Location and linked data


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Most data references some kind of location whether it be a place name, address, postcode or some kind of coordinate. It is clear that location provides an important data integration hub on the linked data web. This talk discussed the challenges around constructing linked data for geographic and spatial information with particular emphasis given to the work done at Ordnance Survey. Examples of other geo-spatial linked data in the wild were given along with examples of applications built using them. Some discussion occurred on some of the services being built to get the most from geo-spatial linked data and the challenges we will face in the future.

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Location and linked data

  1. 1. Location and Linked Data Dr John Goodwin Research Scientist Ordnance Survey
  2. 2. The Problems with Place Hampshire – A confusing place Today: • Hampshire = The (Administrative) County of Hampshire or The (Vernacular) County(ies) of Hampshire. • Wikipedia is confused! Historically: • Southamptonshire, Hamptonshire, County of Southampton • with or without the Isle of Wight and Bournemouth
  3. 3. Opening UK Public Sector Information: Ordnance Survey and Linked Data • At the forefront of the geospatial linked data web in Great Britain. • Provide a well trusted source of location data for the linked data web.
  4. 4. Ordnance Survey and Linked Data
  5. 5. Ordnance Survey Linked Data http://data.ordn..co.uk/id/postcode/SO168BY district http://data.ordn...co.uk/id/7000000000037256 name containedBy The City of Southampton http://data.ordn...co.uk/id/7000000000041421 name South East England
  6. 6. “Oasis Academy Lord's Hill” name http://education.data.gov.uk/id/school/1234 type postcode edu:School http://data.ord..co.uk/id/postcode/SO168BY district http://data.ordn...co.uk/id/7000000000037256 name containedBy The City of Southampton http://data.ordn...co.uk/id/7000000000041421
  7. 7. Linked Data & Location In Action
  8. 8. Linked Data In Action: Mashups and Meshups
  9. 9. Linked data Meshup Artists that were played on specific BBC radio programmes that come from a specified place Traditional Mashup Fast food vendors in the US
  10. 10. owl:sameAs osgb:700000000000018 db:Birmingham
  11. 11. owl:sameAs osgb:700000000000018 db:Birmingham db:homeTown db:Broadcast
  12. 12. owl:sameAs osgb:700000000000018 db:Birmingham db:homeTown owl:sameAs bbcmusic:aa..#artist db:Broadcast
  13. 13. owl:sameAs osgb:700000000000018 db:Birmingham db:homeTown owl:sameAs bbcmusic:aa..#artist db:Broadcast foaf:maker bbcprog:aap0..#track bbcprog:aap0..#segment po:track po:time bbcprog:boo..#...
  14. 14. Key Message: Mashup versus Meshup • URIs: Unambiguously identify a ‘thing’ – avoid name clashes Can be looked up to find data on said ‘thing’ Through the web they provide a mechanism for linking to other datasets via http • Linked Data Format (RDF): A common, simple data model to be used on the web To the web of data what HTML is to the web of documents
  15. 15. Future Work
  16. 16. Linked Data API • Developed by Jeni Tennison (TSO), Dave Reynolds (Epimorphics) and Leigh Dodds (Talis) • Not everyone wants to learn SPARQL • Allows RESTful access to services built on top of linked data resources, e.g. http://os.services.tso.co.uk/geo/api/50k-gazetteer/city/Southampton
  17. 17. Data Enrichment
  18. 18. Spatial Predicates At small – mid scale a lot can be done using qualitative spatial data, e.g.: • equals • touches • disjoint • contains • containedBy • partiallyOverlaps
  19. 19. Scaling Things Up • integers • dates • strings • points • etc… • lines • polygons • etc…
  20. 20. Future Work: Ordnance Survey
  21. 21. A More Vernacular Geography? • “The General Populous are darned fools: • They use geographical terms they can’t define. • They mix up their attribute datasets. • They can rarely put anything precisely on a map.” Andy Evans (University of Leeds)
  22. 22. Examples • The Highlands Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 © 2006 Blisco • The Lake District • Spaghetti Junction • The City Centre, Downtown • Southside (Glasgow) • Southside (Edinburgh) • Most Localities (e.g. Merchant City) • The Stag Gates • Foys Corner © Copyright sylvia duckworth, Geograph
  23. 23. Linking though place Is historical Hampshire representation of (keeper of the concept) Evolves to Is historical representation of Is a representation of Is a Is historical representation of representation of Hampshire Evolves to (Vernacular) Evolves to Hampshire (Administrative)
  24. 24. So why do we care? • Need from emergency services and the like • Web search needs to be improved
  25. 25. Conclusions • Location is a key information hub on the linked data web • Linked Data will open up new opportunities
  26. 26. Some URLs • http://opendata.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ • http://data.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ • http://openspace.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ • http://opentoids.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/