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Energy Audit - a cost cutting tool to lower your costs and carbon emissions


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Time is running out , be prepared, an energy audit is the first step towards cutting your building and factory energy costs and lowering your carbon emissions in Asia.

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Energy Audit - a cost cutting tool to lower your costs and carbon emissions

  1. 1. Energy Audit Cutting Energy Costs by John Herbert
  2. 2. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Cutting Energy Costs Ordering an energy audit should be your first step, it will identify: ➢ energy waste ➢ work to restore lost energy efficiency ➢ cut your operating costs The following slides show a selection of our success stories
  3. 3. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Supply air duct access panel open. Located near the AHU (highest duct pressure) huge leak into non-conditioned plant room, air flow into the building is reduced. wasting energy. ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  4. 4. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Demand Controlled Ventilation Air Conditioning AHU with Variable Speed Drive, CO2 sensor in wrong location, no record of commissioning, energy wasted ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  5. 5. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Chilled water pipe header a high level in the plant room traps air (no air vent fitted). Chilled water pumps also found air locked. Air locking restricts water circulation wasting energy. ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  6. 6. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Poorly positioned external lighting, operating 24hrs per day wasting energy. ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  7. 7. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Exhaust fan intake side flexible connection (high pressure location) failed draws outside air, lowing extracted air volume, and wasting energy. ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  8. 8. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Steam condensate leak flashing to steam, wasting energy and water ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019 ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  9. 9. © Copyright All Rights Reserved Infra red image, orange colour indicates slab heated to approx. 40 degC, by hot air discharging from air conditioning units below, and heating up the building, wasting energy ©CopyrightAllRightsReserved2019
  10. 10. © Copyright All Rights Reserved cutting costs need not cost the earth Thank You