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Outsourced Business Strategies & HR Solutions

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Asf Why Brochure

  1. 1. The mission of Administaff is to help the best small to medium-sized businesses succeed, making life better for clients, employees, their families and shareholders.
  2. 2. Is your company where you want it to be? You work hard, you have a good staff, and you still have your eye on the goals you set for your company. So why is it so tough to achieve your goals when it seems you are doing everything right? You’ve focused on your product, services, finances and customers – and each is critical to your success, but perhaps it’s time you paid attention to a more powerful variable. Consider your employees. Your people are your single most important asset. They have the power to take your company to new heights, fulfilling your mission and creating long-term change. As you think about your team for a moment, ask yourself a few questions. Are you hiring top performers? What’s your turnover rate? Have you considered the cost of replacement and lost productivity every time an employee leaves? Administaff can help you harness the power of your people, equipping you with the ability to drive your company forward. “THE WIDE RANGE OF HR SERVICES THAT ADMINISTAFF provides has proven to be exactly what we were looking for in a PEO. Thanks. Steve Peirce, President Ribus, Inc. Client Since 2002 You still want more. Your company is successful. ”
  3. 3. Is something keeping you awake at night? Strengthening your human resources (HR) practices can significantly increase your company’s chances of success. Once you recognize the value of investing in your employees, you can realize the benefits of Administaff’s comprehensive HR services. You need to be able to concentrate on growing your company, instead of handling personnel issues and piles of paperwork. Administaff allows you to do just that. Our service model has helped numerous companies achieve greater growth and success for nearly two decades, and it’s the most copied model in the professional employer organization (PEO) industry. “ADMINISTAFF GAVE US A QUALITY HR PLATFORM from the outset, enabling us to direct our resources and energy toward growing our business. Jeffrey Goh, President and CEO Two Chefs on a Roll Client Since 2004 ” Why not share the load? You don’t need to be an HR expert to become more proficient with your HR practices. Administaff can help you become more effective by assisting you with: Assessing your current HR practices Implementing new HR practices Prioritizing areas for further focus Designing a business strategy around people practices “JOINING ADMINISTAFF WAS AN IMMEDIATE MORALE BOOSTER. There was a tremendous increase in productivity. June Mann, Partner Mann & Stevens, P.C. Client Since 1997 ”
  4. 4. on a high techplatform Administaff maintains four fully-staffed regional service centers, as well as service personnel located in many of our district sales offices. Our service team members come to us from a variety of industries, where they average more than 10 years’ experience in their fields, and their tenure with Administaff ranges to 11 years. In addition, many hold post-graduate degrees and/or specialty certifications. With Administaff, you’re tapping into the experience you need to make a difference in the success equation for your business. Employee Service CenterSM The Employee Service Center provides automated, personalized services to you and your employees. Access to these online services is available once you establish a co-employment relationship with Administaff. YOUR COMPANY YOUR SUCCESS CONTACT CENTER PAYROLL SPECIALIST RECRUITING SPECIALIST CLIENT LIAISON TEAM MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST SAFETY CONSULTANT PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST high touchservice...
  5. 5. Why are you waiting? You’ll ask yourself that as soon as you meet with an Administaff consultant, because we provide you with a full range of services, from quality employee benefits to employment administration and more. You’ll begin feeling in control of your organization again, because you’ll have the freedom and the time to focus on the issues that are important to you. Your employees receive all the advantages of working for a small company combined with the quality benefits and services usually offered only by big companies. It’s the best of both worlds, and they’ll thank you with loyalty and increased productivity. You’ll thank us for helping you maximize your growth potential. You can refocus on your company today. Call us at 800-465-3800, or visit “THANKFULLY, I HAVE ADMINISTAFF TO ASSIST ME WITH THE management of our human resources needs. I attribute Administaff for my recent expansion to five locations as I now have time to focus on the growth of my business. Larry Lowenthal, President Gilman Screens and Kitchens Client Since 1999 ”
  6. 6. Recruiting and Selection Improve job satisfaction and retention of top talent through strong people practices from Administaff. Applicant Review and Interviewing Wage and Salary Data Administaff Talent Network Pre-Employment Background Checks (Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance)* Pre-Employment Testing* Pre-Employment Drug Testing* Skills-Based Testing* * Fee-Based Services Performance Management Achieve organizational goals by developing employee potential to increase job satisfaction and productivity. Performance Appraisals Compensation Resources and Tools Supervisor Coaching Job Descriptions Reward and Recognition Base Pay Structures Client Self-Help Tools and Worksheets for Variable and Sales Pay Designs Climate Surveys Training and Development Impact business results through knowledge and skill development for more productive employees. Needs Analysis to Identify Areas for Performance Improvement Certified Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU) Certified Provider of Professional Education Units (CPE) Leadership Development Business-Focused Training Programs: Online; Instructor-Led and Blended Learning (or both) Learning Management System Benefits Management Access quality employee benefits for better employee recruitment and retention. Health Care: Medical, Dental and Vision Health Care Flexible Spending Account Plan Retirement Services Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance: Basic and Voluntary Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance: Basic and Voluntary Adoption Assistance Commuter Benefits Credit Union Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program Educational Assistance 529 College Savings Plan Information Employment Administration Improve your business focus by reducing the burden of employer-related paperwork. Payroll Processing Garnishments Employment Verification Time and Attendance Systems Government Compliance Reduce or eliminate fines and penalties by keeping pace with changing regulations. Government Compliance Reporting and Agency Interface Unemployment Claims Administration FICA, FUTA, SUTA Safety Services Drug-Free Policies and/or Administration EEOC Administration Job Classification Review Employer Liability Management Manage employer obligations and minimize risk by keeping up to date on liability issues. Workers’ Compensation Plan Coverage and Claim Resolution Employment Practices Liability Insurance Safety Review Employee Handbooks Termination Assistance Employee Relations Substance Abuse Prevention Liability Management Training Liability Management Training for Supervisors Business Services Achieve a more secure future through forward-focused resources critical to your success. Employee Service CenterSM Web-Based Self-Service Platform MarketPlaceSM Business Solutions: Financial, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources MarketPlace Consumer Offerings: Discounts and Services Client Network Employee Communications Administaff’s Service Model You receive comprehensive services and benefits through Administaff’s Personnel Management SystemSM that offer you administrative relief, big company benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to improve productivity.