hackett bottle. FUNCTION- its function will be to allow for the handling of the bottled product and also to view the history and background of Hackett London while testing the product on your own skin but there will be fabric alternatives if you wish. SIZE- it ill be big enough or on a plinth to be at average eye level of 1 and a half metres so that if you wish to handle the product you don’t‘ strain your arms reaching for it and so its just below or chest height. MATERIALS- the P.O.S will be made of aluminium, oak and glass because these are all high quality materials and they will be proven to be durable.FURTHER SPECIFICATION
  22. 22. Step 1: to design the inner frame of the luggage trunk using Styrofoam, this gives me an idea at how the skeleton of the trunk will look before being covered by an inner layer and an outer layer Ive done this so I get an idea of what I would be doing first in order to make a luggage trunk. This will be made of an mdf and screwed together using screws, it will then be able to have a leather décor wrapped on the outside with wood panels placed on the inside for more support and to be robust. This is my original concept, Im changing it slightly so that inside there are no drawers and that it will be hollow with the product held where it is by leather straps to give a more vintage feel to this luggage trunk, it will be scaled down to fit on a shelf so it will be a mini style trunk design primarily to hold a fragrance and on the left the 2nd part will still stay as a Step 2: in order for the frame to be scrapbook dedicated to the Hackett Brand. steadied it needs to have the right There will be a shelf inside so that the main tester will panelling, Louis Viton used beech as be on top and the boxes for sale will be underneath inside panelling for their steamer trunks ready to be taken to the checkout. and so that’s what should be used to Also the point of sale Im producing will be on a stand replicate the most upmarket luggage in the store it ill be 50 cm in height, it will be 25 there is. Or I could go with another way centimetres in depth and each half section will be 30 and simply have the frame and then centimetres in length. canvas or leather around like other products of LV as you can see in the picture. This would make construction easier but would require more craftsmanship with the leather or canvas. Also looking at how the leather is put on is by glue or small rivets so that could make wrapping it on easier.DEVELOPMENT
  23. 23. The other woods I looked at was mdf-medium density fibreboard which I would use on inside panelling because of how cheap it is and how easy it is to work with, I may use thisLooking at leathers, they can be purchased from leather but if I did I would need to have astores and come in lots of colours, ill use a brown for myluggage trunk meaning that it will look like a vintagetrunk, they arent very expensive but It has to be able to lookgood.A leather that could be used for the trunk could be Heavy Block board is a good alternative because even though it isChap Leather Sides, a heavy leather in brown which is hard a man made board it has softwood inside but hardwood onwearing a sounds to be suitable for the product. the outside giving it an expensive look for what it reallyAlso another leather that I can use is zora Whole Hide is, this could go on the inside of the trunk because it wouldBrown which is used for handbags and other luggage. It is still look aesthetically pleasing.soft and has a distinct grain in appearance.Veg Tanned Kangaroo Skin Whiskey is a good leatherwhich is lightwieght but has a good tensole strenth, it is able Looking at mahogany it is a good hardwoodto take knocks and scrapes and is very dureable. because it is nice to look at, has good durabilityWith all of these though, to be connected to the frmae of the and can take knocks and scrapes, the only limitingtrunk they will need to be glued on using a can of water factor of mahogany is that it is expensive but thisbased cement specially designed for leather in mind, this wood would be good to have for my luggagemeans the leather will not become unstcuk and no way will trunk.the edges start to curve up. I used the internet on how to find out about upholstering a luggage trunk using leather and so these are the instructions I found, to do this I will need, Fabric, Measuring tape, Fabric chalk, Screwdriver, Leather scissors, upholstery tacks, Corner caps Remove the handle using a screwdriver if necessary. Keep all the pieces since the handle will be reattached to the trunk later. Mark the material according to your measurements, then cut the material. Use fabric chalk to avoid a Looking at woods I can use for my trunk I had a look at a few, permanent mark. Also, mark the inside of the material that will be next to the trunk instead of the side beech is a good hardwood with a nice grain, it is durable and is facing the outside. Use a ruler to ensure you have straight edges, which will make the trunk look neater not too expensive in comparison to other hardwoods, I would use once you put the upholstery on it. beech on the inside panelling of my trunk to give it a high class Fold a hem on one side of the material, making sure its about 1-inch thick and facing down. Tack that look. edge onto the corresponding side of the trunk. You may have to place upholstery tacks at both corners of Also I looked at a softwood like piner which doesn’t look as the side youre tacking down. Dont put the tacks in the very corner, however; leave about an inch on the pleasing but I is cheaper and it also has a nice grain, I could also ends because you will be folding hems all the way around the material. use this in my project as all the woods I am looking at are good Hem each side and tack the corners down. Make sure the material is pulled taught and the hems face the to work with and play basic roles in the construction of my trunk trunk rather than being upward and exposed. mostly being out of sight and are used mainly as a frame for the Add upholstery tacks to secure the sides of this piece of material down. These should resemble rivets in canvas and or leather. the way that they cover the length of the material on each side and spaced about 2 inches apart. Repeat the process until all the sides of the trunk are covered. Add corner caps to each corner of the trunk to provide extra reinforcement to the upholstery. Replace the handle and any other hardware you took off to upholster the trunkDEVELOPMENT
