Functional training convention 2013


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This years functional training convention from FASTER. Featuring Dr. Tom Hyde from FAKTR and Kelvin Giles. Get a free 3 month membership to Kinesio Capture just for enrolling.

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Functional training convention 2013

  1. 1. FASTER GuidesCoaching - Sequencing - StructureConvention 2013May 30th, 31st and June 1stDerby - Convention Centre
  2. 2. What to expect ! The best presenters, exclusive to FASTER May 30th, 31st and June 1st At the Derby Conference Centre 3 Days - 9am to 6pm with lectures and practical Optional Morning workouts - 31st May and 1st June Optional Evening Gatherings - May 30th and 31st Limited Spaces - Great information - Great Networking Pay for all three days, or pay per day!Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  3. 3. Who to expect ! Kelvin Giles - 7 times Olympic Coach + Dr. Tom Hyde - Launched Graston, runs FAKTR Dr. Nick Studholme - Director Kinesio Capture Dr. Sally Pears - Cambridge Researcher in Psychology Annika Kahn - 4-time World Grand Champion in 7 divisions in Kuk Sool Won John White - TruFit inventor and unveiling a new faster product! (Sssshhhh!) Dan Norman - The Personal Trainers Coach! Plus - Jake, Drewe, Simon, Craig from FASTER!Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  4. 4. Thursday 30th May Kelvin Giles - Coaching What Why and How Plus How to Test and Evaluate Movement Comprehension - 9am - 1pm Dan Norman - Self Coaching - 2pm to 3pm Sally Pears - Coaching for Weight Loss - 3.15pm to 4.15pm Drewe Broughton - Coaching - a Professionals Perspective - 4.25pm - 5.25pm Health Club TV - 5.30 - 6.00pmCopyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  5. 5. Friday 31st May TruFit and FASTER present a multi-directional Speed and Conditioning (Workout) - 7am to 8am Dr. Nick Studholme - Using and improving movement sequencing - 9am to 1pm  Jake Attwood - The biomechanical mismatch of olympic lifting and sports performance requirements - 2.00pm to 3.00pm Annika Kahn - Sequencing movements and lessons from martial arts - 3.15pm - 4.15pm Tom Hyde - Experience in Sports Performance, acute and chronic assessment of athletes - 4.25pm to 5.25pm AustraliaWOW Promotion - 5.30pm to 6.00pmCopyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  6. 6. Saturday 1st June Jungshin a martial arts, sword driven (Workout) - 7am to 8am Dr. Tom Hyde - Rehabilitation in the real world - 9am to 1pm Dr. Sally Pears - Interpreting Research for Practical use - 1pm to 2pm Jake Attwood and Nick Studholme - From Injury to Performance practical - 3.15pm to 4.15pm John White - Training Outdoors - suspension, slack lining and much more - 4.25pm to 5.25pm Simon Caddy, Jake, Craig - FASTER going forward - 5.30pm to 6.00pmCopyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  7. 7. Kelvin Giles A former UK National and Olympic Track & Field Coach, Kelvin spent 30 years in Australia’s high performance sport environment. He was Head T&F Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra and Head of the Athletic Development department at the Queensland Academy of Sport in Brisbane. He spent 6 years at the helm of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League team as Director of Performance and also led the Australian Rugby Union’s Elite Player Development section. He is a coach to 14 Olympic and World Championship athletes over a 40 year career. He is currently CEO of Movement Dynamics UK Ltd and currently consults across a range of National Governing Bodies and Federations and is the author of the Physical Competence Assessment resources.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  8. 8. Dr. Tom Hyde www.faktr.comDr. Thomas Hyde, DC, DACBSP graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in1977. He became the chiropractic consultant for the Miami Dolphins from 1990through 1997. He also attended a 2 weeks sports medicine internship at the UnitedStates Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO in 1986 and served as theUS chiropractor to the Pan American Games in 1987. Dr. Hyde served on the firstRAND multidisciplinary panel on Low Back Pain, served as one of 35 on the MercyDocument and the CCGPP soft tissue section. He has traveled all over the US andmany countries teaching treatment of athletic injuries and soft tissue injuries. Herecently completed the second edition of Conservative Management of SportsInjuries published by Jones and Bartlett with his co-editor and co-contributor,Marianne Gengenbach. After sustaining a career ending injury in 1996, Dr. Hydenow spends his time lecturing and teaching. Currently, he has served on manyBoards including the American Chiropractic Assn, Council on Sports Injuries andPhysical Fitness. He also served on Governors Council on Physical Fitness andSports in Florida. In 2009, Dynamic Chiropractic chose him as their, "Person of theYear." Dr. Hyde is the co-developer of FAKTR with Dr. Greg Doerr. He has hisDiplomate in Sports Injuries and his International Sports Science Diploma. In 2009,he was awarded an Honorary member of the Royal Canadian Chiropractic SportsScience organization.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  9. 9. Dr. Nick Studholme Doctor of Chiropractic Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner Fellow of Applied Functional Science Nike Golf 360 Functional Performance Specialist Enhance Running Tech Dr. Studholme graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western States Chiropractic College and has been practicing in the Boulder area since 2000. He has post doctorate training as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner and extensive training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. In 2007 he completed a forty-two week course in Biomechanics to become a fellow of Applied Functional Science. In 2012 he was certified as a Nike Golf 360 Functional Performance Specialist (FPS). In 2011 Dr. Studholme helped co-found Kinesiocapture a motion capture application for the Ipad and Iphone. It represents the gold standard in motion capture and is currently used by the United States Olympic Centers, Professional teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, as well as colleges around the nation. Dr. Studholme is a certified Enhance Running Tech Additionally he is the chiropractic liaison for Optojump and OptogaitCopyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  10. 10. Dr. Sally Pears www.fitnessnewspaper.comSally graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2002 with a first class BSc (hons) degree inPsychology and was awarded her PhD in Psychology by the same institution in 2006.  