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Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage - UKLUG 2011 Edition


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Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC’s “Application Modernization” strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages and advanced collaboration functionality. By John Head (@johnhead) and Ted Stanton (@tedstanton)

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Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage - UKLUG 2011 Edition

  1. 1. Domino Applicat ion Developm ent Compet it ive Advant age Presenters: John Head, PSC Group, LLC & Ted Stanton, IBM
  2. 2. John Head Perimeter Drive 500Schaumburg, IL 60173 517-7200(847) 517-7600 fax
  3. 3. PSC Group, LLC Host of the following blogs:  Ed Brill’s (  Lotus Design Blog(Mary Beth Raven) (  LotusStaffNotes (Brent Peters) (  Lotus Connections Team (  Domino Server Team (  Lotus Mashups (  Chris Pepin – IBM CTO’s Office (
  4. 4. Ted Stanton,IBM Collaboration Solutions GroupExecutive, IBM Software Group• Started IBM as a Software Engineer for messaging protocols (NRPC & SMTP) back in R4.• Wrote a thesis paper years ago titled: “SPAM – The Future of Email”• Strategic Premium Service Manager supporting a large Telecommunications company in US• 20+ IBM Product Certifications• Award winning patent for "Improved Method for Showing and using the Value of Tags and Other Artifacts in a Social Tagging System."• Product Manager for IBM Connections• Husband and father of 2 boys
  5. 5. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today – “not your Fathers Designer” – Advantages of Domino over Microsoft Sharepoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow - The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  6. 6. Lets talk about Domino applications but not these Domino applications, please...
  7. 7. Designer 8.5 - a world-class RAD environment Business-process-driven applications that enable people to collect, organize, share, and track information.● Open, point and click GUI development environment.● Support for developers at every skill level – Lotus, Java, Eclipse● Bundled templates that require no coding to use● Component reusability saves time and increases responsiveness● Centralized administration for quick deployment and easy maintenance● Pervasive security● Universal access: online or offiline, Rich client or web client.● Integrate multiple data sources
  8. 8. Thousands of enterprises around the globe trust their core collaborative and businessapplications to Lotus Notes and Domino. N o te s Apps “b y th e n u m b e rs ”: ● 280,000 active developers ● $45m investment by IBM since 2007 ● 10,000,000 applications in use ● 64,000 developers and 200 projects active in open source community Discussion databases  Inventory and project management Community forums  Process tracking Document storage and collaboration  Sales force automation Customer relationship management  Product catalogs and price lists Help desk and customer support  Billing systems Human resources  Audit and assessmentTodays Notes/Domino offers the easiest, fastest and richest development of Web 2.0 apps.
  9. 9. From this... Jacobs eLite 1.0
  10. 10. To this with xPages - Jacobs eLite 2.0
  11. 11. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today – “not your Fathers Designer” – Advantages of Domino over Microsoft Sharepoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow - The IBM Social Business Framework
  12. 12. Reasons not t o move Not esapps t o Shar ePoint• Claims heard about why one should move to Sharepoint – SharePoint could easily replace the Rapid Application development feature set of Lotus Notes – SharePoint is self service driven and therefore will need less development resources than a new Lotus Notes environment• While in reality – What most consider to be simple Notes client applications often require moderate to significant development effort that cannot be done with SharePoint Designer and require Visual Studio and .Net development skills – Complex applications with business logic and workflow are not suitable for SharePoint and require .Net development and additional Microsoft products to provide the same level of capability you get in one product (Lotus Domino)
  13. 13. Reasons not t o move Not esapps t o Shar ePoint P la tfo rm Ca pa b ility Lotus Notes/Domino Microsoft SharePoint Messaging Built in messaging services Requires Exchange tailored for applications. Data storage Data store is fully integrated with Data storage relies an SQL the platform and no additional server and unexpected additional cost cost must be considered Replication Ability to have fine grained None control to replicate data over distributed server environment
  14. 14. Reasons not t o move Not esapps t o Shar ePoint Applica tio n Ca pa b ility Lotus Notes/Domino Microsoft SharePoint Securing access to Fine grained control at the doc Very limited to no capability to document data field or section level hide/secure data at this level Workflow Simple to complex workflow can Simple workflows can be created be built in Designer using data, in Sharepoint Designer. More security and messaging services complex workflows require .Net Event model XPages and Notes forms Events tied to list actions can be provide robust event model added but require C# Offline access Industry leading ability to take Limited offline support data and business logic offline securely