  24. 24. Looking at locks for my trunk I considered a key lock as well as a classic brass latch lock pictured left below. All the locks would have to be screwed and Next I looked at luggage corners for my trunk. The so I would again use screws that would corners I will need are fan shaped corners preferably be able to not cause to much disruption from brass or aluminium, this will add great feature to the leather or the wood framing. to the trunk as well as be durable to the floor for On the right you can see a rivet, I would when being carried around like a normal luggage case use this for pinning the leather in the but even when being a point of sale unit it needs to wood of the trunk, this is how it was have the same function of a trunk because otherwise done originally and so I should follow it will not look like on as well as it not being a trunk the steps of how to make a vintage style in the end. I understand that some trunks have leather trunk. The lock below me is a classic but as well as being traditional it does need to have a lock used on sheds but I think it could be modern twist to it. It would be fitted to the trunk used for the front lock of the trunk for a using screws that would go through the leather or vintage look as well as a lock. canvas and into the wood framing inside. Through out the last few pages I have decided that Im going to have a frame made of MDF as it will not be seen internally or externally, it will be joined together using the angle brace joint to add extra stability to the frame as well as the design being able to wrap leather around it easier. Also I am going to use brass coloured metal corner caps for durability and appearance as using leather corners could mean that the trunk be damaged easier then if metal was used. Thinking about lock I thought about a lock with a key but I think it could be too complicated and expensive to get a lock mechanism thatJoins was suited to the trunk so instead I’m deciding on is a lock usuallyLooking at joins I thought about using the angle used on sheds, this will mean that it can have a lock of its own thenbraces for the inside of the frame, this way put on so that if it cannot be accessed and the key is lost it isnt veryconstruction will be easier and the frame will not be hard to then use bolt cutters on the lock to open its contents. Also Iseen on the inside anyway so it will be the easiest for Mitre joint know the leather will be put on using rivets made for leather and thatconstruction. Angle braces are always glued and Ive also thought about using the mitre join for the the corner caps will be nailed in and that the brace joint will bescrewed or nailed frame using glue to hold it together but I think this screwed together. Externally I will use mahogany for the best effect is the weakest join of the 3 for the classic look.Dowel jointI could use a dowel joint, its strong and could be used forthe frame‘This joint is quite easy to make, it consists of drillingaccurate holes in both sections of wood and joining themwith dowel pegs. Within in industry this is often used toconstruct flat pack furniture’.DEVELOPMENT
  25. 25. For the scrapbook style on the 2nd part of the luggage trunk I will use a piece of mdf to board up the inside , I will use a mahogany veneer to give it the look of being a hardwood, I will make sure its in the rectangular shape of the trunk and I On the inside on the trunk for the shelf I am going to use mdf for the shelf will glue it into place using an epoxy resin so it will stay in itself but its going to be layered with a green tweed for the point of sale to be place. sat on and the bottom shelf which holds the stock will also have the stock but the bottom will have a plinth of 16mm plywood for increased effect of a ‘step’ and so it will give a real effect of luxury as well as tweed which is what lots of British attire is made of so it shows of ‘essentially British’. For when my frame is to be made ill use a jig to make But underneath the the shelf I am going to put a mahogany veneer so that if sure that the pilot holes for the wood frame will be the someone looks underneath it looks professional and made from quality same through out so that the frame will be consistent materials. through out so that it will be as precise as possible. Therefore I will use a jig, it will be good form my frame because if the frame is not perfect then the whole project Next I decided to look at hinges for the trunk, the part will become slanted and it will not look professional at which will keep both parts together this means that they all. will have to be durable and cannot be cheap buy twice, it needs to be buy right buy once, I thought about using parliament hinges as they look nice and would go well Looking at handles which must go onto my trunk for safe handling I with the brass corner caps. They are simple and would go thought about perhaps a leather handle as seen pictured right, I also well on my trunk, I also looked at solid drawn hinge as thought about perhaps having a metal one but I think it would well because they are both similar but it is then down to definitely suit the trunk with a leather handle, one of which will be which one will match the corner caps as well s the handle durable and match the same colour of the leather on the case because on the trunk which I am yet to look at. Also looking at it cannot be the same colour but slightly lighter or darker because it the piano hinge, the piano hinge could be used but may will not look like a quality product. be too thin for the size of the luggage trunk as it will need to open up wide.DEVELOPMENT
  26. 26. I looked at glues for the leather onto wood as well as the corner caps onto leather too and this is what I found. The leather glue is a polyurethane based, heat activated glue that remains flexible even once set. This means that you can repair damage on high use areas and not be worried about the damage splitting open. Polyurethane based glue available in five different sizes. Remains flexible once set. Dries in about 15 minutes but I am going to put a wood coating onto continually sets over a 24 hour period. the mahogany to keep it from the Suitable for use on all leather types in all industries, this glue can elements, this is going to keep it from be used for leather and so it can also be used for wood as well as woodworm moisture damage and metals. There is also fabric glue which is said to be good for use warping, this will protect the wood for on leathers. years to come. I could put a latch onto the scrapbook area of the trunk to make it look like it opensThese are the tools I am going to need for everything Ive looked at so far I when it doesn’t so that it gives thathave leather scissors for the leather, the drill and bits for the wood frame effect, this would have to be screwed in byand the screws to go with it, Im using chalk to outline the leather with screws and the drill.chalk and use the rivets to put the leather in place. The hammer is forbanging the rivets in. For my trunk to be secure when it is standing it needs to have feet preferable rubber or metal. This will make it secure and it will not fall over unless pushed so it will be as safe as possible. They will either be screwed in or glued using fabric glue which works on metals as well as rubbers. I thought about putting wood into the external area of the trunk, it will reinforce the trunk and also help to give it a vintage look,. I will use rivets to put it into the leather through to the wood, this is the classic way of how luggage trunks are done so rivets need to be used. The wood I would use would be mahogany to match the other woods of the trunk. To give it the look of being old I can use aDEVELOPMENT