Computer facility consultants


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Computer facility consultants

  1. 1. Computer Facility Consultants
  2. 2. Computer Facility Consultants specializes in reconditioned Liebert products, Liebert System III Air conditioning, Liebert Power Distribution and Uninterruptible Power systems.Computer Facility Consultants has been a leader in the refurbished market for Liebert products and mission-critical datacenters for more than 30 years.
  3. 3. The cost-saving alternative to the new Liebert systems will maximize the IT budget by purchasing reconditioned Liebert equipment that is tested, reconditioned and warranted and made available from the CFC warehouse, shipped with-in the requested time frame by the client.
  4. 4. We have an unparalleled reputation from coast to coast with some of the most storied names in IT. We’ve worked hard to earn their trust and their business, as we will work for you and your data center needs.Call us today with complete engineering support at no cost.
  5. 5. Computer room is a location where you can find the computer network and server infrastructure of a data center. In order to maintain the performance and reliability of the entire system, controlled temperature is essential.To avoid overheating and displace heat from the computer room, Liebert Used Air Conditioners are a powerful solution.
  6. 6. We at Computer Facility Consultants understand the need for computer room air conditioning systems. Our used data center air conditioners are a great alternative to new air conditioning systems. Here in our online shop, you will have the chance to get precision cooling systems for the right price!
  7. 7. Aside from offering our Liebert Reconditioned Air Conditioners at the lowest price, we never comprise our standard for quality.All the air conditioning equipment are refurbished and tested first for you to have the confidence of getting only the most reliable and cost-effective cooling system.
  8. 8. Our online store is filled with many used data center air conditioning systems to solve a variety of computer room heat load conditions.We carry some of the top brands such as Data Aire and Liebert. With our wide selection of branded used computer room aircons, you are sure to get the perfect system for your needs.
  9. 9. Call for Pricing or Engineering support: 303-995-0870Buy / Sell AC Equipment - if you need to sell equipment Call us for pricing, we can assist in the take out of your equipment, including surplus liebert air, reconditioned ac, used liebert ac. We can supply Pump Control packages from 1 hp to 25 hp.