  15. 15. Recommendat ionBring your Notes client applications to theWeb with Xpages● Preserves your investment in your current applications data and business logic while providing a Web 2.0 developer experience● Provides browser and mobile access and still allows you to take that application securely offline with all application logic available using the Notes client● Expands the reach of your Domino applications to other IBM platforms like WebSphere Portal and IBM Mashup Center thru iWidgets
  16. 16. So urc e : Ga rtne r. M rc h 2 0 1 1 . H a ttp:/ / im a ge s rv .ga rtne r.c o m / pv _o b j_c a c h e / pv _o b j_id_7 B CF1 8 6 C9 B A 2 A FA D7 F3 5 EB A B 3 A 0 7 0 0 / file na m e / a rtic le 1 5 .pdf D7 B 1 B 5 7 2 2 B
  17. 17. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today – “not your Fathers Designer” – Advantages of Domino over Microsoft Sharepoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow - The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  18. 18. • Founded in 1990 • Primary Offerings • Consistent Growth and Stability • Business Consulting • Committed to our Client’s Success • Strategy Creation and Planning • Employee Delivery Model • Business Process Improvement • Thought Leaders • Technology Consulting • Application Development• Business & Technology Consulting • Service Oriented Architecture • “Business First” Approach • Enterprise Intelligence • Focus on Project-based work • Web Solutions • Pragmatic, Value-Add principles • Mobile and Social MediaWho We Are ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC 20
  19. 19. We have extensive experience in Industry: Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Distribution, Financial Services, Trading/Capital Markets, Banking, M&A, Health Care, Services, Online Services/Retailers. We are Experts in processes: IT Strategy, IT Management/Governance, Business Process Automation, Supply Chain Management, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Strategies, CRM, Portfolio/Project Management, Collaboration, Development/Deployment Methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, etc.), Social Media Strategy, Solution Architecture, etc. We are well versed with Technology: Lotus Notes/Domino, WebSphere, Microsoft (.NET, SharePoint, C#, etc.), Java/J2EE, Oracle Weblogic, SQL Server, Oracle Portal, Oracle Database, Python, Django,Cloud Platforms (Amazon, Force, etc.), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft CRM, Open Source, iPhone, BlackBerry ... and many moreWhat We Do ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC 21
  20. 20.  We are at an application crossroad Email has become a commodity  Domino or Exchange  Cloud or On Premises or Hybrid Email and application platforms being broken apart New platforms  Smartphones are common place  Tablets are here and growingTHE Question - What about my apps? ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  21. 21.  End User expect consumer Web 2.0 Experiences at work End Users will find their own solutions if applications are not updated Corporate IT must modernize or become irrelevant End Users Expect Modern Applications ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  22. 22. Documents & Discussions Enterprise Applications Business Applications• 40% of total apps • 10% of total apps • 50% of total apps• Based on Templates that come • Highly transactional or huge • Mission Critical with Domino volumes of data • Organization Unique• Recommendation: • Recommendation: • Heavy use of custom workflow • Move to standard • Rebuild on top of Enterprise and/or security platforms/apps Java, .NET or other • Recommendation: • Update with new XPages technology • Move to the web via XPages Templates from IBM (2011) • Use third party tool(s) • LotusLive Engage • Other OfferingsExisting Domino Application Types ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  23. 23.  You should  Maximize your investment in Lotus technology!  Modernize your applications  Make your users happy with appealing look-and- feel of applications  Develop once, use many times  Extendyour applications to the web and mobile devices with XPagesLeveraging The Lotus Platform ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  24. 24.  Modern Notes apps have: ◦ Appealing Web 2.0 front-end ◦ Modern Business Processes ◦ Standard Corporate Web Branding ◦ User Self Service Techniques used ◦ Web 2.0 Tools  HTML  JavaScript  AJAX  Java Toolkits  Sencha  jQuery ◦ XPages ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  25. 25. • ‘Develop Once, Use Multiple Places’ is finally reality • Works in Notes Client, Browser, & Mobile• XPages is developer friendly • Notes developers with web dev skills can transition easily • Web developers can pick up XPages with basic Domino training • New Hires / College Grads can pick up XPages development with a week of trainingWhy XPages? ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  26. 26. Standard Notes Document Library ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  27. 