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John harbaugh elevator pitch Final


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Published in: Career, Business, Education
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John harbaugh elevator pitch Final

  1. 1. JOHN  HARBAUGH   “Overcoming obstacles by building strong teams in an effort to make a difference”
  2. 2. Enact  the  necessary  changes   needed  to  progress  through  life.  
  3. 3. Vision  and  Values   •  I am a strong willed individual •  I am extremely goal-oriented •  I am always out to get things done the right way in the least amount of time. •  I am known to bring people and teams together and create a bond.
  4. 4. A level head , natural born leader and a world of experience can move mountains!
  5. 5. Skills   •  Hardworking   •  Organized   •  Valuable  team  member  
  6. 6. No task too tall, no mountain too big.
  7. 7. I  vow  to:   •  Become  a  beCer  writer  as  I  learn  from  the   acDviDes  and  assignments  ahead  of  me.   •  Enact  the  skills  I  learn  in  becoming  a  beCer   writer  and  student  into  my     everyday  life.   •  Turn  in  assignments  on  Dme!   •  Seek  out  help  as  I  need  it.  
  8. 8. Who  am  I?   •  21-­‐year-­‐old  male   looking  to  beCer   myself  and  become   a  more  successful   business  person  for   the  future  by   taking  advantage   of  the  educaDon  I   have  been   provided.   •  Avid  Snowboarder  
  9. 9. I  Take   Education   Family   Pride Character   Perseverance   In...  
  10. 10. Connect  with  me!   •  John  Harbaugh   –  Leeds  School  of  Business   –  OperaDons  Management   –  Email  me:   I hope you have gotten to know me a bit more and what shapes me as an individual. Thanks again for your time! - John