Cladding you can judge a book by its cover


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Lower the cost of cladding a wall for a house or commercial project without losing street appeal.

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Cladding you can judge a book by its cover

  1. 1. Cladding – you can judge a book by its cover.
  2. 2. Lower the cost of cladding a wall for a house or commercial project without losing street appeal.Exterior appearances matterLook at the exterior cladding of our banks, what do you see? You see decorative panels and decorative walls typically made out of stone and stone blocks. Solid building materials like sandstone and limestone give the impression of wealth, stability and power.
  3. 3. But you don’t need to be a bank to use high quality cladding systems.Ecobuild Solutions has created a wall panel system that looks like a million dollars, but at a cladding price at or below most other systems on the market.
  4. 4. New questions for a new era in buildingWhen Ecobuild Solutions thinks about cladding a house, we think about manufacturing wall systems that will say something very different about a home and its owner.Why choose building materials that damage the environment, when it is possible to choose wall cladding panels that have a low carbon footprint?
  5. 5. Why choose a separate insulation panel when it is possible to choose a panel that integrates the insulation into the one cladding system?Why compromise on the design and look of your cladding system, when it is possible to have real stone finishes, or smooth modern lines at a fraction of the cost of traditional cladding approaches.
  6. 6. Invented here in Australia, being shipped around the globe.Ecobuild Solutions was developed in Australia, and we are dedicated to manufacturing building materials for homes and commercial environments that look good, are environmentally friendly, and economical.
  7. 7. We manufacture a cladding system that can be used for external walls. One series of panels called realstone ultra that is made with real stone and another series called insuwall that is smooth ready for rendering or painting.We also make floor panels called insufloor that use a similar easyfix system, have integrated insulation, and similar benefits. If you are interested in flooring systems, have a look at our insulfloor range.
  8. 8. Why do Ecobuild cladding solutions look so good? Why do our panels look so good? Stone is a beautiful building material but has been out of reach for most considering house cladding options. Stone and stone blocks are beautiful, but expensive to buy, expensive to install, and expensive to transport. So instead, most home cladding solutions use bricks and mortar, hebel bricks and render, timber or aluminium weatherboards, fiber cement or other composite panels.
  9. 9. However, now it is possible to have a real stone finish at an installed price comparable or below other solutions. Ecobuild Solutions has created a cladding solution that uses real stone in the wall panel.It is real stone, has a real stone finish, and feels and sounds like a real stone block. Yet it is lighter, easier to work with, and easier to transport.
  10. 10. Our real stone panels are solid, beautiful, and contain all the power and mystique of stone blocks. They attach with our easyfix system, a wall system that is elegant and simple, and lowers the cost of installation.Each panel comes with insulation integrated into the stone panel. This reduces the cost of insulation and provides an exterior cladding solution that has a high r value.
  11. 11.  In addition to our real stone wall panels, we have a wall system called insulwall. Our insulwall panels are wide flat panels that can be used for cladding requirements that need a finish with large flat areas for rendering or painting or texture finishing. Many builders choose fiber cement systems like Scyon external cladding for these applications. However you should consider the many environmental and cost advantages of Ecobuild Solutions insulwall over fiber cement panels.
  12. 12. It is easy being Green for Ecobuild SolutionsThe panels are manufactured to environmentally sound principles. Unlike bricks and other aluminium, steel and composite material approaches, the materials we use in our wall panels have a relatively low carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable.
  13. 13.  Insulwall cladding is made with building materials that have a much smaller carbon footprint than fiber cement panels. No cement is used at all in our wall panels. Our cladding also comes with a simple fixing system, making installation cheaper and faster. No wet trades are required for installing our wall panels. Ecobuild’s insulwall cladding also comes with integrated insulation, reducing total construction costs, and contributing to energy savings over the long term.
  14. 14. Go Green, ask questions and look beautiful!Ecobuild’s cladding systems look beautiful and can be adapted to a range of designs in a range of settings.So when considering cladding walls, consider again what can be achieved with wall panel systems. Will your wall panels be environmentally friendly?
  15. 15. Will your home cladding insulate you from heat and cold? Have you ever thought that stone cladding would be nice, but too expensive?Have you looked for alternatives to fiber cement? Are you after a wall system that is easier to install and cheaper to build?
  16. 16. Ecobuild Solutions is an Australian company that has re-invented the approach to wall panelling systems. An Australian cladding invention, we now manufacture and sell this product around the world. It is fully tested and for a cladding system meets all the requirements of our building codes.We think with wall cladding, you can judge a book by its cover.