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Powering Your Personal Brand With Social Media


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Intended for business professionals who want to stand apart in their industry and job seekers who need to promote and reinforce their distinctive qualities with the smartest social media platforms.

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Powering Your Personal Brand With Social Media

  1. Powering Your Personal Brand With Social Media
  2. this presentation noob guru
  3. 75% of Americans use SM
  4. time spent on social media growing 3x internet rate
  5. Republic of Facebook 1. 2. 3. 400 million users
  6. 50 million tweets per day
  7. 100,000,000 views per day
  8. Content is the new democracy, and we the people are ensuring that our voices are heard. Brian Solis The Social Media Manifesto
  9. WTF is Social Media?
  10. Social Media is... people connecting to people using technology
  11. Social Media is word of mouth on steroids
  12. You have a voice ....
  13. Cut through the clutter
  14. You are a blank slate
  15. Authenticity
  16. What are your brand attributes? Motivated Detail Oriented
  17. What are your brand attributes? Organized Reliable Thoughtful Innovative Motivated Methodical Creative Efficient Trustworthy Driven Strategic Persistent Energetic Detail Oriented
  18. Hope is not a strategy
  19. Think first
  20. Focus
  21. Quality
  22. Consistency
  23. Generosity
  24. Content is king
  25. Mold your own personal brand
  26. Personal Professional
  27. Privacy Lockdown
  28. Social media overload
  29. Reserve your identities
  30. Create your visual identity
  31. Corporate
  32. Facial
  33. Why full body shots don’t work
  34. Why full body shots don’t work } 40 pixels
  35. Personal Avatar
  36. Headshot + logo
  37. Corporate/Personal Hybrid
  38. Your default profile
  39. Completed profile
  40. Ask for help
  41. Own your identity yourself
  42. Personal SEO
  43. Google Profile
  44. Pick your platforms
  45. Listen
  46. It’s a virtual cocktail party
  47. Engage
  48. Content crosses platforms
  49. Video Rules
  50. Converse
  51. Measure
  52. Dive in
  53. Questions