She thenwent on to complete an MSc in Physical Activity and Health at Loughborough University in 2008.She has extensive experience conducting research in the field of cognitive neuroscience as well asexperience researching the cognitive and emotional processes operating during episodes of foodcraving. From 2008-2011 she worked in the Bangor University Food and Activity Research Unit,where she was involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of Food Dudes - aschool-based healthy eating intervention based on psychological principles of behaviour change.PublicationsPears SL, Jackson MC, Bertenshaw EJ, Horne PJ, Lowe CF and Erjavec M (in prep). Validation ofFood Diaries as Measures of Dietary Behavior Change. Appetite.Pears SL, Jackson MC, Bertenshaw EJ, Horne PJ and Lowe CF (in prep). Introduction of home-based Family Support Materials to a school-based healthy eating intervention (the Food DudesProgramme) increases provision and consumption of vegetables in school-children’s lunchboxes.EJCN.Andrade J, Pears S L, May J and Kavanagh D (in prep). Use of a plasticine modeling task toreduce chocolate craving. Appetite.Parkinson A, Plukaard S, Pears SL, Newport R, Dijkerman C, Jackson SR (2011). Modulation ofsomatosensory perception by motor intention. Cognitive Neuroscience 2(1): 47-56.Jackson S, Parkinson A, Pears SL and Nam S-H (2011). Effects of motor intention on theperception of somatosensory events: A behavioural and fmri study. Quarterly Journal ofExperimental Psychology 64(5): 839-854.Pears SL, Jackson SR. (2004). Cognitive Neuroscience: Vision and touch are constant companions.Current Biol 14(9): 349-350.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  11. 11. Annika Kahn 16 years, Annika has trained as a martial artist in theKorean art of Kuk Sool Won. She is a 4-time World GrandChampion in 7 divisions including sparring, sword, staff,forms, techniques, breaking and self-defense.Annika began teaching traditional martial arts in 1994 andin recent years has developed a transformational trainingprogram called Jungshin Fitness that combines the core ofmartial arts practice wtih modern fitness conditioning andcore training. Her expertise in kicking, weapons, coreconditioning, and self-defense have inspired these uniquefitness classes, personal training sessions, and professionalfight scene choreography.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  12. 12. John White www.gettrufit.comFounder of TruFit.  Prior to TruFit John was apersonal trainer and business student. Originally hestarted life in the Navy.  His goal is to share fitnessinformation and inspiration to people looking forsomething different. John works out, plays, climbs and even lives whenhe gets chance, in the outdoors. His TruFit unitreflects the amount of different activities heparticipates in. Last year he roped the two pillarsof the hotel together to create a slackline forpeople.John has been working with John (FASTER founder)on a unique product for everyone from kids toPersonal Trainers, you should have an opportunityto see it at the convention!Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  13. 13. Dan Norman am I a coach? Why do I want to help inspire,facilitate and broaden peoples resource, richness andexperience of life? Why would I assume this to beimportant or myself capable of this?This is my passion, my deep unavoidable interest,because Ive never found a more satisfying experiencethan charting areas of the human experience withanother and together finding the feel goodintersection of humble understanding, existential truthand powerful action.Using all of us, our mind, speech, writing, movement,action, to broaden, deepen and surface what it is thatwe really want, need and aspire to, is work worthpursuing for me. Thats why I formed Dan NormanCoaching.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  14. 14. Drewe Broughton played professional football for 17 years across the 4 professionaldivisions in the UK. Amassing a wealth of experience working under coaches,physiotherapists, chiropractors, Strength & conditioning coaches, Pilates andyoga instructors and many other practitioners, therapists, and such like.He embarked on a journey to re-educate himself in 2007. This re-education wasborn out of his passion for movement. Having struggled, like every athlete, withinjury, reoccurring strains and stiffness, Drewe came across John hardy througha recommendation from an old S&C coach, who had heard a talk by John atthe annual FIT PRO convention at Loughborough University. John shifted areoccurring hamstring tear via Skype from San Francisco, through seeingDrewe’s feet load and unload on screen and creating a solution temporarilyand then long term through movement.Drewe then worked through his level 2/3 pt courses and spent the next 4 yearsdoing FASTERs diplomas in performance/ therapy and More recently theFaster Training Expert course.He now spends his time alongside Jake conditioning current professionalplayers and golfers using his vast experience as a former athlete to empathisewith their state of mind and body helping find solutions through movement andthe correct exercise foundations.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  15. 15. Jake Attwood started work for Virgin Active over 10 years ago where hebecame a Master Trainer. He learnt the ability to coach and trainduring this apprenticeship. During this time Jake studied for andachieved his degree in Sports Science. However, it was during aseminar at Virgin that he first heard John Hardy present on movementand sequencing. This was where Jakes career path changed. Over thenext 5 years Jake was mentored by John and undertook FASTERseducation, one diploma at a time. Achieving a diploma inperformance, diploma in therapy and finally the Functional TrainingExpert course. Jake used his new knowledge to branch out on his ownand quickly got a reputation as he began to work with professionalathletes. His results spoke for themselves and eventually Jake alongsidefellow Faster graduate and ex-professional footballer Drewe Broughtonstarted Surpass Fitness.Jake also became Faster UK’s head tutor. Teaching the next generationof performance coaches about his beliefs on movement and boneSequencing alongside spending his week on the road between London,Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester conditioning Surpass’s growingstable of players.Copyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013
  16. 16. Sign up now... ensure you get a space! Convention Centre - The Derby Conference Centre, London Road, Derby, DE24 8UXCopyright FASTER Health and Fitness Limited Inc 2013