American holidays presentation


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American holidays presentation

  1. 1. American Holidays!
  2. 2. New Years Eve
  3. 3. Times Square on New YearsAmericans watch the ball drop on TV. This giant glass ball is located in Times Square in New York City.
  4. 4. Times Square on New Years
  5. 5. Valentine’s Day
  6. 6. Valentine’s Day CardsIn school everyone gives each other small cards with notes written on it. These are called ‘Valentines.’
  7. 7. Wedding ProposalsMany people propose on Valentine’s day. The man gets on one knee, shows his girlfriend the ring and asks, “Will you marry me?”
  8. 8. Easter
  9. 9. Easter Egg Hunts
  10. 10. Easter Baskets
  11. 11. Earth Day in Washington DC
  12. 12. Mother’s Day On Mother’s Day everyone does something nice for theirmother’s, such as buy them flowers or take them to a restaurant.
  13. 13. Father’s DayOn Father’s Day people buy their father’s a gift. However, this holiday is not as popular as Mother’s Day.
  14. 14. Independence DayThis holiday celebrates the day the USA became independent from Britain.
  15. 15. Fireworks on Independence DayEvery city in the USA has a fireworks show on Independence Day. Many people also buy Fireworks to light at their house.
  16. 16. Fourth of July BarbecuesMost families on 4th of July cook food outside. This is called abarbecue. This is like Ukrainian Shashlyk only people usually have barbecues at their house.
  17. 17. Halloween
  18. 18. Halloween Pumpkins Everyone carves a pumpkin on Halloween. These are called‘Jack-o-Lanterns.’ They put them outside their door with a candle inside.
  19. 19. Halloween Pranks Lots of teenagers pull pranks on Halloween. Some commonpranks are throwing eggs at someone’s house (egging), throwingtoilet paper over someone’s tree (Tping), or smashing someone’s pumpkins.
  20. 20. Halloween CostumesNot all Halloween Costumes have to be scary. Many are clever orfunny. You can dress up as a famous person, a character or even an idea.
  21. 21. Halloween Costumes
  22. 22. Halloween Parties
  23. 23. Thanksgiving
  24. 24. Thanksgiving Dinner There are many traditional foods at Thanksgiving includingmashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and turkey.
  25. 25. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeThis is a traditional parade held every year on Thanksgiving in New York City. It is shown on TV during the day and most American Families watch it before eating dinner.
  26. 26. American Christmas
  27. 27. Christmas Milk and Cookies American children leave milk and cookies for SantaClaus on Christmas Eve (the night before Christmas).
  28. 28. Smaller American Holidays
  29. 29. Groundhog Day (February 2nd) Groundhog Day takes place every year in Punxsutawney,Pennsylvania. On Groundhog’s Day, everyone waits to see if thegroundhog will come out of his house. If he does, that means that winter will continue for longer.
  30. 30. Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Sunday is the Sunday when the championship American Football game is held. More people watch TV on thisday than any other day of the year. Most people have parties attheir house to watch the football game. Commercials during this game costs almost a million dollars for each one.
  31. 31. Mardi Gras/CarnivalMardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in French) is a celebration in the South.It is held before Ash Wednesday (when people give up something for lent). It is considered a day to do ‘whatever you want’. In the city of New Orleans, they have lots of parades and people travel from all across America to visit for this holiday.
  32. 32. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  33. 33. April Fool’s Day (April 1)This holiday is dedicated to playing tricks on pranks on otherpeople. You have to be careful on April Fool’s Day because anything could happen.
  34. 34. Earth DayOn Earth Day people get together and do something that helps the earth and nature.
  35. 35. Saint Patrick’s Day This is a holiday that celebrates Ireland and IrishCulture. You must wear green on this day. If you don’t, you will get pinched.
  36. 36. Saint Patrick’s Day ParadesMost big cities have a parade on this day. Chicago dies it’s river green on Saint Patrick’s day.
  37. 37. Saint Patrick’s Day PartiesYou don’t need to be Irish to celebrate this holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest drinking holidays in the USA.
  38. 38. Cinco De Mayo This is a holiday celebrated in the USA and Mexico. It celebrate Mexican Culture and Heritage. It is like St. Patrick’s Day. Thereare parades all across the USA and you don’t need to be Mexican to celebrate.
  39. 39. HanukkahHannukah is a Jewish holiday that occurs in December. It is calledthe ‘Festival of Lights.’ It is an 8-day celebration where people in a family give a new gift to each other each night. Also, on each night, another candle on a Menorah is lit.