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A look at some of LJG\'s recent and past projects.

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LJG Brochure

  1. 1. LJG Partners has been providing leading edge digital communications services to the Our capabilities in 3D animation enable stakeholders to view all aspects of elaborate real estate, high-tech, and automotive industries for the past 15 years creating architectural or community planning projects in minute detail and our expertise in meticulously targeted and aesthetically sophisticated marketing and public affairs interactive Web design provides our clients the chance to communicate directly with campaigns for such clients as Irvine Company, Westfield Corporation, Hilton Hotels, those stakeholders. Lennar, Echelon Resorts, Taylor Woodrow, Hines, Four Seasons, Apollo, NBC Universal, Walt Disney Imagineering, Sempra Energy, and Lexus. As a technology partner to some of the nation’s top firms, we have helped shape the interactive revolution, fortifying lasting relationships with our clients. From our inception in 1994, LJG Partners recognized how the emerging digital landscape could completely reshape the manner by which ambitious marketing Most of our very first clients are still with us. We attribute this to a ‘single source’ strategies and sensitive municipal issues were presented. Leveraging ourselves approach that makes for fast turnarounds and cost effective solutions as well as a consistently into these expanding technologies from the beginning, we have creative team who always find innovative, unconventional ways of harnessing the maintained up-to-the-moment proficiency in motion graphics, 3D animation, high- newest and latest technologies for the purpose of achieving clients’ goals. definition video, and interactive Web design. By remaining at the very forefront of these new medias, our creative team has been able to devise campaigns that engage Sincerely, audiences more completely and drive behavior more specifically. John Greer All of our campaigns are conceived, created, and executed in-house. Our team President / Founding Partner encompasses strategists, writers, designers, animators and programmers who LJG PARTNERS, INC. function as a seamless unit to ensure that your message is delivered in the most compelling fashion to exactly the right people.
  2. 2. The Village at Irvine Spectrum Center – Video Wall These high-end residences, which would allow urban professionals to live, work and play completely within the standard-setting Irvine Spectrum Center, were eagerly anticipated. To represent the full potential of this vibrant urban living experience, LJG was asked to design a video wall in the center’s leasing office that was both elegant and technologically striking. By creating a wall-sized projection screen peppered with creatively positioned LCD displays, visitors to the leasing office could see a multitude of images representing life at The Village. On top of presenting a compelling image of the lifestyle this new community would enable, LJG’s video installation captured Irvine Company’s vision for the future of urban life.
  3. 3. Orchard Hills & Portola Springs Set at the foothills of the Irvine Ranch, the master planned communities of Orchard Hills and Portola Springs are designed to exist in perfect harmony with their natural environment. Residents will be able to walk into the rugged wilds of the Ranch’s hills and canyons right from their backyards. To demonstrate the untouched, wide-open canyon environment Portola and Orchard Hills residents will experience, LJG created a video employing time-release photography and breathtaking views of the surrounding flora, fauna, and topography. Our video helped to spark interest and secure financing for these developments—Portola Springs is now 50% complete, with many homes sold. The Orchard Hills community is well into the development process with construction to begin shortly.
  4. 4. The Park Located in the heart of the City of Irvine, The Park is a fully-appointed, upscale residential development community built around a central “Great Park”—an oasis of tranquility in the middle of a vibrant urban center. To c� that provided a comprehensive view of all the project’s characteristics—everything from the basic layout to the specific units’ floor plans—through four interactive touch-panel displays. LJG’s digital installation presented current and future phases of the project’s development, provided tours of available units, and showed detailed renderings the community’s many amenities, all through an easy-to-use digital interface.
  5. 5. The Resort at Pelican Hill LJG’s 3D and interactive teams have been challenged to create renderings, animations and interactive presentations to match the world-class resort planned for Newport Beach, CA. The work has been used internally to educate the Irvine Company team on the future of the resort and will later be used as an unparelled tool in the resort’s concierge center to create a memorable stay for local and international guests.
