How to start your own incredibleurope cell for kickstarting creative and social change


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a workshop run at IncrediblEurope 2011 an annual gathering of business angels. entrepreneurs and creative people to kick start creative startups in Europe to keep competitve with the US and Asia. The workshop was designed to evaluate/measure what had worked at the conference and to equip and enable delegates to start their own seed groups when they got home.. So its also useful (I hope) for explaining simply how social entrepreneurship works

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How to start your own incredibleurope cell for kickstarting creative and social change

  1. 1. How to start your own IncrediblEurope An evaluation session for starting new movements John Griffiths June 10th Vienna 2011
  2. 2. The Influence of One … starting your own group
  3. 3. What we’re going to do..      Think about what we can take from the conference to discuss or action In pairs choose something said or discussed that connects with a value that matters to you. Turn it into a possible activity you could run yourself. Identify motivations that might draw in new people who weren’t here at the event Think about a goal your activity and your new people might move towards
  4. 4. Topics Values Activity Motivation Goal
  5. 5. Put them up on the wall
  6. 6. How to grow your own groups.. from the bottom up
  7. 7. Group Motivation  Groups grow out of NOW  Values – activities – immediate motivations  Prioritise cohesion
  8. 8. The power of things: Social objects  Social objects bring groups together  Groups work together to create social objects  When you share social objects you attract and draw in new people
  9. 9. How the group grows     By enriching the group experience Ask for helpers.. they become insiders The more momentum you want to build.. the slower you need to start; 2-3 people is enough! Make room for unpredictable events – they are signs of growth
  10. 10. Tips for you enablers     Model the behaviour you expect from the centre Facilitate the running of the group from the edge Find an audience for your experts and enthusiasts Find a voice and role for those who are new and those on the edge Leader
  11. 11. Goals..   Are Future oriented.. So less relevant than motivations for Now Expect goals to change – and the group to find new goals to move towards
  12. 12. Storytelling    Weave a shared story for the group – why it exists and where it is going Include other storytellers not just your own version Lay down markers of progress. Report and celebrate each one.
  13. 13. What group could you start?      Nurture creativity and creative people Equip investors to become better at spotting and harvesting creative opportunities Celebrate the most creative initiatives you discover Trade resources with creative entrepreneurs in Africa – Co-operation Africa Or what else can you think of?