Building a custom built home is it worth it


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Thinking about building and furnishing your very own customized home is a thought that intrigues many people. It is very rare to find a house that just so happens to be designed exactly the way you envisioned it.

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Building a custom built home is it worth it

  1. 1. Building a CustomBuilt Home: Is It Worth It?
  2. 2. Thinking about building and furnishing your very own customized home is a thought that intrigues many people. It is very rare to find a house that just so happens to be designed exactly the way you envisioned it.This is when the thought of building your own home starts to mull around in your head. What could be better than designing your home to your own standards and preferences?
  3. 3. At some point, everyone dreams of having their own, personalized custom home. However, this is not a decision that can be made over night.Even though the end product can be something you truly desire, getting there can be quite a bumpy ride. There’s no such thing as planning too much, and that’s exactly what you need to do when considering building your own home
  4. 4. BenefitsTaking the ReinsYou run the show. From the home design, room layouts, outer structures, outer buildings, it’s all up to you. Saw a nice house but the living room was too small? Not a problem! Just keep the design in mind and build on it. The sky is the limit when building your own house
  5. 5. Keep your pocket in checkOne of the most important aspects to building your own home is actually having the money to build it. By creating a budget, you know your limitations, and will make sure that you don’t go overboard! Remember, even if you don’t have the money now, you can always add on later.
  6. 6. The world does revolve around youOne of the biggest and best advantages to building a custom home is that you have the last say. You can detail your house down to the width of the window locks. Just remember to keep in mind what you need, and what you want, this way you don’t accidentally make the mistake of building a lavish bathroom with no plumbing.
  7. 7. Obstacles FinancesFinancing your new home can really be a pain. Mortgage lenders and realtors are not usually too enthusiastic about helping you finance your new home. A custom built home is risky business, simply because establishing a market value is an extremely tough process on a custom home. So even though your custom home will be your dream house, it does not mean that its market value will be your dream market value as well.
  8. 8. ExpensesWhen building a custom home, you are free to do what you want. However, even if it goes against what a custom built home stands for, keep yourself within limits.Get an estimate of how much it will cost to build and furnish your new home. It is a lot easier than you think to just get carried away and end up to your ears in debt. It happens a lot more often than you’d think
  9. 9. TimeTime is a very valuable thing. Sadly, planning and building your custom home eats up a lot of it. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your custom home. It can take several months to build a home from start to finish, so plan accordingly!
  10. 10.  Especially in today’s day and age, money is not an easy thing to come by. That being said, if you can’t exactly afford to build your own custom home, there are ways to work around it. Even though your bathroom might not be the size of a normal living room and your kitchen the size of a master bedroom, you can turn your house into a semi-custom home by changing around the aesthetics of the home itself. It may not be the exact way you pictured it, but aside from a few minor details, it could be!
  11. 11. A custom home is a wonderful home. No matter what you do though, do not take it lightly.Never make a rash, last second decision when building your home. Weighs the pros and cons constantly before diving head first into shallow water.
  12. 12. Be meticulous in your planning, and absolutely make sure to supervise the process at every convenience. Keep your budget in check, take a deep breath, and look out on the horizon, your new custom built home is waiting for you!Find new homes for sale and try to getthe best homes for sale in Utah here: