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NMDL summer 2012, Digital marketing Plan

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  • 1. Burberry is widely touted as the leading digital luxury brand, they have enacted a campaign which has gained followings from millions of Burberry's target customers.2. In addition to the affluents who shop online heavily, social media is saturated with younger customers who are the future target market. They present untapped potential as lifetime supporters of the brand.
  • A lifestyle brand is a brand that attempts to embody the values and aspirations of a group or culture for purposes of marketing.The Burberry main site features aspects of the luxury brand experience, more than just shopping the site is filled with content focusing on brand history, charitable works, and their contemporary music efforts (Burberry Acoustic)As a lifestyle brand, it is important for Burberry to reach their customers in a manner that actually melds easily into their current lifestyle, hence the importance of expanding into all of the social media platforms.
  • 1.Brand communications should exude luxury through high tech but clean, timeless, and elegant design. As with all of the fashion industry the “look” is an extremely important factor. All communications should be designed as stylishly as the clothing.2. Avatars: Which will serve as the faces of our social media platforms, should stay freshly updated, whether they highlight brand heritage or upcoming stylings.
  • 1. As a lifestyle brand, the Burberry brand has extended past just fashion, and these things should be tied into the digital campaign2. Burberry Acoustic: Burberry's continued effort to provide support/publicity for up and coming young British popular music artist 3. Event sponsorship: Benefits, Dinners, Parties, Other visible brand appearances that can be re-experienced through digital media.  4. Pictured is an up and coming Grunge artist associated with Burberry Acoustic
  • With such a large following two primary goals are identified, Curate Engaging content; done by promoting/participating in/highlighting discussion of current fashion trends, industry developments, events, premieres etc (The content must reflect a “feel for the pulse” of the luxury fashion industry) in order to2. Engage the current following, and promote sharing; Friends/followers of the brand should be compelled to share the content with their friends/followers. On social networks, its likely that they share common interest, so encouraging interactions will promote exposure to their similarly minded friends by default.
  • Fashion is a highly volatile and competitive industry, it also transcends into a cultural experience for the consumers. Addressing these natures of fashion, one can assume that followers of your luxury brand, are also following multiple other luxury brands.  Competitive content management: System of content management designed for people who follow your brand and brands of competitors to prefer your content, and feel compelled to search out/discuss your brand communications whenever other brands appear.In the fashion industry it would be considered staying trendy, and aware of current events to address what else is going on in the fashion world.i.e. if @Gucci tweets@gucci: Pitch Perfect: the next level polo shirt. #gucciguyshttp://bit.ly/Ml7KFm pic.twitter.com/2WLaVzCRThen @Burberry tweets@Burberry: Refined New takes on a classic..... 2012 Fall mens Burberry Sport Polo www.twitterpiclink.comThe point being to create competing ideas, and concepts based on what’s trending now and promoting brand competition through exposure to those ideas/concepts. 
  • Blog content is timely, relevant, newsworthy pulls together information from all other outlets, as well as blog only content. Features inbound links from other component of the digital campaign, provides outbound links to share/like this content promoting perpetuation of brand communications.Followers of blog exposed to all information distributed on all platforms, other platforms will point you to blog for additional brand infos. “Call to action = Meet us for more action”
  • Expand marketshare with a system of using Long tail SEM keywords to cast a hook and catch though looking for other information.For example purchasing the keywords “Fall collection” “Fall Show” “Fall Preview”, all common search strings for new releases of high end fashions, will net searchers regardless of whatever brand they attached to the front of the search, pointing those searching for your competitors to your brand. 
  • Examples of what can be done include:Tweetups, live events for followers to view an event and tweet about the experience (Instore screenings of runways shows,NY Fashion week, film festival events, concerts)Promotions/sweepstakes: offer potential rewards for participation (Instagram photo contest, foursquare contest check-in from most stores) Active discussion in trending topics and relevant hashtags (#NYFashionWeek2012, #RedCarpet, #Emmys, #SAGawards)Online coverage of relevant events (online streaming of runway shows, seasonal premieres, etc)
  • Company reports having spent 60% of its entire media budget on digital media portion of campaignBurberry’s social media pages are still gaining additional “Follows” “likes” dailyMeasurements can be conducted evaluating the retweet/mention/likes to follower ratios because with such large follower counts established, “Follows” or “Likes” are no longer accurate measures of the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Burrberry

    1. 1. Burberry: A Digital Leader“Affluents that shop online are luxury brands’ best customers and best prospects.” - Luxury Society 2011
    2. 2. Burberry As A Lifestyle BrandBurberry is present on all of the current social media platforms, They are well established onFacebook, Twitter, and Youtube. They have also expanded into Pinterest, Instagram, and Foursquare
    3. 3. Centralize communications with a Blog Home site Adding a blog to the current digital strategy presents a centralized platform on which to tie them all together, a blog can serve as the heart of
    4. 4. SEM Brand your BrandBurberry Summer collectionExclusive Preview of the Latest StylesShipped Direct To Youhttp://us.burberry.com/store/womenswear/new-arrivals/ Brit By Burberry The Stylish Euro Fit Line Shipped Direct To You http://us.burberry.com/store/womenswear /brit/
    5. 5. .