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Building brand with sponsored content on TV


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Sponsored content is the future of brand-building on TV. Here is an overview of what a full-scale TV sponsorship opportunity (integrated with digital media) looks like.

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Building brand with sponsored content on TV

  1. 1. Goodbye TV Ads, Hello Sponsor-MAGIC Introducing a more excellent way to connect with your TV audience and build your brand
  2. 2. The Advertiser’s Dilemma “Your ads interrupt me.” “There are too many ads.” “Advertising is irrelevant to me.” “I don’t trust advertising messages.” People hate advertising: • DVR ad skipping • Subscription video services: Netflix, HBO • Commercial free satellite radio • Web & mobile ad blockers People avoid advertising:
  3. 3. The Advertiser’s Dilemma Connecting with people who: • Don’t want to see advertising • Find advertising to be irrelevant • Resent the intrusion of ads • Have ways to block or avoid advertising You need a whole new strategy …
  4. 4. Sponsor-MAGIC! What is Sponsor-MAGIC? • Creating magic moments for viewers to experience your brand • A way to build brand awareness and affinity that’s NOT advertising • Customized branded entertainment integrated into the program • Fresh, new promotions created for each show • Product placement and demos in the form of songs, sketches, parodies, prize giveaways, and other programming techniques Presenting … Your Brand!
  5. 5. Sponsor-MAGIC! Why it’s better • Viewers stay engaged with your message because it’s part of the entertainment • Your brand is associated with the good feelings generated by the program • The audience can’t skip over your brand message because it’s grafted into the show • Fresh, new message every week • No advertising production costs Presenting … Your Brand!
  6. 6. Sponsor-MAGIC on TV Where can I find a program with Sponsor-MAGIC opportunities?
  7. 7. Innovative TV Programming An innovative brand sponsorship program needs an innovative TV program Coming Fall, 2017 …
  8. 8. Innovative TV Programming • A variety show to bring all generations together • Hosted by show-biz team Stu Newmeyer and Laurie Stillman • Star-studded family entertainment • Live studio audience • Prime time-family time: Sundays at 7:00 p.m. on Pop TV • Commercial free – no advertising interruptions Celebrities Prizes Stand-up Theater Music Skits Improv Country Comedy Hip-Hop Modern Dance Games
  9. 9. Innovative TV Programming • To provide uplifting family entertainment that counters the negativity prevalent in the culture • To give people a wholesome entertainment vehicle that brings the generations together • To update the classic variety show format for today • To integrate TV programming with digital and social media for interactive audience experiences • To create an entertainment vehicle for brands to engage with the audience in meaningful ways that is NOT interruptive advertising Mission:
  10. 10. Stu & Laurie Variety Hour partners to support U.S. Military Veterans
  11. 11. Innovative TV Programming • Help TIUFTT expand its impact for supporting wounded warriors, Armed Forces veterans and their families • Location segments from military bases • Overseas uplink segments • USO shows • Annual telethons • And more! Mission: Entertainment for good Promote TIUFTT mission Expand TIUFTT impact
  12. 12. Innovative TV Programming • More than $3 million in TV time promoting Tee It Up for the Troops • Promote TIUFTT on all marketing channels: TV/radio spots, website, social media • 100% of money raised goes directly to TIUFTT • Sponsors recognized for their corporate support of TIUFTT Mission: Entertainment for good Partner benefits
  13. 13. All Star Lineup for All Ages Tom Jones Adele Garth Brooks Neil Diamond Carrie Underwood Bruno MarsJustin Timberlake John Legend w Lionel Richie w Meghan Trainor w Kelly Clarkson w Usher w k.d. Lang w Nora Jones w Michael Bublé w Shakira w Smokey Robinson w Josh Groban w James Taylor w Rod Stewart w Tim McGraw w Faith Hill w Carlos Santana w Sugarland w Bette Midler w Mike Love w Dolly Parton w Ariana Grande w Shania Twain w Ringo Starr w Nicole Scherzinger w Sting w Bruce Springsteen And a host of others
  14. 14. Executive Production Team Backed by accomplished entertainment industry leaders • Variety Entertainment Group, LLC • Decades of production experience in TV, movies, theater, music, choreography • Multiple industry awards for creative work • Successful, long-running programs • Access to top entertainment talent
  15. 15. Award Winning Production Team • ABC-TV Make a Wish • The Night Stalker • Animals, Animals, Animals • The Onion Field • Miss Junior America Pageant Ron Dunn, Director Credits (partial list) Directed (partial list) Meryl Streep w Jack Nicholson w Jay Leno w Robert Redford w Bette Midler w Tommy Lee Jones U.S. Army Ambassador, nine years
  16. 16. Award Winning Production Team Seven-time nominee and three-time Emmy Award winner Walter Painter, Choreographer & Director Awards Credits (partial list) • Academy Awards (4 shows) • Tony Awards (2 shows) • People’s Choice Awards • American Music Awards • Kennedy Center 25th Anniversary
  17. 17. Award Winning Production Team Johnny Harris, Musical Director Credits (partial list) • Barbara Streisand • Diana Ross • Michael Jackson • Beatles • Sammy Davis, Jr. • Paul Anka • Tom Jones • Olivia Newton-John
  18. 18. Award Winning Production Team Sue Wong, Costume Designer Credits (partial list) • Neiman Marcus • Saks Fifth Avenue • Nordstrom • Saks Dubai • Tomadaci – Indonesia • Avana – Singapore • Porco, Marui, Isetan – Japan
  19. 19. Award Winning Production Team Emmy Award Kennedy Center Mark Twain Award Annie Award (animation) Writer’s Guild Award nominee Writing Team Awards Credits (partial list) • Mork & Mindy • Happy Days • The Dean Martin Show • The Odd Couple • Love, American Style Ed Scharlach, Tom Tenowich, Adam McLaughlin
  20. 20. Meet Your Hosts Stu Newmeyer and Laurie Stillman Never heard of Stu & Laurie? That’s about to change! They are a seasoned husband and wife team who have honed their comedic timing and dynamic chemistry in exclusive casino, night club and special events appearances for 20+ years. Stu is President of Variety Entertainment Group, the production company for The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour. His comedy writing credits include Joan Rivers and Chuck Barris. Laurie is a vocalist and perfect foil to Stu’s antics. She appeared on TV shows What’s Happening and Remington Steele. Together they take command of the stage and bring a breath of fresh air to every show.
  21. 21. Reviews & Applause “The show was so uplifting the entire audience was in awe.” – Robin Loehr, Talent Manager “Stu & Laurie’s enthusiasm to bring joy to audiences is magnetic!” – Joe Giamalva, Director/Choreographer “I am impressed with their professionalism and especially the absolute charm between the two of them.” – Robert E. Lee, VEG Production “Undeniable stage presence. So delightful you don’t want it to end.” – Johnny Harris, Arranger/Composer “Stu’s excellent comedic timing and Laurie’s musical talent round out a show-style that is unique in our currently over-edited and glossed-over world.” – Adam McLaughlin “Stu always involves the crowd into his many differing personas. Laurie’s elegance and heartfelt delivery of songs is captivating. They bring back the timeless entertainment that we miss so much.” – Tristan Garcia, American Idol & The Voice performer “The banter between them is simply captivating!” – Scottie Haskell, Backup Vocalist (Paul McCartney, Josh Groban)
  22. 22. Promotional Reach Multiple channels for sponsorship and cobranding sponsorship opportunities • Pop TV • Non-theatrical screenings • Digital & social media • National PR campaign • Cable/TV/Sirius radio spots • Armed Forces/Fraternal organizations
  23. 23. Promotional Reach Pop TV • More than 81 million households • Median household income $48.3K • Median age 54.7 • 61% Female • 39% Male Viewership • Operated by CBS & Lions Gate Entertainment • Sundays at 7:00 p.m. (Dual feed) airing Fall, 2017 • Show runs three times/week
  24. 24. Promotional Reach Programs • JAG • Beverly Hills 90210 • The Love Boat • Dawson’s Creek • That 70s Show • ER Movies CBS Acquired Series • Sleepless in Seattle • The Sixth Sense • Meet the Fockers • Teen Wolf • Casino Royale • Legally Blonde • Fried Green Tomatoes • Driving Miss Daisy Plus 7 new & returning original programs 2017-2018
  25. 25. Promotional Reach Non-theatrical screenings Gathered audiences watching Sponsor-MAGIC programs Airlines Clubs Fitness Centers Hotels Conference Centers Restaurants Cruise Ships Hospitals Retirement Centers Community Centers Camps Armed Forces TV Recreational Facilities
  26. 26. Promotional Reach Integrated Digital Media • Sponsor promotion on show website • Sponsored contests and giveaways integrated into online, mobile and social media • Real-time audience interaction online and on mobile and social media • Cobranded posts on Facebook • Cobranded posts on Twitter • Cobranded posts on Instagram • Cobranded posts on Snapchat • Integrate sponsor promotion in YouTube celebrity influencer campaigns • Integrate video content on YouTube
  27. 27. Promotional Reach National PR Campaign • Sponsor cobranding opportunities in traditional media channels to promote the Stu & Laurie Variety Hour • Radio spots • TV spots • Print magazine coverage • Publicity/press release/news coverage • 80% national/international coverage commitment
  28. 28. Cross-Channel Reach Integrated Sponsor Content TV Program Web Social Mobile PR/Publicity Broadcast Print Crowd Screenings Partnerships Events
  29. 29. Audience Millennials 77 Million Key Demographics • Median income for 28-36 year olds: $48K • $2.45 trillion spending power • 21% are married • 80% of worldwide ad budgets spent trying to reach 18-34 year olds • Download and stream more music than other generations • 25-34 year olds downloaded more than 30 songs during the last 6 months • 25% will try a brand that sponsors a music event or favorite artist Source: Neilson
  30. 30. Audience Boomers 82 Million Key Demographics • Median household income: $60K • 35% of Boomers have median household income $100K or more • Have 70% of all U.S. disposable income • Spend 78% more money on shopping than other generations • Spend $7 billion annually online shopping • Will inherit $15 trillion in next 20 years • Make 50% of all consumer purchases • 55% are loyal to brands they like Source: Pew, US News, Harvard Business Review,
  31. 31. Audience Variety shows Boomers grew up watching The Ed Sullivan Show w Dina Shore w Milton Berle w Laugh-In w The Carol Burnett Show w Andy Williams w Donny & Marie w The Dean Martin Show w Ernie Kovacs w Saturday Night Live w Steve Allen w The Jackie Gleason Show w Art Linkletter w The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
  32. 32. Sponsor-MAGIC Opportunities Take One
  33. 33. Sponsor-MAGIC Options Custom content based on business goals • Product/service is scripted into the show as songs, skits, presentations, product placement • Fresh messaging: New Sponsor-MAGIC segment for every show • On location production available: Bring the show to you and incorporate video tours of your company • Bundle/cobrand sponsorship with other local companies • Segments are 60-120 seconds (or customized) • Script writers work with you to create messaging aligned with your business goals
  34. 34. Sponsor-MAGIC Options Giveaway option • Sponsor a product giveaway on the show • Audience engagement • Visibility for your brand • Can also do the drawing via online channels or mobile text VIP package option • Customer rewards program • Airline tickets, limo from airport • Stay at luxury hotel • Backstage pass, post-show party with stars and crew
  35. 35. Sponsor Price Plans Pre-broadcast charter pricing • 60-second segment: $85,000 (includes two bumpers) • 2-minute segment: $175,000 (includes four bumpers + opening & closing billboards) • We have flexibility to negotiate custom segments too • Exclusivity: No competitive products will be promoted while you are a sponsor • Initial viewership: anticipated to be above 3 million Viewership Guarantee If viewership is below 1 million, we will make time on the next show to promote your product at no additional cost.
  36. 36. Sponsor Price Plans Pre-broadcast charter pricing • Charter sponsors are eligible to lock in at pre-broadcast rates, even when rates increase after the show airs • Multi-segment and multi-show plans to fit your long range strategy are also negotiable • Each contract is customized to the individual business needs of the client Save on Your Budget The average cost of producing a 30-second commercial can exceed $310,000. This is money you DON’T have to spend on a Sponsor-MAGIC segment!
  37. 37. 15 reasons now is the time to say ‘Goodbye TV Ads, Hello Sponsor-MAGIC’ 1. People will like your brand and trust your brand because you’re not interrupting them with advertising. 2. People won’t skip over your message because it is embedded into the program. 3. People will remember your brand message because they experience it as part of the entertainment. 4. Your message never gets stale because it’s new every week. 5. Your brand is tied to the mission of uniting the generations and countering cultural negativity through uplifting family entertainment. 6. Your brand is associated with the good feelings generated by the show. 7. Your message will be seen by the two largest demographic generations with money to spend: Boomers and Millennials. 8. Your sponsored content from the TV show is integrated with digital and traditional media to expand your reach.
  38. 38. 15 reasons now is the time to say ‘Goodbye TV Ads, Hello Sponsor-MAGIC’ 9. Award-winning entertainment creatives will work directly with you to create custom sponsored content that engages your audience. 10. The production team will come to your location where you can tell your brand story and take prospective customers on a video tour of your company. 11. You get EXCLUSIVITY rights, so no competitive products will be promoted on the show while you are a sponsor. 12.Your brand becomes part of the show’s higher purpose: making a difference for U.S Military Veterans through support of Tee It Up for the Troops. 13. You don’t have to spend $310,000 of your marketing budget to produce a TV commercial. 14. You are GUARANTEED to reach at least 1 million TV viewers. 15. Now is the time you can lock in to the pre-broadcast rates before they go up.
  39. 39. Ready to make Sponsor-MAGIC? Contact John Gregory Olson 888-328-3830