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Big Lottery Fund Scotland Overview Oct 2012


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This presentation gives an overview of funding available from the Big Lottery Fund to projects based in Scotland. Details correct in October 2012. For up to date information
on our range of funding programmes, please refer to our website at

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Big Lottery Fund Scotland Overview Oct 2012

  1. 1. Community Spaces Scotland Big Lottery Fund Investing inScotland Overview Ideas October 2012
  2. 2. Today’s agenda •Overview of funds •Questions and answers session •One-to-one signposting sessions
  3. 3. Small grants•£300 to £10,000 for up to 12 months•one stage application process•community benefit•up to six weeks for a decision•no match funding required•no closing dates Investing in www.biglotteryfund.scotland investinginideas
  4. 4. Which small grant? Our project’s focus is Improving Engagingcommunity, sp Developing new people orts or arts new ideas or in physicalactivities/new new ways of activityorganisations working 2014 CommunitiesAwards for Investing in All Ideas
  5. 5. £XXX
  6. 6. Investing in Communitiespeople, families and communities most in need £10,000 to £1million Three investment areas two stage application process very focused outcomes Fit, need and capacity Development support/funding Approximately eight month process Open to any organisation (not Growing Community Assets)
  7. 7. Which investment area? Our project’s focus is Vulnerable Addressing families in Vulnerable needs of communities individuals entire communitiesSupporting Life21st Century Transitions Growing Life Community Assets
  8. 8. £XXX,XXX
  9. 9. Community SpacesScotland•developing community spaces and places•£10,000 to £250,000•must own or lease•51% to 95% of total•local authorities not eligible•targeted by postcode7 December 2012
  10. 10. •£10,000 to £50,000•third sector organisations only•one stage application process•decision within eight weeks•8-24 year olds•confident, healthy, connected, enterprising•project
  11. 11. Communities and Families Fund•pre-birth to eight years•best start in life•£250 to £10,000•learning, play, maternal health•community orgs; communitycouncils; statutory bodies (not schools)•strong community
  12. 12. Scottish Land Fund•community ownership/management•land and land assets•£10,000 to £750,000•benefits whole community•up to 95%•purchase, fees, initial running costs•deadline 30 November 2014•community led, rural•Contact us then might be
  13. 13. Think your project fits?•Read the programme•Use•Speak to our staff – especially Investing inCommunities•Contact us: 0300 123 7110
  14. 14. Further supportWebinars•web-based seminar•interactive – receive instant responses•convenient – no need to travel•cost effective•good feedback – very useful•through local funding support agencies
  15. 15. Summary•2014 Communities: up to£2,000 – physical activities •Community Spaces•Awards for All: up to Scotland: £10,000 to£10,000 – community, art, £250,000sport •Young Start: £10,000 to•Investing in Ideas: up to £50,000 – 8 to 24 year olds£10,000 – test new idea •Communities and Families•Investing in Communities: Fund: up to £10,000 – pre-£10,000 plus – vulnerable birth to eight yearsindividuals, families, •Scottish Land Fund:community ownership £10,000 to £750,000