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Adhd statistics


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ADHD is a disorder that is found in many children and has just recently been discovered in adults as well. If you are looking for more ADHD facts to determine if you need help for yourself or help for a child, continue reading this website and see if you should seek help.

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Adhd statistics

  1. 1. ADHD Statistics
  2. 2. ADHD is a disorder that deals with the brain.It can be found in children an recently adults seem to suffer from it.
  3. 3. Find more about ADHD and read the ADHD statistics below.This disorder is characterize by hyperactivity, inability to maintain focus.
  4. 4. The statistics say that 1-5% of he children in the US suffer from ADHD and it effects boys more than girls.ADHD facts describe the six types of the disorder: Classic ADHD, Inattentive ADHD, Overfocused ADHD, Temporal ADHD, Limbic ADHD, The Ring of Fire.
  5. 5. In children it can affect their behavior and memory, some of them will carry these symptoms into adulthood.In adults it is said that 4% of the population between 18-45 years suffers from ADHD.