Laureate park lake nona florida


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If you are searching for a convenient place to live in Central Florida, Lake Nona is one of the ideal choices. It has an impressive community that offers most modern amenities to its residents with an abundance of home options.

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Laureate park lake nona florida

  1. 1. Laureate Park Lake Nona Florida
  2. 2. If you are searching for a convenient place to live in Central Florida, Lake Nona is one of the ideal choices. It has an impressive community that offers most modern amenities to its residents with an abundance of home options.The Laureate Park in Lake Nona Florida is one of the most exhilarating parts of Florida and it can be your most ideal place for you and your family.
  3. 3. By coming here to live you can live near the serene water fronts, most modern golf, and country and fitness clubs.This fast emerging new community at Laureate Park Lake Nona is a city within the city as it is about ten minutes from the Orlando International Airport and lies just 10 miles south east of downtown Orlando adjoining the Medical city at Lake Nona.
  4. 4. The Laureate Park is one of the most ideal places to reside as it lies at the center of lush greenery and exciting waterfronts surrounded by serene looking lakes.This place is full of natural beauty with incredible views of lush fairways with acres and acres of green meadows that will sooth your senses.
  5. 5. The crystal blue skies and natural springs will add to the natural beauty of the area.You can be a part of the wonderful community with varying housing properties ranging from single family homes, town homes and convenient condos.
  6. 6. The sprawling Burnham Medical Research Institute that is going to be one of the World renowned medical research facilities will give an opportunity to live with some of the best minds of the modern world.The Laureate Park in Lake Nona is the best choice for you whether you are working in this great place or relaxing in its serene beauty or just starting to raise your family there.
  7. 7. There cannot be a better place as this neighborhood is brimming with activities that are good for your modern living and offers the best facilities to reach a high standard of living you always wanted to give to your family.
  8. 8. This is a fast growing community that offers excellent opportunities to you for growing your family in one of the healthiest environments that you can get from Orlando. The Laureate Park community in Lake Nona is a result of the mind work of the experts from around the country and it has everything that a modern neighborhood would have for the convenient and exciting living conditions of those who come to live in this great location.
  9. 9. Each and every idea that came out to add to the greatness of this neighborhood was given due place in shaping the Laureate Park.Now it is standing as a great testimony of the extent to which the human mind can go in creating and giving the best living place to its residents.
  10. 10. The location of the Laureate Park next to the Lake Nona Medical City is one of the major attractions for this great neighborhood.You will find the best of people in diverse fields such as medicine, science and education besides different branches of the modern technology will be cohabiting with you in this wonderful community.
  11. 11. So, you will be a part of a really smart community of some of the brilliant minds living with you when you decide to come to Laureate Park to make it your place of residence.The houses in Laureate Park are designed and built according to the latest building concepts.
  12. 12. You are welcome to the most modern living standards with a perfect balance of sustainable energy concepts with latest building designs with utmost care and caution to maintain the natural surroundings of your home. The homes that are created with the inspiration of GE Home’s ecomigination program make the homes at Laureate Park the strongest sustainable building designs in this part of the country.
  13. 13. There are many high points that make your home unique and a product of innovative features like special carpeting, use of most modern building materials as well as the use of low emission paints to name just a few.The homes in the Laureate Park are designed for the highest possible energy saving with the technologies backed by GE’s Brillion Energy Technology.
  14. 14. The use of the most modern GeoSpring hybrid water heaters and other novel energy efficient systems help you get a healthier and more energy efficient home to live and prosper.These homes are award winners having a guarantee of more than 20% of energy saving.
  15. 15. When you are in Laureate Park you will see and appreciate the importance given to the green belts and maintenance of a serene environment that adds to the excitement of your home.The extra- trees that surround your home, the broad boulevards that have green belts all around them with parks that are located just five minutes from any of the homes will certainly make you like Laureate Park very much.
  16. 16. The homes that are built in this ever green and lively environment are built with the transitional architectural styles that add not only good values but also a place to live in most comfort and convenience all blended into one.
  17. 17. The designs of the homes are very unique and add a great visual pleasure and vast utility value to each of the homes and help in building a great neighborhood.You have a wide variety of homes ranging from town homes, cottage homes to the most modern urban bungalows to garden homes all having a high standard of facilities that will guarantee the highest standards of modern living.
  18. 18. These homes can satisfy any taste of any type of home owner.The use of modern technologies like fiber optic cables inside the homes and having a prewired facility for your future electric cars makes these homes not only best as per the present standards but also future ready to accommodate your future living requirements.
  19. 19. So come to the Laureate Park to enjoy the best amenities provided by Lake Nona where the homes at Laureate Park are no exception but they are fully exceptional.