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Inaugural Lecture on Future Internet

Webcast of the talk can be seen at:

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Inaugural Lecture on Future Internet

  1. 1. Inaugural LectureThe Future InternetProf. John DomingueKnowledge Media Institute
  2. 2. Agenda• Internet• Brokering: an analogy• Example 1: house hunting iPhone App• Semantic data sources• Our approach: service brokering• Example 2: managing media• Example 3: supporting emergency planning• Collaboration on notations• Future work• Summary
  4. 4. Internet-enabled Devices
  5. 5. The Internet of Things
  6. 6. Lots of data!• 767 Exabytes (109 GB) by 2014• 32 million people continuously streaming Avatar in 3D
  7. 7. The Internet in a Nutshell
  8. 8. The Internet in a Nutshell
  9. 9. The Internet in a Nutshell
  10. 10. The Internet in a Nutshell
  11. 11. Software• Slow to produce! – 10 lines of code per day• Lots of code needed everywhere – Car has 2 million lines of code (8,000 Person Years) – Windows XP 45 million lines of code (180,000 Person Years)
  13. 13. Virtual Choir
  14. 14. ChoirAutonomous singersAvailable online
  15. 15. Conductor ChoirDictates song Autonomous singersCommon notation Available onlineSelects performancesEdits and mixes
  16. 16. Listener Conductor Choir Dictates song Autonomous singersHas a desire Common notation Available onlineHas preferences Selects performances Edits and mixes
  18. 18. Meaning of „Paris‟ Star Trek Socialite CharacterCapital of France Mythical Character James Bond Song Asteroid Plant Character
  19. 19. Mars Climate Orbiter
  20. 20. Example 1: House Hunting …
  21. 21. … public transport …
  22. 22. … schools
  23. 23. DEMO
  24. 24. Behind the ScenesPublic Data and Services Service Broker publishing Real estate discovery Train stations Bus stops Schools Invocation invocation Engine
  26. 26. How?
  27. 27. I „Like‟ Casablanca
  28. 28. People, photos, friends and theWeb
  29. 29. Good Relations
  30. 30. 400200 KMi Pub 0 Enrico Pub 2006 2007 2008 100 90 40 30 20
  31. 31. 25 Billion StatementsLinking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.
  34. 34. Social TV Friends following this event Billy That was never a corner.. Friends following this event
  35. 35. Internet TV in Social Web Friends following this event Tom Billy That was never a corner.. Full screen Friends following this event
  36. 36. Brokering users, social activitiesand content
  37. 37. Searching the BBC Archive• OU Course Teams have access to all BBC Archive content
  38. 38. SugarTube Demo
  39. 39. Essex County Council• Essex county has 13 boroughs and containing a population of 1.3M• EU Service Directive – Single portal for government services• Services to citizens employ many stakeholders – e.g. 50 agencies need to be notified after a death• Agencies occur over 3 levels of government• Changes due to policy, budget, election
  40. 40. Emergency Planning in Essex(Movie)
  41. 41. 15./16.3.2006
  42. 42. Emergency Planning Scenario Severe weather Plan emergency event response Select Relevant Information What Information is Available?
  43. 43. Emergency Planning Scenario Severe weather event forecast in the area by Met Office Get Event Details Met Office
  44. 44. Emergency Planning Scenario Identify main roads affected Get number of vehicles Get road objects & people affected ViewEssex Traffic spatial data information
  45. 45. Emergency Planning Scenario Identify how Stansted would be affected What level of How would that snow would affect passengers force an airport travelling by closure? train/bus/car? How many people would be stuck in the airport? ViewEssex BAA (Stansted) spatial data data
  46. 46. Emergency Planning Scenario Identify relevant information sources in the affected area Service Discovery Scattered sources
  47. 47. Emergency Planning Scenario Identify locations of rescue options get Rover get Helicopter Recovery sites landing sites ViewEssex Other sources spatial data
  48. 48. Emergency Planning Scenario Identify most appropriate rest centres get centre get facilities get kitchen, showers, nu capacity contact details mber of beds, cookers, heate rs… ViewEssex District data spatial data
  49. 49. Finding Rest Centres (Demo)
  50. 50. Contacting Emergency Workers(Demo)
  51. 51. Poisonous Gas Clouds
  52. 52. Monitoring Airborne Pollution(Demo)
  53. 53. eMerges Architecture Naïve Geography ViewEssex Emergency GIS Services GIS Spatial Smart Filter Services Goals Environment Weather data Broker ServicesGoogle Maps API Instant Messaging Server Services Instant Messaging
  55. 55. The Future Internet– Enabler for Global Business Networks Transport eEnergy Urban Manu- Logistic Management facturing …. Internet of the Future Internet of Internet of Cloud Network of Suppliers Services Things Computing the Future Manufacture r Governments Wholesalers Consumers Carriers Retailers© SAP 2010 /
  56. 56. The Internet of Services– Global Service Delivery Supply Chain Cloud Services B2B SaaS, On-Demand Gateways Enterprise Suites Service Delivery Framework Service Service Service Service Service Service Provider Hoster Gateway Aggregator Broker Channel Maker Business Process Platform Service-Oriented Architecture A Single Market for Services Service Business Process Marketplaces Outsourcing Multi-Enterprise Business process© SAP 2010 / platforms
  57. 57. The Internet of Services– Unified Service Description Language (USDL)  Service Transformation stands for a value-driven, smooth and effective provision of services along the Global Service Delivery Supply Chain  Service Transformation implies that Services are being  Described considering business, operational and legal requirements  Maintained, extended and assembled where needed  Applying a common notation named USDL Service Service Service Service Service Service Provider Hoster Gateway Aggregator Broker Channel Maker© SAP 2010 /
  58. 58. W3C USDL Incubator
  59. 59. Deployment Analysis & Monitoring Discovery Invocation Process Editor Process Modeling Process Service ExecutionAnnotation Service Lifecycle
  60. 60. FUTURE WORK
  61. 61. Sharing Human Body Processes Personalised Patient Avatar ModelCardiovascular Workflow
  62. 62. Resonance (movie clip)
  63. 63. Multi Platform Aspects
  64. 64. Summary Wealth of semantic data is now available on the Web We contribute to the software layer of the FutureInternet - “An Internet of Services” A Process Layer over the Web of Data Approach based on brokers incorporating our own semantic notation Our goal is to create an Internet that fitseveryone‟s specific needs and context
  65. 65. Open Media UnitAcknowledgementsThanks!!! Liliana Ning Maria Hong Cabral Li Maleshkova Qing Yu Stefan Dong Carlos Dietze Liu Pedrinaci Jacek Bassem Vlad Harriett Kopecky Makni Tanescu Cornish