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Tackling high complexity with 'low tech' User eXperience


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Presented at Intranets 2013, Sydney Australia

Designing the User Experience improves the usefulness, usability and engagement of user interfaces in many systems and environments. But what about highly complex environments such as intranets where there may be many thousands of pages and hundreds of applications – Does User Experience have anything to offer in these situations?

This presentation shows how User eXperience can add value to complex projects and outlines simple techniques to tackle high complexity. The areas that will be covered are:
Analysis – understanding your audience and their tasks
Design – low fidelity prototypes for stakeholders and the project team
User Testing – short, sharp and frequent low fidelity user testing

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Tackling high complexity with 'low tech' User eXperience

  1. 1. 0414 505 high complexity with ‘low tech’User ExperienceIntranets 2013
  2. 2. Just one reason for thinking about User Experience…
  3. 3. In Florida, the margin of victory was 0.0092% (537 votes), in favor of Bush…
  4. 4. Pat Buchanan recorded an unexpectedly large 3,407 votes in Palm BeachBuchanan said onThe Today Show,November 9, 2000“When I took one lookat that ballot onElection Night ...its very easy for meto see how someonecould have voted forme in the belief theyvoted for Al Gore”
  5. 5. Another example of a highly complex user interface
  6. 6. Why can’t we change it to this?9:0017:00Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Public HolsOpen*OpenClosedClosed *Copy Monday settings through to CopyFriday
  7. 7. A bit of background
  8. 8. Usability is …Learnability, Effectiveness, Attitude, Flexibility(Shackel 1986) + Usefulness (Booth 1989)“The key criteria of a system’s usability is theextent to which it supports the potential forpeople who work with it to understand it, tolearn, and to make changes.” (Adler &Winograd 1992)Usability is the “effectiveness, efficiency andsatisfaction with which a specified set of userscan achieve a specified set of tasks in aparticular environment.” (ISO)
  9. 9. User focusB‘User’BusinessTechnologyUT
  10. 10. What and when?navigation modeluser profilessite mapuser researchgoals & scenariosUser InterfaceSpecificationusability testingcompetitive analysisfocus group testingprototypeDevelopmentDesignAnalysisProductLaunchwireframesusability testingtarget audienceusability testingUser NeedsAnalysisUser testingRecommendations
  11. 11. Tackling complexity
  12. 12. Analysis – who is the audience?IndividualBus UnitGroupIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitGroupGroupGroupGroupIndividualGroupBus UnitIndividualIndividualGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus Unit Bus UnitIndividualGroupIndividual Bus Unit
  13. 13. Analysis – who is the audience?Bus UnitGroupIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividualBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitGroupGroupBus UnitIndividualIndividualGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupGroupBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitGroupGroupGroupBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus UnitBus Unit IndividualGroupIndividualPriority Group 3Goal/Task AGoal/Task BetcPriority Group 4Goal/Task AGoal/Task BetcPriority Group 1Goal/Task AGoal/Task BetcPriority Group 2Goal/Task AGoal/Task BetcPriority Group 5Goal/Task AGoal/Task Betc
  14. 14. Analysis – who is the audience?What makes him tick …• family man enjoying life• very busy balancing home & workMighty magpies …• passionate supporter• always listens to Collingwoodgame & attends when he can• 47 year old blue collar worker• running a small scaffoldingbusiness• born and bred in Melbourne• lives in Collingwood withpartner & three childrenJoeyHis smartphone…• likes to have the latest to show off• mainly used for voice & SMS• funded through business• upgraded recently• new 12 month planScenario …• Saturday 1:45pm and Joey is at work on a job that came upunexpectedly. The site is dusty and noisy with traffic drowningout the radio.• wants to keep upwith the score & highlights• able to step awayfor a few minutes and usehis phone to …Keeping up with footy…• mainly car radio during work• sometimes watches sport/news tv• Herald Sun at work (from the back)• no internet access at work• broadband for kids at homePhoto by mmarcotte51Photo by State Library of Victoria CollectionsPhoto by PixabayPhoto by Pixabay
  15. 15. Design – ideal information architectureSGW HomeMy GardensLayout SummaryZonePlants & ConditionsEditConditionsEditPlantsEditMulchEditWatering DeviceRainwater TankSmart GardensFind a GardenSummary(view only)ZonePlants & Conditions(view only)Rainwater Tank(view only)My GardensEdit Profile
  16. 16. Design – realistic information architecture
  17. 17. Design – realistic information architectureAffinity DiagrammingPhysical site MappingCard Sorting
  18. 18. Design – page layoutsGridHomePage type 1
  19. 19. User testing
  20. 20. User testing
  21. 21. User testing
  22. 22. Quality ‘up-front’ design pays off!DevelopmentDesignScopeTesting/RolloutCostofdesignchangeTimeThe cost of making design changes"You can use an eraseron the drafting table or asledge hammer on theconstruction site."(Frank Lloyd Wright)LowFidelityMediumFidelityHighFidelity
  23. 23. 0414 505