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Ruby on Rails Developer New York


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MetaOption LLC has hired many Ruby on Rails Developers in New York, Canada, California, India, etc. to create a comprehensive pool of RoR experts. These experts serve our clients by developing cutting-edge web applications based on Ruby on Rails. If you wish to get a web app developed on RoR framework, MetaOption LLC is the best option you have. For details and free quotation, please visit our website:

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Ruby on Rails Developer New York

  1. 1. The Growth of Ruby On Rails Why working with Ruby is so exciting and a look at its past, present and future MetaOption, LLC. 574 Newark Avenue, Suite 210 Jersey City, NJ 07306. Phone: +1 (201) 377-3150 Website:
  2. 2. Ruby On Rails Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source web development framework. It has revolutionized the web application development process by providing developers the much needed tools and components for efficient and less troublesome development phase. The Development of Ruby On Rails (RoR) Ruby on Rails was preceded by Ruby, a scripting language released in 1995 with a fairly large following of developers. Ruby continues to be used to this day. Ruby on Rails was first released in the summer of 2004 as an open source project still in the beta stages of development.
  3. 3. Ruby On Rails The Development of (RoR) The first full release of version 1.0 came in the year 2005, over a year after the first beta release. Then, Apple Inc. decided to include RoR Framework in future Mac OS X releases, which came in October 2006. Version 1.2 was released in January 2007, adding REST features along with numerous bug fixes and improvements. Version 2.0 of Ruby on Rails was released in December 2007 and it offered improvements in exception handling, made cookie-based session storage the default, increased security features, expanded upon REST features, added a multi-view action pack and a new request profiler.
  4. 4. Ruby On Rails The Development of (RoR) Version 2.1 came in June 2008 with added features of dirty tracking, named scope, better caching, time zones, gem dependencies and UTC-based migrations. Version 2.2 was released November 2008, adding a connection pool, JRuby compatibility, internalization by default and thread safety and improving etag support and included guides and developer docs.
  5. 5. Ruby On Rails Toll Free: +1-888-745-3321 Email: The Development of (RoR) Version 2.3, released March 2009, added numerous features to increase the efficiency and powerfulness of the platform, such as support for templates, streamlining the process for adding your own configurations and gems and additions of metal, engines and rack features. Version 3.0 was released in August 2010, with a developer base of over 1600 programmers . In December 2008, a merger between a competing web application platform called "Merb" and Ruby on Rails occurred, bringing the two developer communities together for the common purpose of advancing web application development.
  6. 6. Ruby On Rails The Development of (RoR) In August 2011, version 3.1 was released with new features such as the asset pipeline, reversible database migrations and streaming support. It also included increased support for jQuery was also included; jQuery was made the default JavaScript library beginning this release.
  7. 7. Ruby On Rails Ruby on Rails seems to have a bright and ever lasting future in IT innovation and development industry. With the bright future of RoR Framework, the scope of Ruby on Rails developer also seems bright. The developers community of RoR Framework is devoted to this platform and have pledged to bring the much needed innovation and creativity in the technology for the platform to sustain in the competitive market.
  8. 8. The Growth of Ruby On Rails MetaOption, LLC. 574 Newark Avenue, Suite 210 Jersey City, NJ 07306. Phone: +1 (201) 377-3150 Website: