Digital Marketing World Attendee Guide


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A guide for attendees of MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference Created to help attendees get the most out of their virtual conference experience.

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  • Digital Marketing World Attendee Guide

    1. Attendee Guide
    2. Login Screen
    3. When first entering the show, you will be prompted to fill out your user profile. The user profile is the key to successful networking in the virtual environment. The first step is selecting topics that interest you.
    4. Your profile contains six tabs. The tab shown below contains the basic information that you provided when registering.
    5. The ‘Personal Info’ tab allows you to provide more detailed information about yourself.
    6. The ‘Show Options’ allows you to control your notification, audio and chat settings.
    7. The ‘Show Planner’ tab allows you to schedule your day at the virtual conference. Look through the presentation schedule, choose what you want to view and set reminders. Reminders can be sent to an external email or to your in-show email.
    8. You can also update your Twitter status from your profile. Our Conference hashtag (#mpworld) will be added to your status update
    9. Remember, your profile will be the first thing you see when you login. However you can return to it at anytime by clicking on profile in the menu bar.
    10. After completing your profile, you are ready to explore Digital Marketing World! Auditorium - View the presentations Networking Lounge - Mingle and chat with your peers Exhibit Hall - Visit our sponsor’s booths Resource Center - View and download great digital marketing content Prize Center - Learn about the great prizes you can win
    11. Auditorium Chat Window Explore the day’s presentation schedule in the window on the left. Add the ones that interest to your calendar. Chat with conference attendees using the window on the right.
    12. Auditorium Click on the ‘Attend Now’ button to enter the live presentations. Can’t make it for the live presentation? You can return to the auditorium to view the presentations on-demand for 90 days after the live event ends.
    13. Networking Lounge Click on topic to enter room. Current room is highlighted in yellow The Lounge is a great place to talk to your peers. This year we improved the lounge by splitting the discussion into different topics: •General Chat •Email for lead nurturing •Improving web usability and conversion •Developing content for online communities and •Twitter for marketing/business
    14. Networking Lounge Chat appears here Enter text here Chat appears in window on the right.
    15. Exhibit Hall To explore the exhibit hall, choose booths from the menu on the right, or by clicking on a booth. Mousing over a booth will give you a description of the company’s services. Scroll through hall using arrows on the left and he right sides of screen
    16. Booths All of our sponsors’ booths provide two important benefits: Content and Contact.
    17. Booth Content Click on the links in the content tab to open content.
    18. Booth Contact This is group chat window Enter group chat messages here You can connect with others in the booth in two ways: 1) Group chat - chat with everyone present in the booth 2) Private chat - click on an individual’s avatar to initiate a private chat
    19. Private Chats When you click on a user’s avatar, their public profile will pop-up. From here, you can start a private chat, send them mail, send them your vCard, add as a buddy or send them a Tweet.
    20. Communication In addition to connecting with others in the booths or the network lounge, you can find and interact with others by clicking on the communication link in the menu bar.
    21. Communication The Communication Center window allows you to see your in-show email…
    22. Communication …your chat history…
    23. Communication …your vCard activity…
    24. Communication …and your buddy list.
    25. Resource Center Another important area within the show is the Resource Center, where you can access whitepapers, brochures, fact sheets, presentations and other valuable Information provided by our sponsors. This content is organized by topic area. Expand a topic to explore further…
    26. Resource Center If you click on a resource, this window will open. Clicking View will open the resource in new window. Clicking save will add to your briefcase.
    27. Your Briefcase You can access your briefcase on the menu bar from anywhere in the environment.
    28. Your Briefcase Your briefcase will contain all the resources you saved, allow you to download them to your desktop and to track your time spent at the show.
    29. Prize Center There will be some great prizes available from the exhibitors. Information about prizes can be found within the booths, or in the Prize Center, which can be accessed by clicking on the Prize Center link in the menu bar or from the Lobby. In the Prize Center, the “Show Prizes” and “Booth Prizes” buttons display a list of all of the prizes. In the “Booth Prizes” area, clicking on a booth name will take you that booth, where you can enter the drawing for the prize. The “Prize Winners” button will display a list of prize winners, once selected. The “My Prize Points” button displays a list of all of the prizes in the show and indicates whether you are entered in the drawing.
    30. Thank you for registering for Digital Marketing World! We hope you enjoy the conference!