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Why are 3 d printers so great


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Transforming your idea for a product into a workable model was a time and money-intensive process in the past days.. You had to go somewhere else to turn your deam into a creation.

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Why are 3 d printers so great

  1. 1. Why are 3D Printers so great?
  2. 2. Transforming your idea for a product into a workable model was a time and money-intensive process in the past days.. You had to go somewhere else to turn your dream into a creation.Before you approach anyone, like investors and distributors, that had to be done first. Since 3D printers have become more commonplace, the procedure is much cheaper, doesnt have to be outsourced, and takes far less time.
  3. 3. This is a relatively new technology, which was devised back in the 1980s. 3d printing has gained greater market penetration in the last 10 years through lower cost and improved competition.With desktop models now available, printing machines have become smaller in size This incredible technology has been brought within reach of smaller companies.
  4. 4. 3D printing prints out three-dimensional models that created using a Computer Aided Design, it prints out on paper just like regular printing does. (Computer- aided Design) softaware thats animation modelling To build up a model of what you see on screen by adding layer upon layer of cross sections, these ground- breaking printers use a whole variety of materials, rather than inks Solid or rubber, the new models are close to the blueprint.
  5. 5. Depending on your organization size and available budget, you can use either an industrial or desktop printer to produce an accurate three-dimensional prototype of your ideas.People in various professions will find this technology priceless. In your field of work, this technology will put you among the top competitor.
  6. 6. The machines have come down in size and price, as is the case with many technologies. This technology is affordable , and can be used by virtually every department. A few companies have made the information current.
  7. 7. 3D printing is now part of the design package you pay for. Chose a supplier that knows their products well and can provide with a complete package including a good CAD program and printer.The advice and service that is required after buying the product would be provided by one among the several reputable suppliers.
  8. 8. 3D printing has been found to be an absolute boon to business, and being adopted by civil and aviation engineers, architects and construction companies, designers of cars, watches, jewelry and shoes and many other professionals.
  9. 9.  You can easily use sophisticated prototype technology to assist you to bring your vision to the market at an affordable price. 3D printers have been a boon to all major industries.Click this link for more information on solidworks edrawings viewer :