Content management system using ruby on rails


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Ruby on rails is favoured by developers in New York for the ease it offers in use with very little coding requirement. It is the most suitable platform creating productive websites that are scalable with ease in adding new features and updating content. With Ruby on Rails framework, developers can use the features to create user-friendly interface and constantly edit and update content.

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Content management system using ruby on rails

  1. 1. Content Management System Using Ruby on Rails
  2. 2. RoR for CMS Easy to use with very little coding requirement It is scalable and offers ease in adding new features and updating content Developers can use the features to create user-friendly interface
  3. 3. Ruby on Rails Benefit Extendable Provides Commonly requested CMS fratures Single API for creating simple as well as complex sites
  4. 4. CMS on ROR User-friendly platform with numerous open source applications that will give the user best experience in content management Advanced training not required for updating the site Multiple customization options
  5. 5. Features of RoR CMS CMS on RoR can be developed to offer an intuitive interface Rails framework offers ease in creating basic Rail app with CMS functionalities on which content can be easily edited Easier to add new features and expand existing ones on a Rails based CMS Easy for developers to create sitemap of folders and Page Search for content Easy to create browse by content option that will be crawler friendly for search engines.
  6. 6. Features of RoR CMS Page Search for content Intuitive Sitemap of folders Browse By content type Easy to execute with no technical knowledge
  7. 7. RoR CMS Components Templates Easily customized Will have editable areas giving space for creative designs Sitemap Intuitive model add and organize pages Content Library Standard CRUD interface Manage both core and custom content Security Create permission models and templates Security can be enabled at multiple levels
  8. 8. Popular RoR CMS BrowserCMS • Popular CMS written in Rails as per Ruby Toolbox • General purpose open source web CMS supporting RoR v3.2 RadiantCMS • One of the oldest Rails it is suitable for small sites • Features include build templates quickly, multi-site configuration and large number of extensions contributed by a strong community LocomotiveCMS • Advanced model with futuristic features • Highly customizable RefineryCMS • Most popular CMS in the RoR Toolbox • It supports RoR v3.2 and is easy to integrate into existing Rails projects as well
  9. 9. CMS on RoR 100% customization Numerous design options Flexibility and scalability with content Advance Administrator control and security options Isn't easy to master Doesn't have a powerful backward compatibility Pros Cons Popular open source platform preferred for its ease of use with basic internet knowledge The system has its own benefits and downfalls, but overall it offers plenty of scope for growth Offers ease in operation on a dynamic website
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