  6. 6. When a major renovation for the Hotel del Coronado was proposed, people were uneasy. This has been, after all, the “Grande Dame” of San Diego’s Coronado Island. As a San Diego-based firm, we never knew what the ‘Hotel Del’ meant to the city. LJG’s extensive 3D animated DVD presentation gave residents, civic leaders, and the local historical society a “first look” at exactly how the Hotel Del would be updated without losing any of its original majesty. With the help of the 3-D enhanced marketing program, Beach Villa�oval for the Amended Master Plan including additional guestrooms and a new conference center.
  7. 7. Air New Zealand – The Vacation Gap The Kiwis had a revelation for us Yanks: not only did they assert that vacations make you more productive, but they had scientific data to back it up. This research, dubbed “The Vacation Gap,” was put front and center in LJG’s site for Air New Zealand. Additionally, a viral marketing campaign linked curious state-siders directly to deals on Air New Zealand Vacations.
  8. 8. Casden Properties Casden’s Palazzo Westwood apartment community called for a marketing effort befitting its sophisticated, Westside LA address. LJG created a fully interactive, 3D animated virtual tour that gave prospective tenants the opportunity to stroll around the common areas, inspect the amenities, and visit the wide assortment of available residences. A corresponding interactive website kept Casden in one-to-one contact with potential residents.
  9. 9. Unified Port of San Diego When the Unified Port of San Diego created a plan to turn their “North Embarcadero” on the city’s downtown waterfront into a new center for culture, commerce, and entertainment, LJG was thrilled to create a video that would give people a preview of the Port’s plans to create yet another vibrant destination in San Diego, our hometown. Our video featured a 3D animated ‘walk-though’ that provided multiple audiences a firsthand experience of what the new Embarcadero would offer—a new pier, extensive landscaping, a dining terrace, upscale retail, and a new wharf dedicated to civic events. The video generated significant excitement and anticipation for the new Embarcadero and was mentioned in a front-page story of The San Diego Union-Tribune website.
  10. 10. PCBC As the leading group of conferences for innovation in the residential real estate industry, PCBC sought to establish a far more effective online presence for its attendees, speakers and sponsors. PCBC turned to LJG to design a new site structure with a completely re-conceived user interface. Working together with other leading consultants in branding and technology, LJG launched the new PCBC site to overwhelming approval from all key audiences. Next in line is the design of PCBC365—a year-round online forum where members can provide insights and resources to the industry 365 days a year.
  11. 11. Centre City Development Corporation San Diego’s Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) had big plans for downtown. To demonstrate their vision for a sweeping revitalization of the city center, CCDC needed a visual model. They turned to LJG for a newer, more detailed, and more flexible kind of model—the virtual kind. LJG’s 3D team got the chance to rebuild all of downtown San Diego in the virtual realm. Our model, built from architectural and city planning CAD files, was far more detailed and infinitely more accurate than any physical model could be. This unprecedentedly comprehensive view of CCDC’s vision went over extremely well with the committee in charge of the project. LJG is proud to be participating in downtown San Diego’s stunning transformation.
  12. 12. Shea Properties Real estate giant Shea Properties needed a stylish and intuitively interactive website to showcase the full scope of their commercial, retail and residential land development businesses. They wanted� ectly to the most relevant, up-to-date information on available properties and opportunities. Since its launch, SheaProperties.com has helped to raise interest, secure capital, and sign tenants for Shea’s rapidly expanding business.
  13. 13. Featured Client List Air New Zealand Hard Rock Hotel Ladera Ranch San Diego International Airport Anka Property Group Hilton Olympics LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal San Diego Padres Bacara Resort Hoag Hospital Lennar Scripps Health Beijing Television Center Hotel del Coronado Lexus Corporation of America Shea Properties Casden Properties Irvine Community Development Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sony Electronics Centre City Development Corporation Corporation NBC Universal Sony Pictures Entertainment Chileno Bay Resort Irvine Company OliverMcMillan St. John’s Health Center Columbia Square Irvine Company Apartment Communities Pardee Homes The Beverly Hilton – Waldorf Astoria DMJM Irvine Company Resort Properties PCBC Toyota Echelon Resorts Irvine Company Retail Properties Playa Vista Unified Port of San Diego Four Seasons Resort Kyocera Roppongi Hills Westfield Corporation