Characteristics of africa work, live, travel


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Characteristics of africa work, live, travel

  1. 1. Characteristics of Africa:Where people live, work, and how they travel SS7G3: Students will explain the impact of location, climate, and physical characteristics on population distribution in Africa.
  2. 2. The Sahara• Largest desert on Earth• Nomads- one who wanders from place to place to find food and water• Gold and salt were traded across the Sahara by camel caravan• For centuries the most reliable way to cross the Sahara is by camel• Oasis- a desert area that gets some rainfall or where there is a spring• Few people can live in the Sahara however if they try they most likely settle near an oasis
  3. 3. Hottest Desert in the World Sandstorm in the SaharaA camel caravan is how I roll An Oasis can provide some relief
  4. 4. The Sahel• The area that borders the Sahara Desert and extends from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean• Farming in the Sahel can be difficult because rainfall varies widely from year to year (sporadic)• The most common way people make a living is by herding animals and subsistence farming• Desertification is a problem as the people who live there cut down trees for fuel and shelter.
  5. 5. “What a beautiful day in the Sahel of Africa,Landscapes of the Sahel you have such a lovely home!” Soil erosion can be a problem
  6. 6. The Savanna• Grasslands making up half of the African continent• A wide variety of animals can be found in this area (lions, elephants, giraffes, etc.)• The greatest danger for the African savanna today is the activities of people (farming, ranching, building roads, and animal poaching)• Some countries like Kenya and Tanzania are setting aside large areas of land in the savannas for national parks and game preserves.
  7. 7. King of the Jungle, Mufasa? Grassy lands of the Savanna plain Is that kitty looking for us? Hope not!Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background
  8. 8. The Rainforest• The world’s second largest area of rainforest• Humid, thick vegetation found mostly in the Congo River basin• In the 1800s, Europeans cleared large areas of the rainforest for great plantations when they discovered the riches in rainforest such as rubber• The destruction of the rainforest also led to unique plants and animals becoming extinct• The main factor in the destruction of the rain forest is human activity or growing populations in Africa
  9. 9. What a shame! All that oxygen gone!I didn’t know you guys hung out in the rainforest! JK Got Oxygen?
  10. 10. What a shame! All that oxygen gone!I didn’t know you guys hung out in the rainforest! JK Got Oxygen?