27. Modernization with XPages ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  28. 28. Notes Client Application ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  29. 29. Modernization with XPages ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  30. 30. Notes Client Custom Application ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  31. 31. Modernization with XPages ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  32. 32. 1. Take an existing Notes Client Application2. Catalog the Notes Client Assets3. Create XPages Application4. Create Custom Theme5. Build Mobile Interface6. Compare with SharePoint applicationNotes Client to XPages ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  33. 33. XPages Document Workflowin Notes Today ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  34. 34. • 1 User Form – Agreement • 4 Dialogs• 5 System Forms – Keywords, Lookups• 30 User Views• 17 System Views• Workflow & Business Logic • 20 Agents • 2 Script Libraries• Export to Excel for Reporting• User Interface ElementsXPages Document Workflow Details ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  35. 35. XPages Document Workflowwith XPages UI ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  36. 36. XPages DocumentWorkflow XPagesInterface for Mobile• Uses the Mobile Controls Project• Provides Custom UI for iPhone and other mobile devices ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  37. 37. • Created a New XPages Interface• Created Custom Theme with custom branding and color scheme• Only Interface Changes • Home Page • Document Workflow Form • Views• No changes to Workflow or Business Rules• Used the XPages Mobile Controls on for iPhone interfaceXPages UI Details ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  38. 38. Notes:1. Custom Theme is a one time effort. Can be reused by all future XPages Applications2. Mobile Controls were created as Custom Controls that can be reusedXPages Development Results ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  39. 39. • Same Notes Client application• Document tasks to build feature comparable SharePoint application• Use SharePoint development best practices that PSC uses with our customers• Estimate development costsComparing XPages to SharePoint ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  40. 40. • Create SharePoint Site • Create Agreement Form & Dialogs • Create Web Parts & Reports • Create Keyword Lookup Lists • Build Windows Workflows (not SharePoint Designer) • Implement Security – Groups and Building Form Filters • Build Excel Export• Move Data using Third-Party Tool• Create Master Page• Create iPhone on top of SharePoint Mobile ExtensionSharePoint Development Estimates ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  41. 41. SharePoint Development Estimates ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  42. 42. • PSC recommends Windows Workflow over SharePoint Workflow using SharePoint Designer due to it’s quality and support• iPhone development would be ASP.NET development talking to SharePoint Web Services• Security would use Active Directory Groups and function by applying Filters to parts of the Form• Data Export using Third Party tools would include documents, field data, and attachments• Master Page Estimate includes colors, corporate branding, logo, and simple menu changesSharePoint Development Estimates Notes ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  43. 43.  Your users are demanding modern applications in the workplace Smartphones and Tablets will force you to embrace Web 2.0 development platforms and techniques XPages is a mature web application platform You dont have to migrate to get Web 2.0 and MobileApplication Modernization in 2011 ©2011 Property of PSC Group, LLC
  44. 44. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today – “not your Fathers Designer” – Advantages of Domino over Microsoft Sharepoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow - The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  45. 45. OverviewThe IBM Social Business Toolkit, as part ofthe multi-year vision for Exceptional WorkExperience, is bringing the IBM CollaborationSolutions portfolio together into a compellingunified experience with flexible deliveryoptions.The toolkit is designed to enable consistentapproaches across the web, the desktop andthe mobile environments; and enableopportunity and innovation for developers tobuild a Social Business.The toolkit delivers through a regularcadence of product updates and newfeatures through Lotus Greenhouse.
  46. 46. PrinciplesOpportunity Convergence Unifying the experience to best meet Making possible the next generation of individual needs across access and delivery solutions built on an open foundation modelsInnovation Continuity Building on todays capabilities for a smooth Empower People in new and Innovative path to tomorrow Ways
  47. 47. What is the Toolkit?● A set of APIs which adds Social capabilities to applications, and enables developers to integrate applications into Social capabilities.● The toolkit does not any particular tool or implementation ­ The toolkit implements an HTTP-based REST style.● The Toolkit includes emerging services.
