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How to be a trusted advisor, your clients can trust

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Career Path

  1. 1. Your Path to Becoming A Value-Added Financial Advisor Helps you build long-lasting relationships Establishes you as the one resource for all of your clients’ financial needs Positions you for referrals M27063_0110
  2. 2. How to Become An Advisor Your clients cAn trust Consumers are bombarded on a daily basis with As an insurance-based Mutual of Omaha Financial information on what they should or shouldn’t be doing Advisor, you position yourself as the one resource your when it comes to their financial affairs. With all of the clients can trust to identify all of their financial needs. uncertainty that exists in today’s climate, people are That includes helping your clients to protect against the starved for wisdom, service and advice. risks of living too long, dying too soon or getting sick or At Mutual of Omaha, we have the tools and resources hurt along the way. to put you on a clearly defined career path to help you Once you develop and establish strong client become a value-added financial advisor. The leader of relationships, your business will continue to grow your clients’ financial team. The ultimate trusted advisor. and provide you a fulfilling career. Key steps to successfully Building Your Practice with mutual of omaha Career Start Date AIM Assessment Attain Master Attain (CSD) Selected Candidates Builder’s Club Series 65/66 montHs 1-3 montHs 9-12 montH 18 montHs 24-30 montH 48 FAst stArt cAreer GrowtH vAlue-Added Advisor Milestone Milestone Identify high-potential sales Continue down insurance-based advisor management candidates path or specialize in niche market
  3. 3. FAst stArt – YeAr 1 cAreer GrowtH – YeArs 2-3 You will begin to lay the foundation for future In this phase, you are starting to grow your business and career growth by becoming securities licensed. are exploring more educational, mentoring and marketing Once you have both your insurance and opportunities. By passing the necessary exams, you will investment licenses, you can work on building become a financial advisor and position yourself to reach the proper habits that can help lead to long-term higher goals like qualifying for Million Dollar Round Table. success. • Make decision on insurance-based financial advisor or Pre-contract management career path • Take Series 65/66 exams three months leading up to Career start Date • Complete insurance licensing – life and health • Have a plan to review quarterly goals • Develop your skills in your natural market • Earn LUTCF designation and begin course work toward earning CLU/ChFC designations • Sales training and development • Attend educational/training meetings • Prepare business plan and marketing plan (i.e., National Sales Symposium, Advanced Markets schools) • Be introduced to the sales cycle (prospecting, telephone skills, fact finding, case preparation, • Prepare business and marketing plan for years 3 and 4 closing/presentation, referrals, service) • Build client base (approx. 300 clients) • Qualify for and attend Million Dollar Round Table initial training • Expand your marketing capacity • Hire an assistant to leverage your time Months 1 to 6 • Opportunity to learn from others experience through joint work • Learn about various marketing concepts vAlue-Added Advisor – YeArs 4-5 • Complete securities licensing Once you reach this phase, you’ve established a successful, thriving practice. You can mentor other agents who want to • Practice business development skills follow the career path. development • Continue to set quarterly goals and be accountable Months 6 to 12 to meeting them • Begin industry course training • Earn CLU/ChFC designations • Investigate field management career track • Qualify for and attend Million Dollar Round Table • Develop prospecting skills • Attend educational/training meetings • Continued joint work (i.e., National Sales Symposium, Advanced Markets schools) • Prepare business plan and marketing • Mentor new advisors and do joint work plan for year 2 • Prepare business and marketing plan for years 5 and 6 • Practice management: Client reviews and • Target more affluent markets by refining your ideal client profile referral generation • Continue to build client base • Achieve Master Builder’s Club or higher • Hire additional staff as appropriate visit the Financial Advisor university web site Work on your business, not just in your business. Build your knowledge. Hear best practice ideas from other successful advisors on how to promote your business and how to build long-lasting relationships with clients. You can find information on topics like these and more on the Financial Advisor University Web site. See the Education tab on Sales Professional Access to visit the site.
  4. 4. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Mutual of Omaha Plaza Omaha, NE 68175 Securities and advisory services offered through Mutual of Omaha Investor Services, Inc., a securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor. Home Office: Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha, NE 68175-1020. Member FINRA/SIPC.