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Accountants Social Media Notes


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Presentation slides and notes - Chartered Accountants

Published in: Technology, Business
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Accountants Social Media Notes

  1. 1. what is the buzz?
  2. 2. Social Media Blogs Podcasting
  3. 3. google images
  4. 4. Social Media people will be people will be nice nasty RISKS ??? you become no-one will care an authority competition people will will spy share Risks of social media. Based on a visual model by David Armano
  5. 5. Social media notes Videos are from Networking; listening not selling Listening to what? Everything Online networking; no different Social media networking is a set of tools Social media networking is not direct marketing or public relations Social networking sites are more popular than porn sites Why so much attention? Technology and corporate interest Sales cycle; shifted from product specialists to trusted advisor So who is talking? Customers, competition, employees, suppliers, members, etc Where will new customers come from in the future? Two popular tools are blogs, podcasts
  6. 6. Popular platforms include; linkedin, twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube, flickr Platforms image Why do this at all? Social media builds interest, drives traffic Social media will drive seo. Not sem. What is the difference Business networking in social media. Be careful Relevant content, perceived value, audience driven Once you hand over you cannot control it, just contribute to it Conversation and content. Don t spam Risks; yes there are a few Image Tools in depth; twitter, linkedin, facebook, tweetdeck, Clever stuff; polls, feedback, direct traffic, build brand No nos of social media; spam, multiple posts, put downs, not personal, site rules, copyrights, keyword overuse. Get a plan; set limits on time, money, resources and analyse Sum Up The internet is where people look for information. The more places & connections they can find you on the better. BUT only if your cointent is relevant, honest, transparent and of quality.