  48. 48. Open StandardsData● Atom – Feeds● – Events Feed● CMIS – Content AccessView● OpenSocial – Gadgets / Feeds● HTML 5 – Web Standard● OpenAjax – Dynamic HTML and XMLSecurity● OAuth – Authorization● SAML – Authentication
  49. 49. SecurityPeople and Identity Application and Process● SAML - Authentication ● Least Privilege● OAuth - Authorization ● Defense in Depth● Integrated Single Sign On ● White Listing ● Active Content Filters ● Secure Gadgets
  50. 50. Aggregation Service Matt sent you a Paul sent an Rob tweeted file invite• Implements the Standard• Use REST APIs to interact with your activity James stream ERP has an Social Network edits your action for you Invitation document – Use JSON – Use ATOM• Post new events Isabel shares a CRM has a new A shared file has file sale a comment• Retrieve all or a subset of events• Delete events 1000s of Events• Update events Activity Stream
  51. 51. Embedded Experience• Embedded Experiences enables users to intelligently respond to events. – In-line coordination of services and actions – View your events in your activity stream• Uses the OpenSocial Gadget framework
  52. 52. OpenSocial Gadget● Use the HTML and XML Markup to define your OpenSocial Gadget● Add the contextualData field <UserPref name="contextualData" display_name="contextualData" datatype="hidden" default_value="{}"> </UserPref>● Load the Preferences using JavaScript● Render using your Logic R fe r to o ur e xc e lle nt do c um e nta tio n fo r m o re de ta ils ! e
  53. 53. Scenarios1 - Unified Communications Partner 2 - Electronic Signature Partner ­ Samantha leaves a phone message for John. ­ Frank has completed a proposal and needs James to sign off on it. ­ John sees an event in his news feed. ­ James see an event in his news feed ­ John clicks play on the event ­ James clicks review document and a canvas pops up. ­ John listens to the Audio ­ James signs the document.
  54. 54. Scenarios continued... ● 3 - Travel Application ­ The Renovations company is a leading Travel provider. As a leading travel provider they are updating clients in real time. The real time updates occur in enterprise news feeds, online social networks and in activity streams. ­ Frank schedules a trip to a corporate conference ­ Frank sees in his activity stream the information of Franks travel. • Initial Information • Travel updates
  55. 55. The Social Enabler Project XPages● A set of controls and interfaces which enable a developer to integrate with: ­ OAuth ­ Aggregation Service ­ Integrate with Connections ­ Project User Interface Components● Uses an Apache License● Integrate with Greenhouse● Build your own integrations
  56. 56. Next st eps f or Not es/ Dom ino developer s • Learn to use XPages – It is the strategic direction for N/D application development – Start from – Download ready-to-use libraries and components from • XPages Extension Library, Mobile controls, Connections components... • Invest into the new technology trends – HTML5, CSS – Mobile platforms – JavaScript, Dojo – Gadgets, iWidgets, OpenSocial • Start to use Java pervasively – XPages business logic, agents... – Discover the power and flexibility of OSGi • Java tasklets from openNTF, XPages Extensibility API • Join the IBM Social Business Toolkit Community – • Download the Social Enabler Project –
  57. 57. XPages Jumpstart for Notes Developers 1) Get the Mastering XPages Book 1). 2)Enter IBM6318 as the coupon code for 35% off 2) Follow the Podcasts 1) 2) 3) Work thru Declan Lynchs XPages Tutorial 1)
  58. 58. Summar y• Social Business applications build on our heritage...• ...but Social Business today demands new types of applications – Beyond the firewall – Systems of systems – Both Cloud and on-premises• The IBM Social Business Framework enables IBM customers and partners to capitalize on Social Business opportunities – All IBM collaboration products are part of the framework – Big opportunities for general web developers and established Lotus developers, building on their existing skills• The new IBM Social Business Toolkit are planned to enable a new class of unified social capabilities based on the latest born-on-the web open standards – Consistent extensibility across products, deployment models and user experiences• Easy to get started with todays products and cloud developer options
  59. 59. Some Addit ional Resour ces• DeveloperWorks – –• Greenhouse –• –• –• Videos – Youtube, VideoFest... – lang=en#/wiki/W6696b8ac7465_4a5f_9327_94f1a5d82132/page/VideoFest• Resources also provided by the community –,
  60. 60. Quest ions and Your FeedbackHow to reach John How to Reach Ted John Head Ted Stanton