Sw asia black gold oil


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Sw asia black gold oil

  1. 1. Impact of location, climate, physical characteristics, distribution of natural resources, and population distribution in Southwest Asia Explain how the distribution of oil has affected the development of Southwest Asia (Middle East) SS7G7
  2. 2. Oil-Black Gold • Natural gas and oil are the two most important natural resources found in Southwest Asia • Both bring a lot of money (wealth) to the region because of the demand from the rest of the world • Oil and natural gas was discovered in Southwest Asia in the 1930’s • Over half of the world’s oil reserves are found in Southwest Asia (Middle East) and this gives the countries there a lot of power over the rest of the world (Oil=$$$=Power)
  3. 3. Oil-Black Gold • In the 1960’s several Southwest Asian countries formed OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) • OPEC was formed to control the price and supply of oil in the world market • Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait have the greatest amount of oil and natural gas in the region • Some Middle Eastern countries have grown rich from having oil and natural gas and the others struggle to make a decent living • If you have oil you are doing well if you don’t then you are poor and not very happy
  4. 4. Pop Quiz 1. What are the two most valuable natural resources in Southwest Asia? a. Water and cotton b. Phosphates and oil c. Oil and natural gas d. Sulfur and natural gas
  5. 5. Pop Quiz 2. How much of the world’s oil supply is found in Southwest Asia? a. 25 percent b.40 percent c. 50 percent d.75 percent
  6. 6. Pop Quiz 3. How has the discovery of oil in some Southwest Asian countries affected the economic development of this area? a. Those with oil need less water than the other countries around them b.Having oil has made very little difference in the economy in this region c. The discovery of oil has meant that no other industries have developed in the region d.Those countries with oil reserves are much richer than those countries that have not found oil in their territory
  7. 7. Pop Quiz 4. Which countries are the most oil-rich in the Southwestern Asian region? a. Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Israel b.Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon c. Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon d.Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
  8. 8. Pop Quiz 5. Why does the organization of OPEC play a powerful role in the world economy? a. OPEC controls the oil in the world market b.This organization is a part of the United Nations c. OPEC builds dams along rivers shared by several countries d.OPEC membership include many oil companies owned by firms in the United States