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Comic book


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Comic book

  1. 1. Comic Books
  2. 2. Comic BookA book thatuses picturesand words totell a story.
  3. 3. Hero/HeroineThe most importantman or woman in astory, often hassome ability thatmakes themspecial.
  4. 4. VillainThe anti-hero,whoever orwhatever the herois fighting againstto make the worlda better place.
  5. 5. Action ComicsThe traditionalsuper herocomic books.Usually has ahero fightingsome sort ofsuper villain.
  6. 6. Historical Comics• Comics that tell a story based on something that happened in the past
  7. 7. Autobiographical• A comic book written about the author, telling stories from the authors life.
  8. 8. PoliticalComic books thatoften times makefun of something inpolitics in order tomake a commentabout them. Thesecomic books aretraditionally funny.
  9. 9. Comedy ComicsComic books that arecentered around making thereader laugh.
  10. 10. Romance Comics• Comics that tell love stories.